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After my marathon on Friday  I seem to have been on a go slow over the weekend – not intentionally, but I think I just feel so much in limbo at the moment that I cannot focus on either the house or myself.

As it was raining today work on the gravel patch at my daughter’s house was not going to happen so I stayed home and sorted the washing then began on the ironing mountain.

After about 2 hours I eventually saw the bottom of the basket and by this time the rain had stopped and the sheets and pillowcases I had washed were blowing on the line and almost dry – just nice for ironing as there is minimum creasing.

After a bit of putting away and tidying I sorted out the four vases of birthday flowers that had really past their sell by date and were in a rather sorry state.  I rescued what I could (as I always like to make them last as long as I can) and as usual it is the chrysanthemums that seem to last the longest.  I transferred anything that still had any signs of life into a smaller vase.

I  am no flower arranger as you can see but I  decided they looked so much better in this jug that was a present for my birthday.

A while ago at the beginning of the year I began a notebook where each month I paste in or note down bits and pieces of information and inspiration that I want to keep for a while as well as writing out my month’s intentions.

The monthly list of intentions (for the benefit of new readers) was just a combined list of must do’s and want to do’s for the coming month.  At the end of each month I would review my progress.

Anyone interested can go back to my previous blog and read them if you click the links below.

February and March Intentions and review

The list kept me focused but came to an abrupt halt after the March one mainly because we went on our trip to Italy during April and May.  Life just got so busy on our return to England together with the blog problems I had and handing in my notice at work I found I did not have the time to plan my month instead I resorted to dealing with whatever presented itself as most urgent day by day.

Not a good way to live.

Today I picked up the notebook again to add a few clippings and articles from old magazines that consisted of products I am interested in looking at, a few gardening notes and one or two book reviews as well as some summer ideas.

With all this hot weather I have thought of nothing else but shade – I am perhaps not alone in this and so I when I came across the article on gazebos in a magazine I tore the page out to keep. They range in price from the pop up at Tesco only £20 to a large sail gazebos from Wyevale Garden centres at £299 (but it is a semi permanent structure that is weather and rust resistant).

I also stuck in this clipping of a beautiful vibrant rose from David Austen that caught my eye called Lady of Shalott, a lovely summery apricot.

At this point I am not sure what my intentions are for August once I leave work. Tomorrow is my penultimate day –  surprisingly I don’t feel anything at the moment, not happy, not sad – more tired and I am not even thinking about what reception I might be in for!

We have spent the evening with the friends who moved house recently – they are now at the other end of our village about 1 mile away and at last we found some time to stroll down to see them and deliver the card.

On Wednesday it is Little L’s 4th birthday and we are visiting the fairy and pixie place near Pateley Bridge whose name escapes me – so that should be fun.

So that was my day I hope you all had a good one.

Back soon x



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  1. I love the idea of your notebooks, I really do. Such a great way to remember things that struck you as good or worthy of trying.
    (and good luck for the next couple of days)
    J x


  2. Your flowers are lasting really well given the heat we have had. Like you I’m glad it has cooled down a bit, heat has never really bothered me before but last Thursday and Friday I really struggled and resorted to doing nothing more than reading. as for lists I’ve tried that and just end up stressed because there is always more left to do each month than has been done mainly because life gets in the way, hope it works for you. As I type you only have one and a half days until retirement so I hope the last few hours aren’t too stressful and just remember if you say no they can’t sack you – especially by the time you probably read this and only have one day left!!


    1. Yes just finished today and only one day to go now. My desk drawers are empty but for my pen and calculator, all my pictures and calendar taken down and I am working through the handover files.
      Freedom this time tomorrow – can’t wait!

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  3. Try not to feel too discouraged by a lack of direction at the moment. It is totally understandable given the psychic upheaval you are going through with this major life change (retirement) which will be a change mentally and even physically (funny how our bodies get used to our daily routines). So some discombobulation during this period is absolutely normal. Getting back to your notebook planning sounds like a good thing. You might also want to journal some of your feelings in this transition period. It might help to sort out what you would really like to do in the long run.

    Will be keeping you in my thoughts tomorrow. Maybe approach the day with gratitude. After all, you won’t have to deal with those issues any more! xo


    1. Thank you for your thoughts – I have 2 large chocolate tray bakes to take in tomorrow (Sainsbury’s not mine) for the whole office partly to celebrate my birthday and partly my leaving, and a card for my three work mates and one for a special friend upstairs whom I had lunch with today just to say I will miss them.
      I am sure I have some feelings at the moment but I am really not sure what they are as I just seem to be so busy trying to sort out the last few bits and pieces and getting everything organised for Wednesday for my Fairy outing! Journalling will be a good idea. I have actually just bought a copy of Breathe magazine tonight for the first time – I have often flicked through it in Sainsbury’s and then put it back on the shelf. Something prompted me to buy it tonight – maybe there is something in it I need to read! x


  4. Our neighbours who have young children have one of the sail gazebos. I think it looks quite nice and it must be very useful to keep the sun off young children.


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