dEAr diary ~ reading matter and a natter

A visit to work today to see my old colleagues – I was late as the town was so busy there was nowhere to park – good job it was only a visit.  I chose a good day as the new lady was out in the Leeds office.  I handed round all my thank you notes, I had intended to make my own but in the end I used bought ones.  We all went out for a coffee and a natter to catch up – but I am still glad I am not there anymore, change is very evident and not all sounding good but I don’t have to worry about that any longer.

After my visit I spent a whole hour in the library, bliss, and something I haven’t done for many years – just browsing and picking up anything that caught my eye.  I tend to read non-fiction more than fiction I have this quest for knowledge – always have and at the moment I am in to decluttering and simplifying my life in a big way, so I am not sure if I will find any new advice in the books I chose but it is always worth a read.

One of the books ‘Simplify your Life’  by Naomi Saunders I have read before but thought a refresh might be good.  ‘Declutter your Life’ by Gill Hasson speaks for itself – if I learn anything new and profound I will let you all know!  ‘Today is the Day You Change your Life’ by Elaine Harrison and ‘Leap Year’ by Helen Russell is mostly about those small steps that can make a big difference.  You might remember my word for this year (which is actually a phrase) is ‘ The Power of Small’ so the books are an expansion of this and I hope I might learn something from them.

My other 3 choice of books are more to do with health – ‘Corrective Exercise’ by Kesh Patel, ‘Vaccines’ by Dr Richard Halvorsen and one that I am eager to know more about ‘The Telomere Effect’ by Nobel Prize Winner Dr Elizabeth Blackburn and Elissa Epel.

So an early night tonight so I can make a start on one of them and I have no doubt the decluttering and cleaning will begin again tomorrow.



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  1. In post-retirement, I visit the library virtually every week–actually, I did that even when I was working, but usually just to pick up books I’d ordered online. Now I potter a bit more than I used to. Keep a list of books I want to read in my phone. I’m a fairly voracious reader, though that happens in spurts where I will read a book a day or every other day for several weeks and then none for several days. A mix of non-fiction, novels and sometimes books to read to my grandchildren. One thing I don’t do anymore is continue to read a book that doesn’t hold my interest or simply annoys me (e.g. writing style, plot, character/s). In the past I would have persevered, but these days I don’t feel like wasting my time.


    1. In the non-fiction books I often just dib in and out and sometimes have been known to start at the back where you often find a shorter summary. I pick the chapters that sound interesting to me so I can get through more! It was really nice to just browse all the sections in the library yesterday instead of rushing round in 10 mins in my lunch time at work.


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