clEAn and lEAn ~ dashing away with the smoothing iron

Not the most thrilling of days today – the clearing and cleaning in the kitchen had to take a back seat again whilst I caught up with the pile of ironing.  It really has been breeding in the corner and so I was forced to take action as I have to prepare the guest room bed for my mum who visits on Monday and iron the bedding.  I decided not to have any spares for the guest bed to save storage space but with the recent comings and goings another duvet set would have been useful.

I also ironed all the tops and skirts that I used to wear to work – as I have not needed them they have lingered at the bottom of the basket.  I put a couple of the tops on the charity pile and one of my least favourite black skirts and the rest of them in my wardrobe.  It will be interesting to see how often I wear skirts again now I am at home.  I have quite a collection of skirts because I never wore trousers at work.  I might even throw out all my thick black tights as they are years old and have been washed and worn so many times they owe me nothing.

After sorting my own items I then started on ironing my daughter’s clothes – not the woolly hats and gloves of course.  I intend to get these all done and back round to her house before they come home from holiday.  I will be relieved to get them out of my way – four big bags of laundry is a lot to move around my tiny laundry room – wherever I put them they seemed to be in the way.

DH spent a few hours at our daughter’s house putting the final top coat onto the skirtings, architraves and banister rails.  So only the doors remain and that will be another project complete although we may be called upon to help with the living room when they decide if they are removing the fireplace or not (very messy job).

We have scaffolding surrounding our house now ready for the rendering on Tuesday – weather being fine.  Once this is done we can replace our shed and get some of the stuff that is presently residing in the garage and what will be my pantry put back into the shed – can’t wait.  We will also be able to use the compost bins again – it has been so hard for me to put all the vegetable peelings in the bin and miss out on all that lovely compost.

DH had a go at taming our large Cherry Tree yesterday whilst the weather was fine – it needs more than a prune.  It is in our back garden but when we stand in the front garden facing our house we can now see the top of it above the roof – eek!  I couldn’t bear to chop it down as it gives me lots of shade but it is a bit too large for the plot.  I think he may have to climb it to get to the very highest branches…gulp!

I am looking forward to having at least one of our projects completed soon as we always seem to have a few on the go at once and I am trying hard to keep our main focus on the kitchen and the outside of our house.

Even when I cannot do anything major towards the kitchen decluttering I am making sure I at least do something small each day towards getting the project done.  Tonight I used some of my red sticker items and opened the first jar of Bon Maman compote, the cherry flavour, and made some individual crumbles.  We ate 2 of them with evaporated milk on top and the rest I will freeze.  I think I am becoming less and less of a pudding person I would have enjoyed the compote on some yoghurt so much more.  DH hates yoghurt.  What, I am wondering, am I going to do with my excessive yield of cooking apples if I don’t make crumbles?

Tomorrow it will be more ironing and some paper work to catch up on.  Then on Sunday I am declaring a day of rest and hoping the weather will be good enough to go to the Bakewell Open Gardens in Derbyshire.

What is the likely hood of rain!

have a good weekend. x

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  1. Since we live about 3,500 miles apart, I won’t be able to give you much in the way of a weather report. 🙂 Actually a nice day here (huge blessing), but heading back into the 30s the rest of the week. V. tired of hot, humid weather.

    I am pretty sure your daughter knows how fortunate she is to have parents who are as helpful as you two. While I am not thrilled with ironing, I must admit it makes for good thinking time. Hands are busy but the mind does not need to be engaged in the task.

    And if your DH decides to go up to the top of the tree for trimming, please tell him to harness himself in some way. Yikes. My DH once decided he needed to clear the gutters on our house…during a tropical storm (torrential rain and wind)…wearing flip flops and carrying a large blower. Without telling me what he was going to do. By sheer luck (or grace) he didn’t fall, Nuff said.


    1. It is such a lovely day here – sunny and warm (not hot). DH will probably not climb the tree when it comes to it – he still sees himself as some kind of young boy scout! At the moment he is using the long pole with the various pruners and cutters. Your DH was lucky – flip flops – I ask you – not very health and safety!!


  2. If you stew the apples without sugar, then you can put some of them in curries! Sounds weird but a chunk of apple in a curry is really nice.


  3. Making crumbles is a way to stretch costlier ingredients such as fruit/ compote etc. As you have a glut of short date compote why not enjoy it with yoghurt as you would prefer?
    Isn’t retirement wonderful, you have time to get things done. After clearing two elderly relatives’ homes, I am determined to clear out all surplus items.
    The 30 day challenge is great . One item goes on the first of the month, two on the second & so on . It gets tough by day 15!


    1. Hello Susan – I have seen those 30 day challenges but my problem is being at home for 30 consecutive days at the moment. I know if I have gaps I will lose the momentum but I am sure I could find enough items.


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