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I woke up to sunshine this morning and no rain in sight – still quite cool though, but I don’t mind that – I can just put a jumper on.  I had a few chores and errands to attend to – the most important was a visit to my friend.

It was so lovely outside I decided to walk over to my friend’s house with these flowers and a card – she has just lost her dad  – I know just how she will be feeling.  It is twelve years since my dad died and the loss never goes away.

I like to customise my gifts of flowers by wrapping them myself to make them a bit more special.  I also like to give small posy sized bunches of flowers rather than large bouquets but these can be hard to find in a supermarket so I just bought a small bunch of those ballerina blush pink roses from Sainsbury’s.  I removed all their cellophane packaging and then wrapped them in plain brown parcel paper lined with the pretty tissue paper that came in the carrier bag with my Neal’s Yard creams and tied them with cord.  I always keep a stash of used tissue paper – it comes in useful for many things – a quick smoothing over with the iron and voila it is like new and this has such a striking pattern I couldn’t throw it away.  I added a little brown parcel tag that I had stamped with a simple message.

Once back home I filled my bathroom cupboard with the stock of lotions and potions I had bought on Wednesday.  Unlike my recent hesitation with keeping too many grocery products I do like to see a good stock of toiletries – I only buy them when on offer and as few of them come from the supermarket stocking up means I can avoid having to go to town or Meadowhall all the time when something runs out.

Neal's Yard

I love the iconic blue glass bottles from Neal’s Yard and the fact that using these means they can leave out preservatives from most of their products.  They are fully recyclable but I often find uses for them anyway. The little serum bottles I wash out and refill with my own mix of essential oils and use this for massaging my tense neck and shoulders after a hard day or my feet when I have a home style pedicure.   Sheer bliss.

Most of the ironing is done now – I find ironing the linen quite rewarding – I love getting into a freshly made bed at night, somehow I am sure I sleep better.  You cannot beat the smell and feel of line dried linen, especially on a windy day – I try to catch it just as it is still slightly damp and then spray with a linen spray and iron immediately – the mix of outdoor freshness with a little scent makes it a pleasurable task – this is my all time favourite with Orange Blossom and Bergamot essential oils – I am hoping I can recreate something similar myself when the bottle runs out as it is no longer available.


DH has been working his way up the cherry tree pruning branch by branch – it looks a little stark now but I know come next summer it will be heading for our windows at a rate of knots once again.  What a shame the scaffolding around the house isn’t nearer the cherry tree – it would have served a dual purpose.  As I mentioned to Mary (who is a bit concerned as to DH’s safety)  I think climbing the cherry tree might just be his boy scout side coming out and he will soon realise he is getting a bit past that now!!

Tomorrow if the weather holds we have planned to attend the Bakewell Open Gardens event – we attended a couple of years ago and found some fascinating places we didn’t even know existed.  The nice thing about Bakewell is that the open gardens are in a different part of the town each year so they are full of new surprises.

If by any chance it does rain as forecast then it will be more ironing (yes there is still more to go yet) and maybe some paperwork to attend to (for paperwork read bills to pay!)  I have already prepared the guest room for my mum coming – I might just add a few flowers by the bedside tomorrow.  I think she may well get a shock on Tuesday morning when she wakes up and opens the blind to see the builders staring back at her from the scaffold!!

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  1. I love the Neal’s Yard bottles too. I refill one with distilled witch hazel which I use every day as a toner. Much more attractive than the bottles that comes in and makes if feel more special to use.


  2. Happy to hear DH decided ‘discretion was the better part of valour’ when it comes to tree climbing. Now if he could have a word with my boy scout…though I think a few creaky back moments are slowing him a bit, too.

    Beautiful wrappings on the flowers. A lovely and thoughtful tribute for your friend.

    Might have to wait until I come over the pond in January to try the NY serum. Just checked one source here and it was about 30 pounds more than the UK online price (over 90 pounds). Yikes.

    Hope your visit with Mum is a good one. Remind her to put on her ‘best dressing gown’ before opening the window blinds. 🙂


    1. That is expensive – I thought it expensive here and I have to eek it out but it does last quite a long time and it does suit my sensitive skin. As DH says for the moment I am worth it – maybe when I get to 70 I might be past caring and just use Ponds Cold cream or plain old Nivea basic – if they still exist – think my granny used it!


  3. Such beautiful roses and I see you’re a fan of Boots’ creams. I often visited Neal’s yard at Covent Garden, my daughter and I used to go on a Saturday when I lived in Essex.


    1. Yes I also use Boots No 7 they are a bit cheaper and you can get the 3 for 2 offers plus the £5 off voucher so a good saving and my skin doesn’t react to it – I have to be so careful especially with anything perfumed.


  4. Customising the flowers is a lovely idea. (I may have to steal it!) It is so much more thoughtful than to present it in the store wrapping. A handmade label is always a lovely touch too. x


    1. I once made my friend a posy of flowers for a special occassion taking notice of the special meaning each one has and using appropriate flowers and then writing the meanings on a little card for her. It was quite a small posy almost like the old fashioned nosegays women carried at one time but she loved it and it was doing that that set me off rewrapping flowers!


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