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Life goes more slowly down here on the Mull; lots of time to ponder, reflect and make plans that I don’t often allow myself at home.

I feel the year is slipping away quickly now and I am conscious of that ‘big’ event, which we don’t mention just yet, looming on the horizon and I need to make some tentative plans sooner rather than later.Last November I bought myself a gorgeous pale pink and gold leather look notebook from W H Smiths to record my monthly intentions – these are ideas of what I want to do (and sometimes must do) during the coming month in the various aspects of my life – home, self, outings etc.  I have mentioned this before in a previous post and you can read my monthly intentions by clicking on the fEAsible intentions category in the sidebar. I also make a list of thirty or thirty-one simple tasks that I can complete during the month (basically one a day) and tick them off as I go. It is also a place where I capture my thoughts, record notes and ideas, jot down website addresses or telephone numbers and stick in clippings of anything that grabs my attention – new finds and discoveries, seasonal looks, a new product, a book to read or a recipe idea – just about anything I want to make a note of – it has become a bit of a jumbled catchall but I actually feel it works well for me and keeps all of those bits and pieces in one place.

At the moment my pages for September are full of Autumn colours and ideas and quite a few notes and lists with regards to my ongoing decluttering project.

But I need somewhere to start capturing ideas I have for Christmas well before I get to December and last year I found this notebook a bit limiting in space to contain everything I wanted to make a note of for the Christmas period.  So I have decided I will buy a new notebook and dedicate it solely for this purpose.

I have this bizarre notion that by planning well ahead in my notebook I will make Christmas a simple fuss free affair this year – cosy nights by the fire in soft candlelight, sipping a glass of mulled wine and savouring a ‘just baked’ mince pie whilst watching Little Women and writing my homemade Christmas cards (in good time); the gifts all wrapped neatly in hand printed paper with exquisite handmade tags, a simple wreath hanging on the door and fairy lights outside twinkling in the tree.  Everything will be as peaceful as the season suggests.

I live in hope!

Already I have ideas to make my own Christmas cards again this year and some gifts for my friends but I need to start soon to have them made in time.Lino cutIn previous years I have tried different methods and used various materials but I really enjoyed doing the lino cut – this was my first attempt back in 2013.  Lino cuts are good for printing in bulk (I need about 75 cards) and I have a good stock of card blanks and envelopes that would be good to use up.

Yesterday we drove up to the Cowal Peninsula in the south of Argyll and Bute to visit the Open Studios around Dunoon.  It is one of my favourite places – the approaching view from the ferry is breathtaking and we had a wonderful day, mainly dry and sunny which always helps.  A delicious lunch was kindly provided by Freda, my blogging friend from Live Simply, Simply Live, who lives close by.  We ate in a sheltered spot in her beautiful garden and had a general chat and catch up before saying goodbye to go on the studio trail.  Time was quite short but we managed to see two potters, a wood-carver and a lady who did lino cut pictures.

I bought a lovely little pot to remind me of our visit (no doubt I will be putting a picture on soon) and seeing all the work of these talented craftsmen has certainly inspired me to do more myself, especially having a go at more lino cuts.

In the meantime until we go home you will find me wrestling with the weeds in the garden here. x


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  1. Fairy lights, candles and mince pies all sound lovely to me but I’m not mentioning the C word just yet. You’re the third person in the last few days I’ve heard just beginning to make plans.
    Last year I cut back on gift buying for extended family and it made the whole thing much less stressful for me.
    Your cards are beautiful. X


    1. I have the time here at the cottage and all though it goes against the grain to even think about it I know as soon as I get home I am going to be in demand again – new baby expected at the end of October. Say no more (not mine by the way – younger daughters second one!)


  2. Due to family stuff, some of my treasured Christmas traditions have gone by the board this year so I am busy thinking of a few new ones to take their place. 🙂


  3. Mull is certainly a well-named place for you to think and ponder! I like your book of intentions and your lovely Christmas cards. So glad you were able to spend some time with Freda and get to several of the open studios. A lovely day for all.


    1. Ha ha, I had not spotted the Mull connection – but I agree it is well named.
      The blogging community is such a wondrful place and even better when you actually get to meet a blogger in person. Freda has the most beautiful home and garden with a view to die for and in a place that most people would love to live. And she is a brilliant host. Thank you Freda once again if you read this.


  4. Mull was well-named for your purposes! I like your book of intentions and the lovely Christmas cards. So glad you were able to spend time with Freda. Wonderful to be able to catch up with her in person and to visit several of the open studios.


    1. You spotted it too – there was no pun intended when I wrote it but it did make me smile when it was pointed out to me!
      It was a day to remember and lovely to be back up in that part of Scotland even though it was a flying visit.


  5. Love your book and the extra Christmas one sounds great. What absolutely jumped out at me from this post was the notion of watching Little Women, I love it and have seen almost every version going, although my favourite remains an old black and white version with Elizabeth Taylor playing Beth which is no-longer available. It is no coincidence my daughter is called Amy.
    Sounds like you should make the most of the calm whilst you are in Mull as things sound like they might be a bit busy when you get back down south.


  6. Viv it was fun and a real pleasure to see you both again. I wonder if you will host your own Open Studio when you get back into your creative pursuits? I’m glad you managed to visit a few here in Cowal. I love your planning book/book of dreams!


    1. I doubt I would ever be Open Studio quality I just like doing ‘crafty’ things for my own pleasure. My poor friends are often on the receiving end!
      I am sure we will get back soon and will plan a longer stay to explore the area more.


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