dEAr diary ~ enjoying the slower pace of life

It was sunny and dry for most of the day, the day before yesterday at least while we were in the garden – it has turned out that we picked a good few days after all to visit the cottage.  Thank goodness as there is so much to do in the garden and we are trying to take it slowly and sensibly to avoid an achy back.  I have areas to put to bed but also areas where I want to have a move around – plants that have outgrown their space or would be better in a different location.  When I started in this garden it was a case of getting anything in to cover the ground – well it has done that and more.  Everything here gets a bit oversized because of the mild climate.

I will be doing a garden update soon of our progress – perhaps a few before and after pictures if I can remember to take the ‘befores’!Bramley apples

The windfall apples are outside our gate now waiting for any takers – I am hoping people will come with large bags or big pockets as it would be a shame for them to go to waste.

Tuesday afternoon we had to drive in to town for more provisions and to swap the empty spare gas cylinder.  Living so far from the nearest town (15 miles) it is essential we have a backup in place.  The place we buy the gas is one of those places that sell all kinds of oddments and the guy was selling off bags of branded farmyard manure for the garden at £1 a bag – normally £4.  Bargain – so we bought 3 bags.

All though I never need an excuse to visit a stationery shop I had to buy a birthday card for my older brother (he is 70 at the weekend…blimey!) so I took  the opportunity to have a quick look in W H Smiths for a new notebook at the same time.  I could only find page a day diaries and they are expensive, but on buying the card I was given a voucher for 25% off a 2018-2019 diary.  It doesn’t really matter that the pages are dated I can ignore that if it makes buying a notebook cheaper.   I didn’t go back and buy one – I am taking a moment to think about it.

We stocked up again at the supermarket – all the ‘cheesy’ rolls had gone so we chose crusty baguettes instead and then found we couldn’t buy a small jar of mayonnaise other than in plastic – I prefer a glass jar and anything in a glass jar was the large size.  It can be difficult buying for two so must be virtually impossible for one.  None of the large hand cooked crisps were on offer either – so in the end being frugal we did without.

By tea time the weather had turned unexpectedly cooler with a little drizzle – so far this visit it has been good gardening weather, but that could all change overnight as I suspect it could easily become much colder.  I have noticed that over the last week the trees and hedges are all turning brown along the shore road where they face some quite strong winds.

We were glad to get back into the car to warm up and on the way back to the cottage we had a slight detour round to Portpatrick, a little harbour village that faces out into the Irish sea, just to sit and look out to sea for a while.  The wind had got a little stronger by now causing a big swell to the incoming tide; I love to see the frothy white waves rolling in and sending up a dramatic spray into the air as they crash against the rocks. Standing at this point to take a photo of the sea can be a bit treacherous – It is a really windy spot and the water on the floor is from the sea spray coming over the top of the large rocks on the left and at high tide can easily sweep you into the sea.  So I didn’t linger! Round the little harbour the Council have put a string of lights which are quite pretty – Portpatrick  is a well visited tourist place and a lot of money goes into its upkeep – much more than our little village where the council seem to only spend the bare minimum.

Yesterday (Wednesday) it was very overcast in the morning and we ached from too much gardening the day before (and old age of course) so feeling a bit rickety we allowed ourselves a day off to recover.  I quickly made some sandwiches with the crusty baguettes; filled with crumbly cheese and a dollop of chutney, added a small container of salad – no crisps or mayonnaise of course – a piece of sultana cake and a flask of hot chocolate.  Then we headed off round the bay to the Machars to the Wigtown Book Festival.

This is the best part of not having to go to work you get to decide what you want to do and when and you can make those snap decisions to just go out.

I will update you with photos from the event later. x




8 Replies to “dEAr diary ~ enjoying the slower pace of life”

  1. You sound as though you are beginning to believe that you are retired.
    One of the things we find quite difficult, even after 14 years of retirement, is giving ourselves permission to take time off during the working week and to a certain extent during the weekends.
    It’s easy to go on holiday but otherwise we find ourselves working “office hours”.
    From now we have made a pact to try to take a day a week to explore or to relax and read, sit gazing into space, whatever we fancy doing and not feel we “should” be doing something else.
    We’ll see how long this resolution lasts!


    1. We have been thinkng along the lines of keeping a day free, probably in the week rather than the weekend, to go and do something or visit a place that we want to explore. I was thinking Wednesdays – middle of the week would be good.
      We will have to swap notes on this!


  2. Great to hear that you are having moments of exploration in the midst of the busyness of life–even if it is called retirement. But then again, retirement often means very different things for individuals depending on their health, financial circumstances and even personality. No one size fits all. Just happy to hear of your enjoyment.


  3. Lovely apples! Did you get any takers? Your days at the cottage sound wonderful. How do you pass the time in the evenings? Have a lovely weekend. I hope the weather stays dry for you. x


    1. Yes the apples are being taken – we have a lot of dog walkers passing by going down onto the beach.
      We don’t have TV here so in the evening we read, listen to radio 4 or play patience we can also listen to talking books but find we doze off many a time doing that! There is a pub up at the top of our lane too if we want to go out and now we can connect to the internet through our phone so I can read blogs and post from here. So evenings can be busy or relaxed and I actually like our time away from the TV. x


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