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Hi everyone and to my new followers – it has been a few days since my last post and a busy few days – I have been on a bit of a roll and not had time to stop and blog or have been too tired to write anything meaningful.  I have been keeping up with you all though even if I haven’t left a comment – Sadie, I love your videos – you are so creative.

Before I go on I must just mention that a few people keep asking me about the capital ‘EA’ in my titles and categories – well I hate to disappoint – there is no profound reason for this – it has no meaning other than I noticed when defining my categories at the very start of my blog that they all contained the letters EA – so nothing more than me having a play around on words.  The added advantage is that it does make it unmistakably my blog.

So with that out of the way on with the knit and natter – but without the knitting bit….

Well, I wish I could say that the house is sparkling clean, all the clutter has gone and I am super organised when in fact only parts of the house are clean (maybe not with the sparkle) some of the clutter has gone and I am still trying to be organised.

It all takes time.

On Saturday we had a mammoth outing, a mixture of errands and shopping.  It took us most of the day.  We off-loaded a couple more bags to the Charity shop, returned the library books, returned a couple of tops to Sainsbury’s,  bought some bags of gravel to finish the concrete for the shed base, bought the new brackets to hold the ladder outside on the wall, bought a mattress topper from IKEA and bought a cheap sweatshirt from Primark for DH (probably to mix the concrete in!).  At the end of it all we shared a toastie in Costa with my loyalty points, had a hot drink each and a little treat from Next – I bought a (just couldn’t leave it in the shop) grey and white patterned storage jar for my teabags to keep on the counter top, £6 and DH found a mechanical pencil reduced in the sale in the Paperchase concession shop for £4.

We managed to do all this without paying for any parking and came home happy, but tired bunnies.

Further progress has been made in the home office / craft room well that is what we call it but it is actually masquerading as a paper mountain – or is it a paper mountain masquerading as a home office?  How can two fairly simple lives collect such a lot of paper – I feel we are drowning in the stuff.  This is just a bit of it.Piece by piece I have tackled pile after pile.  I have reduced my craft folder clippings to only those ideas I know I might make at sometime, the recipes ditto.  I threw out all but a few of my clippings on health, diet and exercise; ditto the clippings of kitchens, decorating ideas and home styling.  And some more books to go.     I washed the rest of the vintage doilies and mats that came from my mum’s house – keeping any I thought I might use in some way in future and the rest will go to the CS.

I have made soup, soup and more soup – mushroom, leek and potato, green veg and the latest was tomato – all delicious and so quick and easy to make.  My lovely neighbour gave me these – the last of her tomatoes from her outdoor plants so I will be making more of this during the week and looking to grow some myself next year.

I did a thorough clean of the living room and cleared out or rearranged a few ornaments …– my one piece of Autumn decor is a tiny pine cone on the mantel piece, my new hand-made ‘crafty’ vase from Dunoon containing a dried hydrangea head and a bamboo plate displaying a few Autumn nature table finds – subtle but simple.

I am rather liking the minimalist approach and I won’t have to store any of it in fact it will compost very well.

Remember my new routines that I am setting up – they are not going too badly.  In fact I surprise myself sometimes.  So far I have attended to my emails and finances every morning – we should make it to pay-day on Friday (if that is what you call collecting the state pension) although we don’t actually have to queue up and collect it, it is just deposited in our bank.  Nothing to spare though this month which is a bit disappointing;  C+ for effort but must try harder next month.

The food shopping is working out at about £50 week with one week a little more when I bought toilet rolls and some multiples of items on offer and a load of nuts for the Christmas nut loaves, chocolates and cake.  I had a full refund on the M&S potatoes as there were so many bad ones in the bag I took them back.  I am going to aim for £45 a week for the groceries next month.

The unexpected items this month  –  the gravel and cement for the gap above (how six bags of gravel can fit into such a small space is amazing), ladder brackets, car bulbs and the mattress topper (which is actually for my daughter’s bed not ours so I can get a good nights sleep when we stay there!).  Baby still not appeared and we live in hope it will come soon.

I am already thinking about the November expenses – 4 birthdays and a wedding anniversary – no funerals (that I know of) – but there could be a 5th birthday of course if someone doesn’t get a move on.

Oh and did I mention the cheque for the tax refund came yesterday – how is that for service – quicker than my posts that’s for sure.  DH has a nice letter too from the tax man –  after my phone call last week to the inland revenue he has been given part of my tax allowance for the year under the new married tax allowance rules to reduce his tax bill –  such is love!

Not much more to say – it has been windy here in Yorkshire but good for drying the washing.

Have a good week who knows I might find time between paper sorting to post again soon x




15 Replies to “dEAr diary ~ just catching up with myself”

  1. I really love your new storage jar. Sadly, I don’t have room for any more in my kitchen. Or rather, I’m not allowing room.
    Like you I am slowly working my way through some clutter and focusing on the kitchen cupboards again. Today I have cleaned out the cleaning and laundry cupboard. I can now see everything I need, got rid of what I don’t and have just replaced the bathroom cleaner which had run out. I’m being ruthless as I have very limited storage.
    I hope the baby doesn’t keep everyone waiting too much longer. X


    1. It is a great feeling when done isn’t it – my kitchen cupboards are working well – even DH is keeping everything in its new place.
      On the baby front I am dying to know now if it is a girl or boy – we don’t have a boy in the family now other than SILaw’s and my brother – the rests are all girls. My cousins are girls and my daughters cousins are all girls! x


  2. gorgeous post, and thank you for those kind words :O)
    You have been so busy, can you come and sort through my stuff when you’re done?! Bill will often say ‘shall be we buy *whatever* to put things in’ and I always say NO! If we buy something to “put things in” all I’m going to do is shove it full of stuff instead of getting rid of the stuff in the first place!

    I love your photos. There is a real beauty to the way you take photos. And I also love that jar from Next, can see why you treated yourself to that.


    1. Thank you Sadie for your kind comment – I was just thinking I must take more time with my photos as I rushed around the house this morning snapping away at anything! There are some really lovely photos out there these days – I have actually moved on from the auto snaps now and I do use the adjustable lens setting – just not very well sometimes – and I am getting used to ‘Gimp’ a bit more but still have a lot to learn. My problem is our house is just not very interesting and most of it quite outdated now and needs decorating so doesn’t provide a good backdrop!
      I do like these new patterns and textures that are around it is going to be hard not to buy anything – the storage jar was my only indulgence! xx


  3. Looks like you have had a wonderful and busy week! What a great neighbor to bless you with such beautiful tomatoes. have a great weekend!


    1. It was just what I needed for my teabags. They had been in a glass jar – one of three- but we don’t take sugar and DH doesn’t want to store his coffee in a glass jar he says the light is not good for it so I want to use the three glass storage jars for other dry goods like rice and couscous in my pantry when DH gets around to fitting it out!


  4. Storage jar is lovely. I have a small kitchen, and storage is always at a premium. The best addition was a wooden corner unit that a friend gave me. Originally from IKEA, but no longer made. I keep all my electric gadgets on it.


    1. Hello Christy and thank you for your comment – I have already been over to your place and will be back for a longer read of your interesting blog. Space in my kitchen is tight and I am waiting for DH to make my pantry which was the old downstairs cloakroom but will be so much better for us as a pantry.


  5. The tea bag jar is absolutely lovely and I can see why you bought it. Also, I think you’re doping amazingly with the de-cluttering/organising/etc. You’ll get there, wherever ‘there’ is for you.


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