dEAr diary ~ family celebrations

She has finally arrived, Saturday 10th November at 4.30am in the morning – a beautiful healthy baby girl – the new addition to our family.  Weighing in at 6lb 14 ounces, after another difficult labour, but both mum and baby sleeping  it off (and dad too!).  And granny and granddad for that matter!!

DH and I are back home now to give them some time to themselves for a few days.  Little L is overjoyed with her new baby sister – her chosen name was Sweetie – not the name mum and dad have called her but I think it is a suitable name for my blog.

So Little L and Sweetie it is.

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    1. Yes, the first picture was when baby had just arrived home and she wasn’t too sure of ‘it’ as she called her. The second picture was a little later when she had got a bit more used to the baby and really started to look at her.


  1. Welcome to the world sweetie! I hope that it is sugar plums and wonderment for you. You are off to a wonderful start because you are loved. x


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