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We have arrived at our little cottage in South West Scotland to find there has been a massive police, air and Coastguard hunt on today to find a missing couple who live in the village.  Their car was found at 7.30am this morning swept up on the beach along the coast road just down the road from us which had been closed yesterday.  The couple had two dogs with them as well.

How lucky were we that we chose to come up today instead of our original plan to come up yesterday – that couple might have been us.  It is a treacherous road coming into the village the sea was battering the coast with 30 foot high waves and the road was closed not only because of flooding but the sea throws up quite large rocks with it – it is known locally as the ‘Car Wash’ but it is no joke and at its worst it can kill.

Our neighbour on the little caravan site has lost a chunk of land again – the sea has moved some huge rocks around that were holding back the banking  – it is frighteningly powerful.

For the moment it is quite calm here – I hope it stays like this and I pray the couple will be found safe but it is looking like they may have been swept out to sea.


We woke this morning to calm…at least down here in the dip near the sea – it is still blustery on the road above us as we were to find out soon enough on our walk into the village.The incident with the missing couple happened around the other side of this bit of headland, to the left of the photo, in the next bay to us at Kilstay. The hill blocks our view so we cannot see this part of the beach but there was plenty of activity this morning – we watched the coastguard police from our window walking the beach below us here at low tide looking for any evidence that might give them clues.  They came into our garden to check our burn that runs down to the sea in case anything had washed up there. (Of course we had already checked ourselves and also looked in the wood just in case).

All the local lifeboats were here including the one from the Isle of Man and across from Port William, and we had helicopters circling for a while.  All has gone quiet again now but as far as I know nothing was found and as each hour passes it is looking less likely the couple will be found safe and well.      A chilling thought.

Whilst it was such a sunny start we took the opportunity to walk to the village – of course we could not go along the beach so took the main road into the village which runs above us… it was a freezing wind up on top so we decided to turn off when we got to the point where the low road joins and is now a car free footpath only and drops down to run alongside the beach and is quite sheltered.The low road is now famous for the collection of painted stones that appear overnight and can be found dotted in and amongst the hedgerow along the edge of the path.  Such treasures…rumour has it the fairies are responsible for them.

Eventually the path meets the end of  a little row of cottages known as Shore Street and this leads to one of the 3 pubs in this tiny village.We bought a paper, some fresh morning rolls and a box of chocolate teacakes from the village shop, then drew out some cash from the Post Office counter which is now in the same tiny shop but two steps to the left.  We checked the local noticeboard for upcoming events – noted that the Stranraer lights are to be switched on tomorrow in town after the parade headed up by 3 Wise Men on camels (really? – I must see this!), then briskly walked back to our cottage following our footsteps in reverse – no way were we going to attempt to walk along the high road today.

As I write this update sitting snuggly in our caravan with the heat blasting away drinking a hot cup of tea and munching on chocolate teacakes we have suddenly been plunged into dark skies and icy lashing rain.



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    1. This is the second time this year a car has been swept into the sea. Earlier this year an elderly woman in a car driving around the harbour road was swept out to sea but she was rescued as it happened during the day.


    1. We didn’t know about all this on the way up just got a text from my daughter who was panicking it was us. No sign of any police activity now but it is pitch black here tonight no moon so I presume they called off the search until tomorrow.


  1. I had just read an article about the situation and my first thought was about you; hoping you were okay and that it wasn’t near you. So very, very sorry to hear about the couple and their dogs. The sea is so powerful and unrelenting in a storm–the continual damage to the land around you is yet another sad reminder. I am glad to know that you are both safe.


  2. I hope that the couple and their dogs survived but it seems unlikely with the scenario you describe. Keep safe in your caravan and book into a hotel if you feel at risk! x


    1. Thanks Simone – everything calm here again at present – just lucky we put off coming up until yesterday and missed the worst. Nothing damaged at the cottage. The search will continue tomorrow but no-one could survive these bitter winds and freezing sea – yet we all carry a torch of hopefulness that they are somewhere safe. x


  3. How shocking to hear of something like that happening in your village. Sadly, this morning’s news reported that two bodies have been found and the couple were named. So, so sad.


    1. Yes it is a very sad day for this little community – our thoughts go out to their family and friends it must be such a shock. Even more of a shock that the bodies were found across the bay at Port William – it just reminds us how powerful the sea is.


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