crEAting Christmas ~ days 14 and 15

Homemade chocolatesDay 14 – on Friday my Advent task was to make a tray of my now famous chocolate for the neighbour’s get together that evening.  This year I found a tub of miniature meringues reduced to 30p in Waitrose and these were sprinkled on the half with tiny fudge and honeycomb pieces.  The other half of the chocolate had fruit, nuts and ginger pieces.  The whole slab is laced like a spider’s web with white chocolate and when it is set chopped or broken into square pieces.  It is as my friends say ‘just far too moreish’.Homemade ChocolatesI kept some of the chocolates to take a packet in to my old work place for my colleagues to share.Homemade ChocolatesDay 15 – Saturday – after getting home at 2am in the morning (it was a good night!) I didn’t have a very early start and it took a while to come round and eventually I had another go at printing my lino cut Christmas card.  Robin Lino cutThis year I tried creating a more stylised robin and nothing has gone well with it.  The black ink has taken ages to dry and I swear some of the cards were still sticky when I put them into the envelopes – even after being in the airing cupboard all weekend.  Robin Lino cutRobin Lino cutAll I can say is that it is ‘different’ and I certainly need more practice but I had fun doing them and I shall miss my ’round’ of robins now they are gone to new homes.  Each one was so individual I could have given them names!

Apologies that the Advent days are running out of sync, I have been so busy I am finding it difficult to photograph and write a daily update.

Welcome to my new followers – I hope you are enjoying the advent period.

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    1. Gosh Jill that is praise indeed considering the beautiful work you produce. They became a labour of love as everything went wrong on them – I ended up buying some new lino and new tools as my old ones from the 70’s were quite blunt and not easy to sharpen. The ink refused to dry and remained a bit tacky for days – I am sure everyone will have to peel them away from the envelopes!!


  1. Like Jill I love your robins. It’s difficult not to be critical of one’s own work,( I’ve been trying to produce acceptable watercolours for years!), but every recipient will be delighted.
    I always love cards that people have made because they have put so much effort into them rather than just plucking packs from the shelves. You did particularly well to produce such delicate legs. I think he’s a robin with a great sense of his own presence!
    Have a very Happy Christmas. Sue


    1. They certainly had a presence on mass – I am missing them already. I love the quality and slight unpredictability of lino cuts and will certainly do more – a challenge for the new year.
      Have a wonderful Christmas. Viv x


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