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This is a day of celebration – we have finally finished the decorating at our  elder daughter’s house, the new fireplace has been installed and the carpets were laid yesterday on the stairs and in the living room – it all looks wonderful – clean and bright and ready just in time for her new baby coming (due date the end of January).

A close call though.

DH and I are relaxing today after our marathon and catching up with a few household jobs ourselves.  I feel we can now concentrate on getting our new kitchen chosen, ordered and installed and fitting out the pantry which we will do ourselves.  It has been a long time coming and I just hope that nothing happens to delay our progress this time as we first started the whole new kitchen thing back in 2008 and since then it has been one crisis or drama after another that has meant our kitchen has had to be put on the back burner.   I have got to the point where I dare hardly mention the words ‘new kitchen‘ as I don’t wish to tempt fate.This room currently known as the dumping ground will be our new pantry – it is the old downstairs cloakroom and toilet which we never used very much – we have only capped off the drains and water supply not removed them entirely so it could be turned back at some time in the future.  As you can see not a pretty sight – though some of these boxes are actually my daughter’s belongings and some items can go back into the new shed.  Thank goodness I have been able to just shut the door on all this – but now I have the chance to get it sorted – starting tomorrow.  Maybe.

This morning I washed some of my daughter’s throws that I brought home with me to lessen her load and got them out on the line.   She is washing her baby clothes to prepare them which is much more exciting so  I also volunteered to wash all the dust sheets for her but they will have to wait for a dry windy day.

For lunch I made another batch of tomato soup and for tea we had an old favourite using leeks – Cheesy Leek ramekins (which will do two meals) and tonight will be served with a winter salad.   It is so much easier having a menu plan and I find this way we have far less waste and don’t over buy with the shopping.







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  1. Just found your interesting blog via Sue in Suffolk (cottage at the end of the lane) I’m really enjoying read backthrough the posts – we are approaching retirement in 2021. Our house goes with the job (he’s a Rev) but we have a little bungalow in Norfolk which we are preparing to move into. So your blog really resonates. But on question – why does EA often appear in capitals, please?


    1. Sorry to disappoint but it is just a play on graphics as I noticed early on that all my category titles had the letters EA in them somewhere so I highlighted them with capitals. I now use this in my posts titles too – so they are quite personal to my blog! I keep thinking of something that EA might refer to – perhaps I will have a light bulb moment. I have just been over to your blog and enjoyed your post on the Mottainai.


      1. I wondered if you had connections with Elmtaryd Agunnaryd [the farm where Ingvar Kamprad grew up – so called his business I K E A] or maybe somewhere with the same initials [East Acton? ] Thanks for clearing up the mystery! I thinkin the case of your blog, it definitely could be
        Excellent Articles, Educational Anecdotes & Entertaining Amusements…


        1. I like all three but I am not sure they apply to me – but I keep trying – I am always surprised people read my blog at all as it really just started as a continuation of my daily journaling – it is a bit addictive though – I would miss it if I gave up as I love the wonderful people I get to know.


  2. Nice to have your work for others done so you can return to your own 🙂 Won’t it be wonderful to have a pantry! I look forward to the details of your kitchen reno. Leeks are not often seen here but they are available now and then, so I will try out your recipe!


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