dEAr diary ~ a close run thing

When I said on my blog on Thursday that we had finished the decorating at my daughter’s house and the carpets had been fitted ‘just in time’ – I never realised how ‘just in time’ this was going to be.  Baby X arrived on the scene 9 days early this morning to surprise us all.  A beautiful baby boy as yet with no name.

So I am now a proud granny of 3 grandchildren and feeling a bit exhausted at the thought.  Mum, dad and baby doing well and all of them sleeping after an eventful night and soon I will be too as I have to be up and out tomorrow to take my car in for its first service at the garage and then we will be going on to Ikea in Sheffield to look at (and possibly buy) the units for the new pantry.

I am doubly excited tonight!

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  1. Babies do like to set their own schedule. Many good wishes for your daughter, her husband and the new wee one, and to you and your husband. Get some rest. Busy days ahead.


    1. Now that date is more like the one we were expecting – in fact I did wonder if he would arrive on the day my dad died on the 4th February but as it was he just missed my mum’s birthday by a day by arriving on the 20th – perhaps just as well as my mum is now 93 so a joint birthday party next year would have been difficult with the age gap!!


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