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After twenty some years I have started knitting again – sometimes I frighten myself – I first began knitting one day back in 1980 with a little help from my mum, who was an avid knitter both by hand and machine.  I was expecting my first daughter at the time and continued when my second daughter came along and beyond until they reached secondary school and then I just stopped.  Knitting two garments each time took some doing.  At first my knitting was knit one drop one but after a while I was mastering cables and yokes and without the advantage of You Tube.

Now it all feels a long time ago but I am starting to remember quite a bit as I go along and with the help of You Tube –  although I have had to pull out a few rows when I dropped two stitches accidentally on a decrease row and didn’t notice.I chose this pattern by Sirdar as it said easy knit (I might question that!) and I like the fact the yarn called Baby Crofter, although random, looks a bit like Fair Isle as you knit.

I took the time to wind off some of the wool so I could begin the second sleeve at the same point in the yarn as the first so they match and also match up with the pattern of the front and back.I have finished the main body of the jumper and need to press and stitch it together so I can pick up around the neck to continue and knit the hood – that will be fun!

I need to practice the start and end of my rows and make a better job – there are it appears many ways to make it neater including adding an extra stitch at each end – does this really work?

This attempt is for Sweetie to grow into – I deliberately chose a 6-12 months size (she is presently 5 months old) in case it took me a long time to make but the knitting part has been surprisingly quick.  It might take me longer to do the sewing part.

I have already chosen the yarn for my next project – this time a plain colour, a lovely soft cotton in pale grey and ecru called Cottonsoft by King Cole to make a summer cardigan or jumper.  I found it in Boyes which is a wonderful northern store full of cut price goodies like an old Woolworths.  Finding patterns seems harder than finding the wool.  I am hoping I will find a pattern for little Freddie but if not it will be another one for Sweetie.I am not sure if Sweetie will want to wear granny’s knitted effort when I have finished it but she is still young enough not to bother too much whereas Libbie (Little L) will be much more fussy I think so I need more practice before I make something for her.  I am thinking of one of those summer dresses with a little knitted bodice and fabric skirt.

A few days of painstaking persistence but a very pleasing pastime. x

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  1. I still knit mostly for myself or cushions,throws for the home.I find I get a neater edge if I do a knit stitch at each end of a purl row. Your tension looks very good. I personally can’t sit down and watch tv without knitting or crocheting at the same time.


  2. Loving your baby knit.

    You can find lots of patterns by joining (free). It gives you access to a whole knitting community (around the world) and more patterns than you can ever hope to accomplish for everything from baby clothes to home projects. Many of the patterns are free ones, but there is also a large selection of paid ones from many designers, too, that you can download. People download photos of their projects, so you can see how things turn out, or they might give additional guidance on wool selection, needle size, etc.. Good luck!


  3. You make me very nostalgic with your beautiful knits! I knitted for my children till they were about three, but i had a Mum who could knit Shetland, Fair Isle, Aran, Kaffe Fasset – so we were very spoiled!


    1. I would love to knit real Fair Isle patterns – maybe I will work up to this. My mum did a few when I was little and my grandma made an Aran style cardigan with a poodle on either side of the front. I adored that cardigan – it was probably hideous but I loved it. Funny thing is even though I wore it the most there are no pictures of me in it!


  4. Your knitting looks excellent and I’m sure it will be warm.
    I like knitting but my mum produced more jerseys than our boys could wear. They loved “ Granny’s jerseys” till they were about nine but her choice of colours for stripes, though gorgeous, were not always approved of!
    Mum taught me to slip a stitch at the beginning of every row which tightened the edge up.
    I’m looking forward to seeing the finished garment and which pattern you chose for Freddie’s wool.


    1. Ah the slip stitch I saw this on a You Tube video and can see how this would give a firm edge. I am told (by You Tube) that you need to think of the making up and how you will stitch it together before you start the knitting – I thought that was good advice – too late for the one I am making now but I will think about on future projects.


  5. I have a lovely fat book about hand knitting. She says you need to think about knitting in a seam allowance – and certainly her way of sewing up was effective.
    (Haven’t knitted for years and I have boxes of yarn waiting from when I knitted Kaffe Fassett)


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