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I finally took the plunge and started a Yoga class today.  It is the same lovely teacher Anita that I had a few years ago and she now does a class in my own village – so within walking distance if I choose to walk.  I went in the car today as it was quite drizzly and I don’t have anything large enough to carry my Yoga mat in to keep it dry (well that is my excuse).

Spending time to listen to and notice how my body feels and moves felt rather strange at first – it takes practice to be still and calm and breathe.   It all went quite well but there is a limit to the amount of arm lifting I can do on my left side – which is partly the reason I am going to try to retain flexibility.  Doing Yoga certainly highlights any problem areas – I never knew that anyone could bend and twist that far!!!  I came away a little more creaky but things had loosened up here and there and I felt all the better for it and I must make an effort to practice at home between sessions.

Yesterday was spent dodging around the house doing a bit of this and that interspersed with phone calls – why does everyone call on a Monday?…I shouldn’t complain, and I am not really, it is always lovely to hear from people.  Both my daughters can chat away easily for a couple of hours – even when I am about to see them in person and I would never cut them short unless I had some good reason like an appointment to attend – after all what are mums for but to hear the ups and downs of their lives and either rejoice or commiserate with them and offer advice if it is wanted, though I am pleased to say they are both very good problem solvers which makes me quite redundant.

I was a bit frustrated yesterday that I could only put the washing out on the line for brief periods between the almost constant drizzle – didn’t the weather man know it was Monday either and I needed to get my washing dry!  The reason for the rush is we are heading up to the cottage in a day or two for a few days and I realised that when we came back from Scotland a couple of weeks ago I never quite finished washing all our gardening clothes – they get so grubby I always pre-soak them in a bucket but I had mum visiting at the time so pushed the washing basket in the ‘soon to be Pantry’, old cloakroom out-of-the-way and then promptly forgot about them.

I managed to fit in some baking too – an apple cake to take to Scotland made with the last 2 eggs and the leftover portion of cooked apple we took from the freezer to accompany our Nut loaf on Sunday so by the time we went shopping yesterday afternoon the cupboard really was bare as we had worked our way through the very last of the food.  I spent £58 on groceries for this week taking advantage of the offer on Oatabix and Lurpak butter.  We will be making some meals to take with us to Scotland – Tomato soup and Shepherd’s pie.  I also bought some Higgedy Cheese and Onion rolls for the journey – unfortunately they were not on offer but still cheaper than buying food on or off the motorway.  We will get a free drink at Booths cafe if we take our own cups.  I do take a bit of food up with us as it is almost impossible to buy Cheshire or Wensleydale cheese up there and I like a crumbly cheese.  I do like to buy from the local shops in Stranraer to support them where I can.

Whilst we were out shopping yesterday afternoon we had other bits and pieces to attend to……the bits being an urgent need to look for decent loppers for the garden yet again.  We need extra strong Anvil loppers, preferably geared and preferably telescopic and definitely light to handle.  We had recently bought what we thought were the perfect pair made by Spear and Jackson but when we used them in the cottage garden on our last visit, although they cut through old branches brilliantly, by the 2nd day we noticed the handle on one side had bent inwards preventing the telescopic handle from working.  So back to Argos they went for a full refund but we are now on the search for some that cut just as well but won’t bend out of shape.

I made a quick visit to The Range to check out those ready printed messages for some cards I made (this will be another post).  I was not impressed by the price but reluctantly bought a couple of sheets and a packet of assorted messages as I intend to do more of these basic cards using up my stock of decorated papers – cost £3.  The silver and gold typeface and borders on these pre-printed labels does make a difference and I cannot print these metallic colours on my printer or I would have made my own.  A silvery grey is the best I can do.

I also returned my four pillows to Sainsbury’s for the full refund – so I am now on the hunt to replace these.  Whilst in Sainsbury’s I decided to buy two more long-sleeved T-shirts, they had a black one and a white one – so now I have four all together with the previous two grey ones I have. I am thinking that might be my total spend on clothes for the year this year and then I remembered I would need a ‘posher’ outfit for the Christening(s).  I noticed in passing that Roman have some nice inexpensive spring dresses in at the moment.  The drawback with this shop is you cannot return for a refund – they only give a gift card so you are then committed to buying something from them.  Trying on in the changing room is not the same as doing it at home with all the right accessories to hand.

Well I have chattered on enough it is time to do some more packing.  Hopefully we will have internet connection at the cottage so there will be no long intermission here.

A day of sorting out contortions – me after the Yoga class and the loppers.

……Oh and before I go welcome to my new followers – enjoy the journey – not sure where we might end up!  For those who have their own blogs I will be over to your place for a read soon.



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  1. Have a lovely few days away.I keep wondering whether I should go to Pilates or yoga,I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis last year and the consultant said the best thing to keep moving was swimming and walking,well I can definitely walk although in pain when it’s damp but alas I can’t swim!£58 on groceries I’m impressed much better than me,probably because I shop in Waitrose.
    Enjoy your cottage,when will you be able to move back in? Take care of yourselves.


    1. Have you tried Aqua fit – they run courses and it is often done in the training pools in the modern Leisure Centres – I am not sure that you have to be able to swim to join. My friend goes because she has arthritis, a shoulder ,two hip and two knee replacements and lymphodaema. It is a gentle exercise but a good Yoga teacher would also help you – I cannot lift my left arm up so she modify’s exercises for me or suggests an alternative.
      I too would be a fellow Waitrose shopper if we had one here – nearest is Sheffield so we go and stock up there occassionally. I use to use Ocado as they are Waitrose foods but their contract ends soon.
      It is a beautiful sunny day here so I am hoping the weather will have changed back to warm now and we can get plenty done in Scotland – I am planning some cottage updates while we are there. x


  2. Liked your newsy chat. My daughter usually calls me on her commute home and before a busy evening with her family. Like you, I listen to her concerns. She just needs a listening ear and always thanks me for being there for her. So maybe we aren’t quite redundant yet. Hope you have a lovely time up in Scotland, though I imagine it will be a busy time in the garden. Safe travels.


  3. I’ve only just discovered that we have a Roman in town too – I do like their things so much but, as you say, there’s no substitute for trying the stuff on with all the accessories, but it’s a step better than ordering online.


    1. I have never bought clothes online other than some bridesmaid dresses from Debenhams after trying them on first in store (we wanted clean new ones rather than the very tired looking ones in the shop) and something from Sainsbury’s where they didn’t have my size.
      I always like to feel and see the fabric and online just doesn’t do it for me – so yes the Roman shop is a step better.


  4. Yoga is fantastic, much harder than anyone can imagine but so good to do. Part of the reason I love the NYCBW dvd is that at the end, the reverence includes a couple of yoga moves and I just really like that. I should get a yoga dvd, I had one but no idea where it is now. You have inspired me! Also, really want a slice of your cake! xx


    1. Hi Sadie – just on my way over to your place now…I have a Yoga DVD which is quite simple – in fact the moves we did were quite simple ones only stretching as far as comfortable which was different for each person in the class – but they do work those muscles without you realising you are doing very much. xx


  5. I find yoga really beneficial, I just wish I was more disciplined to do it regularly. It sounds like you’ve found yourself a great teacher there.


    1. I need to practice at home – some of the ladies in the group are much older than me and a lot more flexible. Anita is such a lovely person – I couldn’t believe my luck when I saw she was taking the class. I used to go to a class she did after work but I had to park in an unlit yard at the rear of a building and walk around to the front in the dark – I wasn’t keen on going there in the winter so eventually stopped.


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