dEAr diary ~ signs of new growth

Signs of new growth everywhere – Spring is well underway now.

Today at last was bonfire day, calm and sunny.  We couldn’t light it yesterday because as soon as the caravaners had gone home and it was safe to start the fire the weather turned and the wind was far too strong.

Once lit we burned the box full of old file papers from home to save having to shred it all and then I had to run round pruning everything in sight, that can be pruned at this time of year, to get it all on the bonfire before the fire went out.  I do like to wait until I can see some nice new buds appearing so I have something to cut down to – I am always nervous about pruning too hard lest I kill the plant altogether but most of the shrubs had plenty of strong healthy buds.  As usual I did not manage to get all the pruning done – we have far too many shrubs and so the rest will have to wait for another visit if it is not too late in the season.

I did give our new loppers a good testing though and my arms a serious workout.  I now have serious aches and pains too and extreme muscle fatigue and can hardly lift them to drink my cocoa tonight – but it did get me out of doing the washing up.

Hope they recover for the morning we have packing and cleaning to do.

After the mammoth pruning session I attempted to weed the stream bank border that is full of …you guessed it campion.  Such lovely wild flowers but a border full of campion is a campion too far.  Hidden amongst the campion I came across some more of those annoying wild garlic plants posing as bluebells, the leaves are similar, but their days are numbered as I have now become an expert at differentiating between them.

I managed to uncover the two Hydrangeas and Geraniums that I knew were somewhere in there and barrowed away 4 bags of weeds which will go to the landfill site on our next visit.  So by the end of today I have part cleared all of our borders but actually finished none…oh well tomorrow is another day and the weeds will still be there on our next visit.

DH has done better and has completed the ditch clearing and the water has drained away so quickly that in an instant the muddy puddle where the pond had overflowed is now completely dry again.  I can’t say the Primula are happy about that though as they were enjoying being waterlogged.

Tomorrow before we go home we need to cut some chicken wire to put around some of the more attractive plants (attractive to bunnies that is).  They seem to love nibbling the young new shoots of my Delphinium and Dicentra and chicken wire is the only way to stop them.

I didn’t even stop today to take photos – hopefully I will tomorrow when I try to get some pictures of the inside of the cottage to do my long overdue update.

A day painstakingly pruning – producing positive results. x

Thank you for all the lovely comments about my cards – there really was not much effort to it but I enjoyed making them and using up some of the craft mountain I have accumulated –  and will enjoy the savings I make too.

Welcome to my new followers – I hope you enjoy the journey.

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  1. Thank you Viv – I tried to reply yesterday but couldn’t get the hang of this WordPress thing, it’s all new to me.  Your cards are beautiful and have given me plenty of ideas, thanks so much.Sooze


    1. You’re here now! I must put up a post about the comments for non wordpress bloggers as I know it is different. I have to have a go on my DH’s computer because mine just logs me in straight away to wordpress then I cannot see what you see. Good luck today – thinking of you.


  2. It’s lovely to see the new shoots and growth all around.
    Our grass had it’s first cut of the year yesterday and I’m looking forward to being in the garden more often. X


  3. Glad you were finally able to get your bonfire completed. Safe travels home. Try to rest your weary self soon!.


    1. It differs from council to council. We would not light one in our garden at home as it is to close to other people and we don’t have a woodland to manage. In our area in Scotland it is not an offence to have a bonfire in your garden and we have a large acre plot and we only burn dead wood that is pruned or has fallen off the trees so burns hot not smoulders. The shrubs that pruned with live wood I shred for the paths. The green waste and leaves we compost. We do not burn on windy days or when the caravaners are in residence – they are our only neighbours and there is little smoke if you get the fire hot enough which we do. Most of the cottages on the peninsula have woodstoves and coal fires for heating and many of the caravaners now have fire pits and chimineas themselves. We only have one or two bonfires a year when the caravan site is closed – we are just a bit late this year due to the weather.
      The barbecues are more of a nuisance and the smoke more carcinogenic than a bonfire.
      Hope that answers your question Diana – I take it you have a law preventing bonfires – I am not sure we can have a preventative law while we celebrate bonfire night.


      1. Guilty of the wood fire – yes. We have laws against burning garden waste. But much bigger issues around wildfires started by fireworks (we still celebrate Guy Fawkes)

        Life is different if you are managing your own woodland. Do you have paths and bulbs there?


  4. How exciting to see the effects of your labours and the bursting forth of spring. Autumn is a great time for planting here. It’s cooled down enough for plants to take hold before next summer. Summers are the plant killers here. Not winter. I get about half a dozen frosts in winter. That’s it. I want to get some lavender plants in before the frosts.

    We don’t have bunnies but blasted possums. They love my mint. I never get any. At least rabbits don’t climb trees. My magnolia hasn’t flowered for years. The possums love the buds. The adjectival things possums are.


    1. It is hard to live side by side with animals that are hell bent on eating the very thing you are trying to nurture. I feel very lucky now thinking about my bunnies – if they could climb trees in our wood goodness knows what they would do!

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