fEAsible ~ April intentions

What a lovely month April is – like a bridge between winter being well behind us and the promise of a warm and sunny summer to come.

As we are already six days into the month and we have a family party coming up on Easter Sunday me thinks my intentions this month will have to be limited and swiftly executed.


Another season upon us and another time of celebration coming up with Easter being near to the end of the month…a time for swapping a few decorations and accessories around in the house; putting away woolly hats, gloves and scarfs (I keep trying and then have had to bring them out again) and a few winter ornaments and bringing out something more colourful that reflects this season more.   I have in mind to do some Easter decor this year as it looks so pretty in the magazines; a twiggy branch maybe with painted or decorated Easter eggs and a host of flowers.  I have ideas (then I always have ideas – just not the time!).


I really must complete the little hooded jumper I started before Sweetie has grown out of it, and she is growing fast (nicknamed pudding for the moment, but not in earshot).

  I have in mind to do some more cards and finish the Easter cards I started.  I am going to try to print my own Easter greetings to stick on this time as I have not found anything appropriate in the shops.    I only send a few out to family that I know look forward to receiving them and one or two friends that I like to keep in contact with more than just a card at Christmas.

My next big project will be to make some progress on the Christening gown for Sweetie.  I have some ideas for the design – my daughter would like it to be similar to our traditional vintage family gown and we have already bought the cotton lace, I just need to find some fabric and cut a pattern.


I am assuming that by the end of April we will be enjoying salad once again and some lighter meals.  I have put on a few pounds recently over the winter months and I am ever hopeful that they will drop off once we are not eating the calorie dense winter foods.  That is my theory anyway…if the change of diet doesn’t work I shall have to do something more drastic.  I have already swapped back to the fat-free yoghurt for breakfast and soon with a change of menu we will be eating fewer potatoes and starchy veg.

Don’t ask me how (it wasn’t exactly at gun point) but I find that I have agreed to hold my SIL’s 40th birthday celebrations at our house as theirs is even smaller (and if you remember has all new cream carpets laid!).   It will be mostly family… approx 20 people but even so I shall need to make the house and garden presentable, not perfect …it would never be that, but presentable.   My daughter is going to order most of the buffet food from M&S, because I cannot guarantee that our oven would be working, and MIL is chipping in with pies and scotch eggs.  I may have mentioned before that sometimes my oven heats up and sometimes it doesn’t but certainly is not reliable enough to cope with getting food cooked on time for a party.  His birthday coincides with Easter Sunday so we will be doing an Easter egg hunt too for the grandchildren, and nephew.

It is looking like the new pantry is going to be put on hold yet again!


At least with the appearance of Spring I can escape into the garden for a while to release the stress.  I have a few new plants to put in that I bought with my voucher.  There are a few gaps to fill in and I would like to add a little more colour.   I have seeds to sow too, tomatoes and courgettes, hopefully this weekend.  If the weather is right I will also be treating the lawns with some feed and weed; for one reason or another we didn’t get it done last year.

clEAn and lEAn

DH, under careful supervision, will be getting underway with the outdoor spring clean and painting the front door (in time for the party) …. and if it has dried out the new shed. Meanwhile I will be having a thorough clean in the main rooms, tracking down cobwebs and wiping down the woodwork to freshen the place up ready for the party.  Last month I had begun clearing and cleaning the office but that will have to wait now as no-one will be going in there – I will just do that old trick of closing the door.


Looking at our agenda for the month I think there will be little time for any trips so our Scottish visit will now have to wait until after Easter as I really don’t feel I can squeeze too much in.  My sister is away again next week so I may be called upon to go up and see mum for a day or two as she is not getting out by herself now other than across the road to the little shop for her paper and the Deli for a morning coffee.  Last Saturday while we were up in North Yorkshire at my daughters we took her out to Saltburn for lunch and Sandsend for a drink and a Yorkshire curd tart (they were delicious) and she was so grateful to get out for a while.  We had a lovely day.

Most importantly I have to look for suitable fabric for the Christening dress – Fabric shops are rare now but there are places in Bradford and Harrogate so we will treat it as a nice day out at the same time and see where we end up.


During the time I am at home I have in mind to give myself a bit of a spring clean with a juice detox for a day followed by a brown rice and vegetable diet for a few days as this is very cleansing and full of vitamins and minerals.  My system feels a bit sluggish after the winter.

I will be keeping up with the Yoga, it has proved beneficial and I intend to do extra sessions at home.


No big plans for this month other than to mind the spending and buy nothing that is not a considered purchase.  DH has already been doing some utility switching with the fuel companies; he has also been preparing to leave BT when the contract ends in May.  We have been looking at a new company with a good customer service record.  It is not the cheapest but sounds reliable and is far cheaper than BT can offer us to renew.

We will be seeing the financial advisor after which we can make some serious headway with investing the money we have saved towards our retirement and make decisions about the cottage.

Meanwhile we are still working out ways to save as much money as we can or should I say ways to spend less money.  I will talk more about this more on my March tally post.


So that is my list of intentions for April – it is always interesting for me to see what I managed to accomplish at the end when I look back over the month.  I keep trying not to pack too much in and keep a balance of rest and play but then find I am caught up in other people’s agendas…. but when it is family that need a helping hand I do like to help out where I can.

How are your plans going?

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  1. With a new grandchild due this coming Wednesday (induction because Mom has gestational diabetes and her last baby was almost 10lbs), this will be a month for family. I will be present for the birth, as I have been for the others, and then I will be helping out with the other two children until Mom comes home from the hospital. My son gets paternity leave so he will be home for the next month. My daughter is hosting an all family dinner (hers and her husbands–nine siblings + their families) dinner next Sunday and on the 23rd my MIL comes from out west for a three+ week stay, so that will mean lots of activity, too. As I said–a month for family.


  2. How kind of you to host your sis-in-law’s party. You certainly have good intentions. I hope to do a “spring” clean now it is cooler and we have the end of Term 1 break coming.

    My Oma always used to give us Easter cards, decorate eggs she had blown and put up little spots of decorations with little chickens and cute German decorations. I loved it.


    1. Actually Son in Law (elder daughters husband) only just realised that SIL it can mean both – will go back and alter that for clarity.
      I don’t want to go overboard but would love to do a few decorations as we have the grandchildren coming.


  3. Sounds like you have things more or less under control. For the food, don’t discount Tesco. I used them for father’s funeral food, just lots of bits, and the stuff I have had from their easy entertaining range has been pretty good. And the last time I catered bear’s birthday party (quite a while ago) I got a lot of snacks from Tesco and didn’t bother with sandwiches. It cost more than doing it all from scratch, but it saved a cost to my mental health!


  4. you have so much going on. I hope you’ll show photos of the christening gown in progress or finished. I’ve love to see. I cheated when Violet was christened and bought a frock that I’d never have any chance of making myself. It was so pretty, and safely stashed away. she had a little hooded caplet too, trimmed with marabou. She looked adorable!
    Sounds like the party will be fabulous, and I agree totally with getting in M&S food.

    I replied to one of your comments, and said that you are more than welcome to take the April photo from my site if you would like, or I could send you the version that doesn’t have my little Sadie stamp in the corner.

    I must scoot. Violet being home on school hols is lovely, but she does like to take up every second of my time!!! xx


    1. Hi Sadie – I bet Violet looked so sweet and I hope our granddaughter will too (I only use Sweetie for blog purposes but – I was thrilled that my daughter named her the same as your daughter – it is such a pretty name).
      Thank you for the April offer – I resorted to a sketch of Irises instead that I did a few years ago. I could never have done such a good job as you but you captured exactly what I had in mind had I had the time and your ability! I might take a screen shot though for my year book where I stick all the lovely things I see – a bit like your folder. xx


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