bEAching ~ down the daisy path

A warm sunny day today so back out in the garden –  we decided that we should not go on too long like we so often do and end up having lunch well after 2 o’clock (and miss the Archers); so at 12.30 pm we stopped for lunch and then sat for a while afterwards just reading.  The new blender worked a treat on the tomato soup and we have enough to last us 3 days.

It was far too hot to weed in the trellis border as planned – it gets full sun more all less all day so I opted for the border I am renovating alongside the daisy path that leads down to the cottage from the lane through the little blue gate. daisy path

Originally there was a hedge of Escallonia here on the right of this picture above but it was badly frosted one year and only one of the plants has survived, which I am nurturing back to health.  The rest of it has been dug out and I will have to buy some new shrubs to go in soon.

As elsewhere in the garden the rabbits have been digging to try to get to the roots of all the plants – more stones are needed to protect them until things grow into a mass.

I promised an update on the cottage – I am working on this, trying to find the photos I have taken – perhaps I will get to do the post tomorrow.

No other photos tonight – not that I didn’t take any, they are still in my camera – DH forgot to pack my download lead and I have to mess about taking out the memory card – a bit of a faff when you are dog tired.

No other news tonight either –  it has been a very quiet day here just us and the birds in the garden ….well perhaps a rabbit or two as well.

Forgive me if I haven’t commented on your posts tonight – I need my sleep.

So I shall say goodnight x

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  1. I’m an Evening Archers person, always have been! Grateful these days for the catch-up facility. But finding the plots a bit uninspiring at the moment.


    1. We sometimes catch one or the other lunchtime or evening or sometimes both. When something happens now you know they are going to be running a story now about a ‘topic’ of some kind – like the drugs, and now it will be a failed marriage with Natasha and the risks of marrying someone you have only just met.


  2. I love the blue gate. It sounds like it is from an Edwardian novel.

    “Good morning, James.”

    “Good morning, Mrs V. Is Susan in?”

    “Oh, you’ve just missed her. She’s gone down to the village by the blue gate.”


  3. I’m with you on the Regency period, but like Lucinda, I’d likely be a maid, too. Nice to know you, as Lady Bountiful would hand out an extra shilling here and there. Perhaps even let me sit in the lovely garden on my afternoon off. 🙂


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