bEAching ~ bordering on the edge

Another sunny day today but a little windy; rather more than a breeze and less than a gale.  I thought the trellis border looked quite calm from the caravan window.  I thought wrong.  But decided to carry on with it anyway wrapped up in a woolly hat, and my trusty fleece lined gardening coat ( with the hood up of course as I hate wind on the back of my neck it gives me a bad neck for days).

I actually got quite a bit more done and have nearly removed all the stone edging and re-edged the grass trying to give the border a nice flowing curve – not an easy thing to do as the curves look better or worse depending on your viewpoint in the garden.  I didn’t take any pictures today (other than the one of the plants I bought and are still waiting to be planted) – I will surprise you another day.

DH was on hedge maintenance all morning but at 11.30 precisely calamity struck when he discovered he had a slightly flat rear tyre (well the car had).  It was a slow puncture from a nail that had embedded itself in the rubber.  He went to change it for the spare but with limited tools here he couldn’t get the nuts off the wheel – he decided he would need help from a local garage.

Oh no…as you might know it was already lunchtime by now there is no garage in the village and when we checked most of the garages in town had closed for the weekend and the bank holiday on Monday.  We didn’t want to wait until Tuesday or we would be stuck without and car over the long weekend which is not a good idea in case we had an emergency on our hands.  We searched around on the internet and eventually found an MOT station open until 3pm  – so he pumped the tyre up a bit and drove carefully into town and they kindly changed the wheel for him but would not accept any payment and DH had to force a few pounds onto the old guy.  People are so helpful up here.

Whilst he was gone I put the tray of apricot Violas I had bought into the planter and then made some mushroom soup, just an excuse to use the new blender really.  The instruction leaflet gives the speed settings for different foods – soup or sauce, milkshakes and ‘carrots with water’.  Can anyone enlighten me on the ‘carrots with water’ – is this a new drink maybe?

I mentioned yesterday that after going to see (and climb) the mound we headed off up to New Luce.  The pictures for this are far more exciting than my garden but I am still in the middle of preparing them so as bedtime is beckoning I will have to have a go at finishing the post tomorrow. x


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  1. I can’t wait to see the photos. I love your photos.

    How nice is it to have helpful and generous people in the community!

    I won’t garden in the wind. Like you it gives me a bad neck (and back) and I just find it so uncomfortable. But then I hardly garden at all and my yard looks like I hardly garden at all.


    1. I garden all the time. My garden still looks like I hardly garden! The amount of time is obviously not the key issue here but I wish I knew what was and I would be doing it.
      Yes it so hard forcing money on people up here who have done you a good or emergency service – they seem to want to do it as a favour – no call out charges either for plumbers and the like. No doubt it will come eventually but for now we are enjoying it.

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  2. What a good thing DH saw the flat early enough to get it fixed before the rest of the long weekend. So good to know there are people in the world who will do things just because it is helpful. Actually had a similar experience at a mobile store last week. A young woman spent an inordinate amount of her time, with the greatest good humour, switching over my old mobile to a new one with a different operating system. I tried to tip her as a thank you, but she wouldn’t take it. Just laughed and said how happy she was to be busy. Considering I live not that far from DC, it was a nice surprise. Not used to overly helpful folks in this neck of the woods. And how sad is that?

    Enjoy the rest of your stay, but try not to abuse your back in the garden!


    1. It is nice when you discover helpful people there ought to be some kind of acknowledgement site you could go on to add their names to a list. Maybe then some kind of lottery award!
      Back holding out so far but only just me thinks!


  3. We seem to have spent most of the past few weekends doing the garden and I have to say this is my favourite time of year in the garden, lots of promise….
    What a kind gentleman you found at the garage, you are right some people are just very thoughtful.


  4. I agree it’s hard to cut curves for an edge! My dad had the experience recently of a nail in a tyre and when he called his usual place they offered him an appointment 8 days later! He now has a new usual place 🙂


    1. 8 days with a flat tyre is like waiting 8 days for a doctors appointment when often the reason you are going is because you feel ill on the day you ring. 8 days later you are either better or dead!


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