April review

April seems a long time ago now but I remember it as a very busy month; but then most of my months seem to be very busy…. I will reclass it as extremely, exhaustingly busy. By the end of the month I was flagging and ready for our few days away in Scotland. It was the party that made it both stressful and delightful in equal measures, colliding as it did with Easter.

But Easter Sunday was such a beautiful warm day and it meant we could hold the party outside; it was enjoyable too having an extended family gathering, lots of food and drink, lots of chatter and catching up with one another…. and an Easter Egg hunt. Just never again. How many times have I said that before.

So to recap on my intentions last month – did I have time to fufil them all?

April was all about the Spring flowers, Easter decorations and of course the party preparations. A really pleasant month with plenty of warm sunny days and so much bursting into life in the garden.

All though it was a lot of hard work the party came together quite well and I even managed to make a few individual quiches; the cake not so well but it was passable and tasted really good beneath all that sickly green fondant icing.

As soon as I was thinking about changing our menus for something a bit lighter the weather changed my mind, so during the cold spell we continued making soup. I was hoping that May would be warmer but we are now well into the month and no positive changes yet.

I spent a very pleasurable afternoon with glue and tissue paper making Easter eggs and butterflies for my Easter tree.

With so much going on I didn’t manage to finish the little jumper for Sweetie but I have ideas and fabric for her Christening dress – I will keep you posted on this one later…

….and I did make some very simple Easter cards.

Most of our cleaning was centred around making the place look presentable for the party and that included doing quite a bit of work in the garden. DH managed to get a lick of paint on both the front door and garage door though we are not satisfied that it is quite the right colour yet – it needs to be darker and a greyer tone than it is at the moment.

Health – the less said on this subject the better. I had intended to give myself a bit of a spring clean but time was limited and the house and garden won! Perhaps next month. I have continued with the Yoga class though – so that is a plus.

One of the highlights of April was an impromptu day out in Glossop – such an interesting place and not too far away from us – if you missed this post you can read about it here.

I suspect another heavy month for the bank balance in April. I did try to limit my spending and then caved in when I saw this magazine with the word ‘Treat’ on the cover…. it was calling to me and so I did just as it said – I treated myself! More on this subject in the April Tally post.

So all in all April was a success. The oven might still be ‘playing up’, the weather too, but the garden has started to come to life and that always lifts my spirits and I thoroughly enjoyed myself making things for Easter. Bliss.

As you may have noticed this is not my usual format – WordPress have just launched their new Block Editor and I couldn’t resist having a play around to see what it will do. I am not sure I will use this format for all my posts – it does allow you to switch back to what they call ‘classic’ but only for a while – it claims to do tables though which might prove interesting.

Oh…and there is no spellcheck/proof reader so any typos might just end up published!

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  1. A good “supercharged” month – I hope it is balanced by some relaxing ones! I am not getting on well with the new WP block editor. I usually compose my posts in Word and then cut-and-paste the whole thing into WP. It turns out you can only paste one paragraph into each block. So, more time consuming for me, unless I completely change my ways!


    1. Classic is still available until 2022. Blocker was good yesterday for my monthly review – it is much more like a magazine in presentation – not always a look I might want to present though but I like the chioce and flexibilty.
      Perhaps you can cut and paste the whole document written as one long paragraph and then separate it out once into a post screen. Is there a paragraph length limit?
      I don’t like the fact that the proof reader / spell check has disappeared there was a symbol on the toolbar that I could click on – however WordPress claim they never had a proof reader / spell checker so I am mystified as to where it was operating from.
      It is one of those imposed changes – Yahoo email did the same a number of years back and before I had grasped how to use the new look one I had accidentally deleted a whole load of emails because of the way it deleted in groups. It also has loads of adds in the inbox. I still use the classic and have to switch to the new to be able to forward on to DH any email that has a picture content, like his photography magazine emails, which I get because I bought the subscription for him.
      Life can be so annoying. I wonder what Blogger are going to do – if they will follow WordPress. I am always disappointed with the free WordPress now that you cannot install plugins. They are gearing everything so that you buy into the premium sites.


        1. They have definitely been updating things and are into the hard sell to have the premium version of WordPress – I keep getting emails with discounted offers. WordPress replied to someone on their forum that they have never had spellchecker – so why did I have a spellchecker symbol on the dashboard where you write the posts – and used it – nothing makes sense – all I know is the facility that I have used for ages has disappeared at the same time as the Block Editor launch.


  2. Love your posts and especially the updates on your cottage/garden. April was certainly a busy one for you! No wonder you were ready to get away to Scotland:)


    1. I will miss so much that was just about to open out when we left but then we get home and I have noticed the lilacs here in our Yorkshire garden are about to open so that will be nice to see. What I need to do is always plant long flowering shrubs and flowers so I never miss them in the gaps between visits. As we never go to Scotland at the same times over a year I often catch some things one year and others another.


  3. A nice roundup of your month.

    I have noticed several other bloggers expressing frustration with the loss of spell check in their formats so you aren’t the only one missing it.


  4. I’ve lost automatic high lighting of spelling and typing errors too – quite frustrating. It’s disappeared on Facebook as well. I still have the button on Blogger but not those reassuring little underlines.


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