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As last month was about preparing for Easter and the party, May is all about the Christening and catching up with myself – as much as I can.

But isn’t May just a wonderful month, even with all this rain – if April is full of promise of what is to come then May is just starting to deliver.  I have sprays of white lilacs in tight bud just waiting to bloom as soon as the rain leaves us and the sun returns.  I don’t mind the rain but I haven’t enjoyed being plunged back into the cold spell….again – at least the rain has refreshed the garden, while our recent holiday at the cottage in Scotland has refreshed me and now I am raring to go. 

So these are the intended  targets for this month on my to do list.

First on the list is the Christening dress. I have already cut the pattern for this and made a sample dress and on Sunday I will see Sweetie for a fitting. Fingers crossed there will not be many alterations needed.

I have yet to switch over my winter and summer clothes, and while I am doing this clean the wardrobe and perhaps send anything I know I will not wear again to the charity shop. The general housekeeping will be taking a back seat this month and DH is on catering management whilst I am busy sewing.

The garden in Scotland will now be taking care of itself for a while and I must turn my attentions to the garden here at home.  I bought a mini growing house for the tomato plants to give them some extra protection and warmth.   It needs putting together plus I have the lawn to feed and weed if the rain ever stops and some spring flowering shrubs to prune back.

Vodaphone contract – I have decided I need to get a cheap basic contract that allows me some data and access to the internet on my phone. PAYG is far too expensive to use the internet.

Book the financial appointment – this is still to do – bearing in mind we went to the pension seminars in March! The information we gained then is slowly fading in my mind.

One of my favourite places to go for a day out is the Open Gardens… and this weekend it will be the group village open gardens at Little Ouseburn in North Yorkshire.

My second favourite is the Well Dressings in Derbyshire and this will be on my list to visit one during May.

So I am keeping my list quite short this month as the Christening weekend and making the dress will take up most of my time. The house will need a good clean again afterwards but because I gave it a ‘good do’ for the party it will no doubt last a week or two.

I intend to go to my Yoga class on Tuesdays – I missed two classes whilst we were in Scotland and I feel ready for a good stretch again. My health plans never really got off the ground last month and I might not be able to do much this month but I am making plans for when I do have time.

And the knitting – well that is still in my basket – Sweetie will just have to stop growing for a while until I can get it finished. I didn’t do any knitting whilst I was at the cottage (caravan), I was usually too tired at night and the weather was too good not to go in the garden.

Well those are my plans – it is always interesting when I review my to do list at the end of the month to see what I did get done and what is still on the list.

Of course as regular readers can see I am having great fun with the new WordPress Block Editor – anyone from Blogger won’t know about the changes that have been introduced – I am not sure what I think about it yet but the normal classic version will be phased out soon so I thought I had better give it a go – I still cannot find out the reason for the missing spellchecker symbol on the dashboard….but it is a pain. Apologies for any errors and typo’s.

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  1. For someone who is keeping the list short, you’ve put a lot on the list!

    I just googled Little Ouseburn. Another beautiful village that I’d love to see. Love the term meandering. May have to steal it for my outings.

    I read you blog on my iPhone on the app. So I don’t get to see any changes. Will look on my laptop later.


    1. That is interesting about the phone – I must have a look on DH’s and see what you see.
      We tend to meander everywhere – we still have those old fashioned things called maps – I like to get lost down a country lane and explore.

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        1. There are little corners here in our own village we haven’t explored yet in over 30 years. Your countryside must be a bit like our moors – you go up there and there is only one road to follow and a vast expanse of nothing. Though I like the nothing too. You can get very lost walking on the moors – not quite so keen on that lost though – I would panic if I couln’t see some civilisation somewhere!


  2. Some very good intentions–especially the Christening dress. Looking forward to seeing the final design.

    Think you are probably having a bit of fun trying out the options with the new WP format…even if it is a bit of a pain (no spell check) and not the best timing for learning new things when you are so busy. But, as always you are very creative.


    1. From what Lucinda has said, and having a look myself on my preview tool, everyone will see my page differently depending on what device you read on. I always write on my laptop but it has a larger screen – Lucinda reads on her mobile so everything is condensed and reformatted anyway. Spelling could be a problem it is easy to type the wrong letter or like I do have a mental block on spelling some words correctly!
      Just finishing the prototype now for the dress to take for a fitting tomorrow. I am quite enjoying doing it.


  3. Have a look at money saving expert for cheap phone contracts. Mine is £7.50 a month from Tesco and it’s fine.


  4. I visited the gardens in Great Ouseburn many years ago – they were wonderful! I hope the weather was better than here Viv. After a recent spell of sunny warm days it’s. such a shame when a holiday weekend is wet.


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