dear diary :: nothing to report

I have nothing much to report today. I spent most of the day getting to grips with our finances, checking bank statements and noting the balances, as they have been left to fend for themselves in the last few busy weeks. Goodness knows what shape we are in – I know my purse is quite empty. When I have totted up and taken away all will be revealed – as it is almost the end of May I will be doing my end of April and May Tally together this time but I do not expect that I have managed anything remotely frugal or cost saving – quite the opposite money has flowed out of our accounts like the rapids.

Feeling a bit stressed at the moment I decided to rearrange our Scotland visit to simplify things a bit more by rearranging a few appointments to give us a clear week away sometime in June. This will give us a little more time at home to get some of the half started projects completed, the washing and ironing up to date and restore my sanity before we head off again.

Apart from that I have done very little and it has been absolute bliss.

I will leave you with a few pictures taken today from around the garden.

Lettuce leaves

Just to add a big thank you for all the lovely comments about caring for my mum and myself during this difficult time – I know many of you can identify with the issues I am facing at present and I do value your support.

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  1. Your garden is beautiful. I love all the aquilegias, even if they are a bit thuggish.


  2. A little bit of rearranging works wonders- be it furniture or appointments lol
    No need to rush, let things happen in their time. You’ll definitely feel better for it
    I also love those ‘grannies bonnets’. Definitely wish they grew as well in my garden as they do in yours 😊


    1. My MIL had a much better outlook on life – more positive and less demanding than my own mum – my mum is just cross with everyone because she is getting old – so yes the supportive comments do help – it is always cathartic to share a problem – even though I do it reluctantly when it is my mum I am talking about!

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  3. Be sure to spend more of your days in this way. We need to schedule ‘nothing’ weeks now and again, it allows us to step back and recharge. Some time in that garden would be well spent. It’s beautiful. X


    1. It would be lovely to sit in the garden…sadly it is raining again today and forecast not much better for the weekend. All the time I was inside sewing it was lovely and sunny outside!


  4. Your garden is so pretty…so many flowers. I love the variety in an English garden. Glad you are taking a bit of time to recoup. Things like dust don’t really care if they spend an extra bit of time on the shelves. Sometimes it is good to adopt that attitude about the “should do’s” in our lives and give ourselves a break.


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