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Halfway through the year already and not a lot done. Actually that is not true – I have done quite a lot but not very much of what I originally intended to do.

The little room ear marked as my new pantry is still a dumping ground and the kitchen no more than a bit of a rough plan in my head.

May went far too quickly probably because I was so focused on the Christening that I hardly noticed it passing by. June will be different; must be different because I have a lot to catch up with and half-started projects to finish.

So here are my intentions for this month:-

On the homefront there is still the pantry to sort – it is so long since we drew up the plans I have almost forgotten what we had decided upon.

In the garden it is very much a matter of feeding, weeding and some light pruning – then sit back and enjoy.

I have been trying to scale down my wardrobe so that it is much leaner and both my summer and winter outfits fit into the one space. This is very much a work in progress… without the progress at the moment…and I have decided not to replace garments when they are worn out or no longer fit but just move on to wear something else less worn in it’s place. It is true I think that we wear our favourite few items 80% of the time but I am going to try and have a wardrobe that only has a few favourite garments that I will wear all the time.

The house is ready for a good clean, it has been ready and waiting for days now – I find I just cannot get down to doing it, either I have to go out or when I am in there have been other more important things demanding my attention. My intention is to set aside a day each week and give each room ‘a good going over’ as they say.

If there is time I will make a few more simple cards – I really enjoyed making the last batch and it helps keep the costs down.

I must also finish Sweetie’s jumper and fingers crossed that it will still fit her.

This is now the time for salad, freshly picked leaves, new potatoes covered in mint and melted butter of course and a host of summer veg cooked or raw. I intend to make a few new dishes to have with salad – try out a new quiche filling and make nut roast to slice cold.

The best part of summer is making the most of the outdoors while the weather is fine. I intend to go off meandering….a lot….there are more Open Garden events, Well Dressings, Galas and just generally having a mooch around towns and villages…..down alley ways, over bridges – there is so much to discover and June is a good time to do it.

Scotland will also be on the list this month and another trip to North Yorkshire.

Finally I have booked the appointment with the financial adviser – I am interested to know what he makes of our situation and I am hoping that he will point us in the right direction for a few good investments.

There is plenty to do before his visit – collecting all the information together of our income, outgoings and assets – not a bad exercise anyway as it will help to keep this handy should anyone ever need it.

June is interspersed with appointments for this and that but in between I am hoping for some days when I can really get down to making a big difference in the house, cleaning and sorting. I know already on sunny days the garden will be beckoning me outside though – the temptation will be too much!

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  1. So far I’ve only made cards for the occasions that come up each month, it’s a very sensible idea to make some simple cards for stock purposes. I must try that, thanks Viv.


    1. Sometimes the simple ones are just not suitable for the special birthdays and I have had a lot this year and had to buy them but the little ones I have made have come in for all sorts of things, thank you notes and ordinary birthdays so well worth keeping a few handy.


  2. I don’t like to think that we are almost halfway through the year already. Where has the time gone? I like that you have a plan for the month ahead, something I think I could benefit from. X


  3. I like reading your monthly intentions. Mine tend to be more week to week, but I think that comes from the fact that I usually end up having to help out with the grandchildren on an ad hoc basis…pick one up from daycare, help out with a couple of others while their mum takes one to the doctor. Some things are scheduled but others come up at the last moment. Helps to be flexible. I do keep a journal where I list particular monthly activities/events over the course of the year (and leave room in each monthly section so I can jot down other things as they come up). Then I transfer the items into the appropriate daily lists later in the same journal. I also keep a large blotter calendar on my desk so I can look at the month at a glance to see where I may or may not fit in activities. But perhaps I need to be more intentional.


    1. Actually writing my list of intentions is helpful – they are niether must do’s, should do’s or could do’s but what I would like to get done if time allows. It also helps me to keep things well balanced with a bit of work, rest and play each month. It doesn’t always work out but I keep on trying!


  4. Not half way yet – not until the end of June! 🙂 (me being Ms Pedantic)
    Loving your intentions – they look great!


  5. I hope you manage to achieve everything on your list. Some of the same things are on mine, i.e. clean the house, do garden jobs, attend appointments and get a bit of creative by way of finishing the top of my new quilt project. Also on the agenda is to prepare for our trip to Australia in July and try to get as on top or even ahead of things at work as possible, to help them in my absence.


  6. Your wardrobe looks perfect. The items you show have a nice palette and they would be easy to match. It does not surprise me that you have proper hangers, with your fashion background.


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