dear diary :: rain, rain, go away…

…and it did for a couple of hours but just enough to get out into the garden for a bit of a snip. I do like this fine rain we have had for days now – it is so refreshing and gives the borders such a thorough soaking – but there were flowers to dead head and a few seeds to sow.

It was only last Thursday that we were sitting in the sunshine on the market place in Masham enjoying one of the award winning ice creams, an apricot and ginger cone from Joneva.

On Saturday I had a bit of an enforced duvet day as my knee had swollen so much all I could do was rest it. I used the time to listen to the little samples on Audible as I had to use up my 16 credits so that I could then cancel my membership. I have more than enough audio books to listen to now so it was pointless rolling over the membership again this year.

On Tuesday my knee was still swollen so I had to skip Yoga, but did manage today’s session.

This week was all about the budget, our savings and future plans as we had the appointment with the financial advisor. He was a lovely man, very knowledgeable and no hard sell so was well worth the time and it cost us nothing. He went through our current financial situation and pensions with us and we agreed that the tasks we needed to do could be done ourselves so no follow up services required at this time. There are quite a few tasks and I will be posting about this soon.

We will be heading off for Scotland again soon – I get to the point when I just need to be by the sea again. I dare not think what state the garden is in up there and I will not be doing a lot with my bad knee, but it will be nice to get away.

Tonight we picked the first of our homegrown mixed lettuce leaves – at least they have continued to grow in the rain.

Welcome to all those new followers and to all my readers who are following the garden posts there is an update now for today in the June page. Click here

Have a lovely weekend everyone. x

5 Replies to “dear diary :: rain, rain, go away…”

  1. Send some of the rain here. We are on level 1 water restrictions. No sprinklers. Hand held hoses only before 10am and after 5pm. Bodes ill for summer.

    Hope the rest helps your knee.


  2. The gardens were glad of the rain but I’ve just about had enough of it now. And what’s the betting there’ll be a hosepipe ban before long!
    I hope your knee is better very soon. X


    1. We seem to swing between hot, cold and wet, however, I have known very wet Junes before – you notice it more perhaps when you have just sown some crops and are waiting for them to grow!


  3. Sorry to hear that your knee is slowing you down a bit. Would be nicer if you could slow down without the enforcement due to an ailment. At least the garden is flourishing, but it would be good if you (and the rest of the UK) had a bit of a break from the continual rain. Safe travels to Scotland.


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