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The pleasure of a perfect summer’s day…. the warmth of the sun, dappled light falling through a canopy of trees creating cool shady spots beneath, an abundance of colour and scent in the garden and the taste of all summer has to offer with freshly picked fruit and vegetables.

An air of excitement and romance. Summer, for me, definitely has the feel good factor.

And it is Picnic weather. Eating outdoors is one of my favourite activities in summer, especially if I can take along my little trusty camping stove and whistling kettle to make a cup of tea, and not to forget a pile of picnic rugs to lie on and a good book or my sketchbook. All these things, but especillay that distinctive sound of the whistling kettle, brings back so many childhood memories spent in a state of absolute summer bliss.

I have all the necessary ingredients available to pack up a picnic at a moment’s notice and also make little treats that I would not normally indulge in; so a good stock of plain vanilla ice cream in the freezer is of prime importance for creating simple quick desserts using fresh fruits.

Yesterday I bought lolly moulds for £2 from Ikea – I will need to find some old fashioned wooden lolly sticks though as I am not keen on the plastic ones provided with the set. When Libbie comes to stay in the school holidays I thought she might like to make ice lollies, I think I might like to too!

Filo pastry is so easy to use and I have a number of recipes where you just beat up some eggs with a little milk, sour cream or fromage frais – whatever is to hand, add seasoning and pour it over any mixture of lightly steamed summer veg spread over a filo pastry case. Then add grated cheese – here I just used cheddar but hard or soft goats cheese, parmesan or a blue cheese would be just as good and finally a sprinkling of fresh herbs to suit your taste.

I have herbs growing everywhere in my garden – freshly picked herbs added to any meal are delicious. Chopped mint on Jersey Royals with a knob of butter, torn basil leaves in tomato dishes and rosemary scattered over a tin of roasting vegetables.

The vegetables and salads I am growing are not very far on this year with all the wet weather and lack of warmth and sunshine. I am so envious of all those bloggers displaying ripe red tomatoes already but hopefully mine will soon make up for the late start.

Having a working oven again is just brilliant – to turn it on and find it heats up (and quickly) is an absolute wonder. I am excited again about cooking and already delving into my pile of recipe books.

Thank you for all the comments on my previous post about the adverts – I am finding out from WordPress if these are their usual amount of ads – if so and nothing can be done I may buy into their ad free plan. As a reader myself I would not want to be bombarded with them and I always have an ad free read myself on other blogs because I more often than not read blogs through the wordpress reader and my own PC browser settings are set so that hardly any get through. I will update you all more on this soon.

Today we have no firm plans, maybe a bit of gardening or perhaps we will make a picnic and go off for the day. I will let you know.

Finally welcome to all the new readers …enjoy the journey but most of all enjoy summer while it lasts. x

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  1. All your food looks gorgeous! I used to buy freezies (ice lollies) for myself but I have also bought my own moulds – I make them with mango juice now 🙂


  2. I’ve just finished eating my breakfast of home grown raspberries and crunchy nut cornflakes. Yum! I love soft fruit. I have some filo pastryin the freezer so I’m going to try a steamed veg tart today. Thank you for the idea. The floating ads on your blog are a bit of a pain though. I hope it isn’t too expensive if you decide to get rid of them. Have a nice day.


  3. Your comment about the whistling tea kettle when out on your meanderings reminded me of a family trip to Spain when I was about 11 years old. We lived in Germany at the time, but we met up in mid-France with my UK aunts, uncles and cousins who came across on the car ferry and then we drove together the rest of the way down to Spain for an extended holiday. My US father had one way to drive places–straight through–as fast as he could–stopping only for petrol (we learned to be v. quick if we needed the toilet). But, as you may imagine, my UK family wanted to stop every two hours (or less) for tea. It just about drove my father insane. The sound of the whistling tea kettle became representative of my father’s impatience to get to Spain. Fortunately, once we got to our beach campsite in Barcelona, my father finally relaxed and we had a wonderful time. Funny, what triggers memories.


    1. Not such blissful memories for you then of a whistling kettle!! You used to see a lot of families parked in a layby at one time with a campstove and deck chairs making a good old cuppa.


  4. Our salad crops are slow to grow this year too because it hasn’t been as hot and sunny thus far. I love your little strawberry slicer. Perfect for Pimms!


    1. I felt better about mine yesterday as we went to an open garden in Derbyshire and his tomatoes were at the same stage as mine, only flowers, and he has a proper greenhouse and much more sun.


  5. Your summer sounds divine. Exactly why I want to experience an English summer. Ours are wilting (though Europe suffered this year!)

    I will copy the pastry and veg recipe this summer. With a salad, it’ll be perfect.


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