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A much calmer day yesterday. I decided in the end to drive over to Leeds just after lunch and have the bloods done. The journey wasn’t too bad going, about an hour, and there was no one waiting in the waiting room for blood tests – in fact I panicked and thought they might have finished for the day as it was 3.15 in the afternoon but they finish at 5 o’clock so all was well.

We didn’t even have to pay for parking as we have discovered a road not far from Jimmy’s that is free for 2 hours and there is often the odd spot vacant, so DH drops me off and then goes and waits until I call him.

Now it is fingers crossed for the results – I always stress a bit, even after 10 years, but hopefully the Thyroxine medication I take has done its job of suppressing any remaining cancer cells. It has worked up to now.

On the way home we stopped at Ikea and had our free drinks. Afterwards I popped into Boots to stock up on cottonwool as it is curretly 3 for 2 and then to Wilkos for a pack of wooden lolly sticks. After that it was home via Sainsbury’s for the petrol and I have bought a couple of cheap plain t-shirts £4 each for working in the garden.

DH has thrown away his old slippers – he has had them for more years than we care to remember – so long in fact that most of the rubber soles were no longer attached to the uppers. He had even contemplated sticking them back together but some of the sole had worn right through in places to a hole! So even he had to admit defeat as we could not think of an alternative use for them other than melting the rubber soles down to make something – he is ever the conservationist even down to his slippers!

But I was rather horrified later to look down whilst he was driving to Leeds and notice that he had not as yet thrown away the old trainers and even though we had bought new ones yesterday he was still wearing the old ones that should have, in my mind, joined the slippers in the bin! I live in hope.

My final task today was to rearrange a hairdressing appointment for when we return and see if my next renewal prescription is available online (thanks to Ann for that reminder) as I feel I need to stock pile my Thyroxine in case Brexit goes sour as I cannot live without this medication – it would be like taking insulin away from a diabetic – I am dependant on it as I no longer have a Thyroid gland and there is only one brand that does not have fillers that make me feel worse.

So with everything packed but the food I think you can say we are ready to go and by the time you read this we should be on our way. The house will be tidy and ready for our house guest whilst we are away.

I came to my decision about my blog and the pesky ads and have taken out a paid plan. So I will be remaining on WordPress for the time being and see how it goes. My new address is much the same but the has been dropped – so you will find me at my new address – – I am told if you use the old address you will be redirected. It may take a day or two for the changes so I hope it will be a smooth change over and hopefully, other than the address and no ads, you shouldn’t notice any difference.

It is a bit like moving house really but I didn’t need a solicitor.

Have a great weekend x

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  1. Hoping all is well with the blood test (and getting extra meds). Your comment about needing your meds as much as a diabetic is one that resounds in the US – where drug companies have now made insulin so expensive (hundred of $ per vial) that people are having to do without or, as in one story I read, a Minnesota mother drives to Canada to get the supplies her daughter with Type 1 as she can buy it there without a prescription at a tenth of the cost. So I understand your concerns about your medicine availability post-Brexit. Sad state of affairs.

    But for now, put all the craziness behind you and have a safe trip and happy holiday break in Scotland.


  2. Not a sign of an ad anywhere, so much better, but you must feel you are being held to ransom having to pay, everything is about money these days.


  3. Looking forward to hearing all about (and seeing pickies of) your holiday cottage. Don’t work too hard but enjoy the change of pace.


  4. I hope you’ll be happy with the WordPress service. I find it a good value, too. I get a very occasional email suggesting I pay for additional services, but it’s not aggressive.

    Enjoy your holiday. Happy 10 Years Cancer Free and wishing you many more (i.e. all of them!)


  5. Fantastic to read your ad free blog. They were quite annoying. I’m not sure what it is with men but they do like to wear old things to death.


  6. I do hope all is well with your blood results. Ad free here! and it has made a huge difference for me with loading time and even commenting.
    Have a relaxing and stress free break. X


  7. I’m sorry that you had to pay for a paid plan for your blog Vivien but it is a joy to read unencumbered with distracting popping up everywhere ads! I think it is wrong that you should have to pay for the privilege though. I hope your blood tests come back fine. x


  8. I can understand why you’d be stressed every time your blood tests are due. Hope it all went well.

    I love your green and frugal husband. But I’d also be annoyed at not ditching the old when replacements had been bought.

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