dear dairy :: just surfacing to do a quick update

Thank you to those blog friends that are wondering where I am and if I am OK. The answer is….I am almost OK now after a very trying week.

We had our Aussie visitor, he arrived last Saturday, but has now gone to another relative and I am actually quite thankful as I have not been well since he came. I felt dreadful when I woke up on the Sunday with flu like symptoms, temperature, sore throat, swollen glands and aching all over but made the effort to get showered and dressed and we had a day out at the Open Gradens in Winster, Derbyshire – when all I really wanted to do was crawl back to bed. I think this was my mistake and the exertion up and down the hills forced the sore throat further down into my lungs. Since then it has all landed on my chest and seems to have attacked all my muscles and joints – this excessive dry heat is not helping.

DH ended up taking him out on Monday and Tuesday without me and managing the meals. To be honest we found it difficult to find things that he seemed interested in other than going for a beer and got little feedback when we went to the open gardens even though we were told that he liked gardens. To top it all he stayed an extra day than was planned originally and I found it all a bit too stressful. It is lovely now we can have the bedroom door open at night and sleep on top of the duvet to keep cool.

Little L was supposed to be coming tomorrow and I know she will be so disappointed but there is no way I could look after her as I feel at present; maybe another days recovery might make it all better.

Just to let everyone know about my hospital test results – I am now officially moved into the lower risk category for the next five years. So good news there.

I also had a lovely birthday last Friday with friends and family popping in all day. When I feel more myself I will be back. Hope you are enjoying the weather – bit hot for me!!

Sorry if any spelling errors – I am off to lie down again now!

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  1. Oh how awful, Viv. To be ill and trying to entertain for several days, the perhaps, un-entertainable and definitely not very intuitive guest (…staying an extra day when your hostess is clearly very ill? Really?), I’m so sorry. You sound absolutely worn out and the heat can only be worsening the impact. Hope you have some quiet, cooler days ahead with rest and plenty of fluids. At least you had very good news on your tests. Take care.


  2. Belated birthday wishes, Vivien, and I’m thrilled to read of your test results. It must be such a relief.
    Sending healing vibes and hoping you’re on the mend very soon. X


    1. A belated happy birthday to you! Hope you’re feeling a bit better soon, this hot weather is really not what you need! Fingers crossed it will get cooler for the weekend. Great news on your test results 🙂
      Sending you get well wishes x


  3. Belated Birthday Wishes to you Vivien! I am sorry to hear that you have been unwell. This heatwave must make it feel worse. I hope that you will soon be on the road to recovery. Good news on your test results! Have a lovely weekend with cooler temperatures. x


  4. So glad that you are feeling better and that you’ve been “promoted “ following your test results.
    I have had guests together with a cold for the last ten days so sympathise with you re your Aussie visitor.
    Fortunately I knew our visitors very well so was able to relax a bit more than you could!


  5. I had the horrible summer virus too. I felt like I had swallowed a packet of razor blades. Well done with coping with a visitor on top of that


  6. Great news about the test results but not great that you’re feeling so very rough. A real slap in the face on summer days and also when it’s a birthday.
    Get well soon and take care.


  7. I’m joining with Joy, not to hound you but to wish you all the best and hoping that you are regaining your strength. Sue


  8. Eww those house guests who don’t, refuse to, realise when they have outstayed their welcome. One of my husband’s cousins said brightly … we’re here for six weeks … not at our house says I, and she held it against me every time I saw her again. While relying on her mother-in-law to return hospitality. People are weird.

    Catching up on blogs – hope you are enjoying life again.


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