dear diary :: getting back into our stride

Getting back into normal daily life is proving more difficult than it should be and I am currently somewhere between feeling frazzled and lethargic. Both the car and the washing machine are waiting to be fixed, hence a growing pile of washing is building up, and the towels retrieved from the washer have eventually dried into such a rigid state they might crack if I try to fold them. They will have to be washed again I think as I have no idea where in the washing cycle they had got to before the machine ground to a halt.

To top it all the rain is now preventing us tackling jobs outside like cutting the grass and weeding the borders. The tomatoes are only just turning colour so a little more sunshine would be good. The lettuce seeds that Little L helped me sow last week have already sprung to life – what a shame she cannot see them. She was so helpful and loves to water the garden.

I thought this might be the opportunity I have been waiting for to make some cards and finish those half started knitting and sewing projects, but somehow in all the upset I feel going on around me I have little enthusiasm for crafts.

Our fridge is quite bare at the moment – a bit of a Mother Hubbard’s cupboard so some shopping today is required but it will be limited to the basics as it is the end of the month and funds are excessively low. Living on one state pension, even with the top up of a small private pension, is proving difficult as prices continue to rise and we face a few unexpected bills. We have also bought a number of cafe meals and cups of tea whilst trundling around the countryside of North Yorkshire over the Bank holiday with my mum – but she is truly grateful that we get to take her out.

As we have a run of days at home now before take off again I have proposed that we tackle the long awaited transformation of the downstairs cloakroom / toilet into the pantry. We never used the toilet and many of our neighbours have incorporated them into their kitchens to make them bigger but I would value more storage as a walk in pantry. We will be leaving all the necessary connections in place under the floor should a future owner want to return it to a downstairs cloakroom.

We have finally chosen and had the units for the new pantry delivered from IKEA and took advantage of their 0% interest deal; keeping our money in the bank longer. Unfortunately the shop assistant made an error with the application so the total amount was more than the actual goods – when I pointed out her mistake it was too late to amend the application and so the monthly payments are higher than they should be by a few pounds and we are £54 in credit! Obviously it will get sorted but really they should not have people dealing with money that cannot add up.

DH will set about stripping wallpaper and tiles off the walls but not until I have emptied the room of all the ‘junk’ – it has become a bit of a dumping ground – a place to put those things that are waiting for a home. There is even a couple of boxes of stuff in there I have been storing for one of my daughters.

So this looks like my task for today before we go shopping. I can make a start whilst waiting for the washing machine engineer to come. I think doing a bit of decluttering and tidying is just what I need at the moment to organise my brain.

Have a good day – I will be back with photos. x

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  1. Sometimes it’s really hard to motivate yourself isn’t it?
    Having serious problems affecting your family, but that you’re unable to do anything about,
    is really wearing.
    Getting the pantry sorted out will give you a feeling that you have some control over part of
    your life and will achieve a practical outcome; something completed that’s been around for a while.
    Do make sure to give yourselves some time off so that you are fit to help your family.
    I hope you can hibernate at your cottage for a few days even if it seems too much effort to pack and go!


  2. How hard it can be to focus when there is too much chaos about us–mentally and physically. Here’s hoping that the sun shines a little more for you in coming days–literally and figuratively.


  3. I would love a pantry! The food in my kitchen cupboards is always warm as my house is like a furnace! A pantry will be great for organisation and you will be able to buy in bulk to save money and have a place to put everything.

    I think tidying, decluttering and even cleaning can help to calm a frazzled brain. Good luck with your cloakroom transformation. x


  4. Getting the new pantry sorted will be a positive in all the negative at the moment. I have a larder cupboard (in a minuscule kitchen), but I would love a walk in pantry. In my minds eye, I’d have a marble shelf in it too. Hope yours goes to plan and that the weather perks up a bit 🙂


  5. I’m feeling that end of the month lack of funds this month too. Giving LB £100 for passing her exams has tipped me into my (free) overdraft, but it was worth it for her to pass them all, so I’m not complaining.


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