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We started in the garden early today, well early for us; the sun was shining and we didn’t want to miss the opportunity so we had breakfast then I did a few floor exercises, as I have done every day, to loosen up the tight lower back muscles; not easy to do squeezed in between the table legs and the seating (space is hard to come by in a caravan),

It was back to weeding around the pond today, what you can see of the pond, as over the summer we had a bit of a primula explosion amongst other things. DH took off the leggy branches of the Fuschia that overhung the pond – shame – but it had grown into a tree and really got far too high but it will grow quickly again next year. In fact we are feeling a little exposed in places now as we have pruned many a tree and bush over the course of the week – some of our plants must be suffering from shock after being plunged suddenly into the sunlight.

After lunch we read, I actually dozed off for a while – unintentionally of course. We decide a brisk walk to the village would waken us up; as the tide was in we had to go by the road rather than along the beach. For a change we took the main high road past all the houses – I like to have a nosy now and again to see what everyone is up to. There are always plenty of new delights to spot.

We walked up to the village store and bought an ice cream and fresh rolls – I resisted the temptation to buy one of the Christmas magazines on display – each one had a few free goodies enclosed in the plastic wrapper and I could have chosen between chocolate moulds (might be handy) or coasters and any number of those rubber stamps and dies; but it still felt a little early so I put them back and just bought cake – Eccles cakes – my favourite.

We then strolled on down to the harbour and along the shore road cutting through the little garden of the end cottage (they don’t seem to mind) that takes you down through the sand dunes and onto the beach. By now the tide had receded enough for us to get back round the bay to our cottage.

I love hunting for little treasures amongst the pebbles, bits of sea glass, unusual stones and shells – it is amazing what you find. Today I collected a few small pearl shells and an empty crab shell.

As the tide had only just gone out the sand was all rippled and I managed to capture the photo above where the wind was blowing the shallow water in ripples across the sand.

Once home and a cup of tea later I went foraging around the garden collecting flower heads and berries. Even though I forgot to pack my flower press I didn’t want to miss out on some of the colourful flowers that are in bloom at the moment. The fiery oranges of the monbretia appears everywhere in our garden and certainly cheers up the dark corners – it makes wonderful confetti too when the petals are dried. The pretty blue campanula is still scrambling around and flowering – brilliant ground cover and so dainty.

In the absence of my press I had to improvise by using the pages of my moleskin gardening notebooks to sandwich the petals between. I will transfer them into my press when we get home.

These pretty hydrangea petals are even lovelier when they start to get the speckled vintage look. I had the idea that I might make some cards and gift tags with them, it is a long time since I made pressed flower cards so I am looking forward to having a go again. Time willing!

Tomorrow will be a final rush around the garden to finish off what we can before we go home. As always we could just do with another week here.

Hope everyone is having a good week – and welcome new followers.

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  1. As always, your eye for colour and interesting shapes is evident in your photos. I do love the colours of the flowers you are pressing. Will be interesting to see how they evolve as they are pressed. The criss-crossing ripples of sand and water was a good catch. Have a safe journey home. I know it is hard to leave.


  2. I’m not surprised you dozed off, gardening is hard work. Lovely walk you had there, and I am loving those pink railings! What a gorgeous burst of colour.

    You’re reminded me. I pressed Violet’s four leafed clovers that she found over summer. I must take them out and give them to her. I put them in books, and had to laugh, as I opened it a glut of flattened daisies fell out. I’d pressed them quite a few years ago and forgotten about them. A nice surprise.

    Christmas magazines. Do you know, I’m going to get one tomorrow, you’ve persuaded me (yep, blaming you!). xx


    1. I actually bought a Christmas magazine today – it is the Country Living one – couldn’t pass that up – £5.99 this year though and I felt a bit disappointed once I looked through it – I swear some of the pictures in there look familiar as if they have been in the ordinary magazine last year. The front pages and articles are new but some of the ‘makes’ feel like I have seen them before.


  3. Those hydrangea petals are so pretty! They’ll look lovely on tags and cards. I have to admit I’ve bought a couple of Christmas cardmaking mags, with stamps included with them. I’ll have to start playing with them soon and see what cards I can put together:)


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