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Have you ever been inspired by a friend – one who can launch you into action? 

As you know we went to see some old friends last Thursday in the dales.  One of the reasons for the trip was to have a grand tour of their new home that they have had built for them.  It has been four years in the making but is absolutely stunning – well out of our price range and even though they are a few years older than us, they have chosen to upsize rather than downsize which means they will be able to accommodate their whole family at Christmas which will be lovely. Not that I am envious! One advantage is they are now able to enjoy their retirement to the full knowing the whole house and garden are pretty much in a finished state – no big maintenance jobs, no decorating – it is all done.

At one time this friend lived just down the road from us and I would visit a few times during the week when both our girls were at school – popping in and out for coffee and a chat.  I remember how visits to her house always made me want to rush home and have a thorough clean of mine.  She is one of life’s naturally organised people – her home is immaculate, her meals healthy and delicious, the garden flourishing and their finances in order and buoyant and she still has time for herself and her craft work.  She is very imaginative when it comes to reusing, repairing and repurposing too and this is evident even in their new house.

Their new abode is light and spacious – under floor heating from solar panels, lights that dim by remote and objects and furniture kept to a minimum.  Coming back home made my house seem small and cluttered even though I keep on having major decluttering sessions, but not only that I began noticing areas that do need some attention – a little editing and improving.

So guess what I have been doing all week and how tired I feel!

As I said to Sadie (Notes from an ordinary life) if I am ever missing from my blog you will know I am decluttering and cleaning.  It takes all my concentration and I stop for no-one, well usually, although I did spend the day with little Freddie again yesterday – but who could resist that.

I have a number of challenging areas around the house and I have spent this last week trying to organise these better.

My first challenge was to find a new place to put the Easter decoration that I made so I can use it once more next year. In the end I decided on top of the wardrobe in the spare room as it has a high ceiling and blends in quite well. Really I should dismantle it but it is so pretty I wanted to display it again next year.

Challenge number two was this box containing my elder daughter’s CD player and speakers. We have stored this now for 10 years because my daughter’s house is much smaller than ours and up until the baby was born this year was like a building site. Even now she really doesn’t have a spare inch to accommodate it – so it will remain with us until some point in the future when they move to a larger place. It has been residing in the downstairs cloakroom with everything else that didn’t have a proper place; as you know we are in the process of transforming this into a pantry so I have to find a new home for it. Because of the temperature fluctuations it is not something I would store in the loft so it presented quite a problem.

After much trying it here and there I came up with the idea that it would not look quite so bad if it was in a more decorative box that wouldn’t look out of place in the spare room. So during a trip to Ikea on Monday I spotted these boxes and although it needed two of them it has done the trick and visually looks so much neater. I will be able to use these afterwards to store toys for the grandchildren.

Whilst in Ikea I saw these little Christmas tins for 75p each and I thought they would be just right to put in a few homemade biscuits or a tiny fruit cake for a gift.

I started my cleaning and decluttering in the shower room – this is on the list for a complete renovation but not until we get a new kitchen installed and that is after the pantry. I won’t linger on how grubby it felt – it is never my favourite job. The contents of the cupboard are pretty much pared down but even so I still managed to weed out a few bits and pieces – old sun tan lotions and tanning creams past their use by date. When I declutter the toiletries and makeup items I always keep a ‘use up’ box of odds and ends that need using up, a lot of these are often freebies that have come with a purchase, things I won’t be replacing or buying again but I don’t want to waste them.

The shower always takes a long time to clean but the sealant had been renewed when we had the Aussie cousin to stay and the grout is OK so it just needed a bit of elbow grease to thoroughly clean the tiles and glass. After cleaning the toilet and basin – I always use a squirt of furniture polish over the outside of the pottery and the taps to give it that showroom gleam.

I treated myself to a new bath mat from Home Sense which has much improved the appearance of this room. The old one was looking past its best and looked liked someone had taken a bite out of one corner!

My linen cupboard was next – there was nothing to go out here as I am already down to the bare minimum of sheets and duver covers but I cleaned down the shelves and rearranged a few things so it looks remarkably fresher. I bought the boxes from the Range and they have been very useful for storing the family heirlooms – Christening dresses, vintage linens and my wedding dress.

The craft drawer that holds my stash of fabric had a once over- one day I will get around to turning my fabric stash into a patchwork quilt!

As I made my way from room to room decluttering and cleaning I also made a note of things to look out for to add a bit of styling. I found this tiny succulent in Ikea to put in our family bathroom. When I have a moment or two I will also change some of the pictures. I bought a couple of new frames in the summer with the intention of printing out and framing some of our photos – another job for my list.

It is very much a work in progress – a thorough clean and tidy and the addition of one or two new items can make all the difference. I am loving the rooms I have completed so far but soon I will have to tackle the office come craft room – it is the hardest place with the large paper mountain.

One sleepless night at the weekend I decided that I really must embrace the scanner and scan the invoices and receipts that I wish to keep rather than put them into a folder or box. I know many people do not keep their receipts but ever since the flood at the cottage I was so thankful that I have always kept receipts and records – because of this we managed to get the full amount for our damaged contents and could not be beaten down by the insurers. As the insurers were satisfied with scanned receipts I am sure this method will be accepted should we ever need to make a claim in the future. Once the older receipts for our household goods are scanned on to the computer I will have a lever arch file and a box file less on the shelves. It is a bit of a tedious job so I am scanning a handful each morning and going forwards new receipts will be done each week.

Once this is done I will make a start in the filing drawer and scan on important papers to gain more space. A lot of the paperwork I keep is ‘just in case’ so once scanned I will still have a record without the storage problem.

My wardrobe will be the next place for an overhaul. I have reduced the number of items by quite a bit this year. I seem to wear a kind of ‘uniform’ each day of leggins and a t shirt or jumper now I am at home; I can’t remember the last time I wore a skirt, which is a shame because I have quite a pile of them. Last time I decluttered I let a number of them go to charity but I think it might be time to cut my losses now and get rid of a few more. I will start by getting rid of the ones that feel a little bit on the tight side.

I found another cosy jumper in Sainsbury’s last week – good to wear around the house over a t shirt and for my Friday visits to the neighbour.

One of my intentions this month was to try out some new recipes. This week I chose these little mushroom and leek pies. The recipe used a shortcrust pastry that had added mustard powder for flavour. DH was not keen so I improvise and used grated Parmesan cheese that have given them this speckled look. They are baked in a muffin tin so are quite deep. Apologies for the lighting it has made the pies look a bit insipid – they were actually a lovely golden brown colour and quite delicious.

October is all birthdays – I have three this week alone. I already had the gifts for two of them bought in Stranraer at Baxters where they still gift wrap. They are little printed linen make up bags. The crocus tub is for a dear friend, men are always difficult to buy for but he is a gardener so will love these.

Because of all the birthdays I needed cards so I spent a day making some with the flowers I pressed recently, I also made a few thank you notelets at the same time. Some work better than others but my favourite has to be the chamomile heads.

So that has been my week so far and tomorrow, like the rain, the tidying continues whilst the momentum continues. Or you might find me napping on the sofa. x

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  1. Good grief, you have been busy! I’m worn out just reading about it! I’ve been trying to declutter areas of our house all year, some areas have been successful (areas where I have sole control) and others I feel I’m hitting my head on a brick wall. Hubby is not so good at decluttering. Clothes wise his is fine, but the loft! My aim was to bring down one box at a time and get him to be ruthless…. not going well. ‘We’ have far too much up there and I’d estimate 2/3 doesn’t need to be there.
    Your cards are absolutely beautiful! They will be treasured by their recipients, I’m sure. Love the little ikea tins too! Might have to pop over to ours and have a look 🙂


    1. Ikea have little tins of lights too – so cute. Our loft is better than it was – a lot of stuff up there came from our parents houses when they moved on / passed away. Some of it may be valuable – I have no idea and no idea how you find out. x


  2. Wow busy bee🐝, I wish I had my mojo back,we have had a plumber in putting in a new bathroom and I don’t feel the house is ours! You have definitely spurred me on to get decluttering! Your cards are amazing so creative and wonderful colours. Have a wonderful day


  3. I’m also worn out reading about your tidying. Luckily moving house twice in quick succession cleared out lots of unused bits. I’m still working on my books!


  4. You’ve made me want to go home and declutter! Staying in uncluttered holiday flats, I always realise we don’t need much and space looks better empty.

    Sorry, I don’t like your friend. Too perfect! OK, not serious. I have a friend whose house and garden is always perfect and who cooks and entertains and travels. Styling right from the start and not having too much clutter or hodge podge designs. Must practice that a bit more.


    1. It can be a love hate relationship with a perfect friend but she keeps me on my toes – much less now we don’t often see each other but it showed me that I need such people in my life to spur me into action. Just catching up in blogland – will be over to yuors soon to hear more of your holiday – hope you feeling better now. Enjoy the empty holiday lets. x

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  5. Your cards are little treasures.

    Wonderful job of decluttering…says the woman who looks around her office/craft room piled high with paper and fabric mountains. Ah, well. One of these days when I get some energy…


  6. your cards are so beautiful. And your linen cupboard looks so pretty. I feel inspired to have a good sort out of mine now, I want it to look as pretty as yours.

    I like the sound of your friend, but she would make me feel so bad about my home! In the nicest possible way of course.

    You are always so busy! Totally understand that offline life can prevent blogging. There are only so many hours in a day! xx


    1. I think from what I see of your home in photos and the way you have a daily routine going that you are very organised and have a very inviting and creative home. I know I would be just as inspired visiting you as I am my friend. I love my linen cupboard too – it isn’t very big so I have to be ruthless about not overstuffing it and buying more duvet covers – always a weakness especially if I go to John Lewis.


  7. I loved your linen cupboard and your beautiful cards. Just a warning, though. If you are scanning important stuff always make sure you have it backed up. I have lost a lot of things recently when my computer went down and the external hard-drive I was using got corrupted soon afterwards. I now keep my information on the computer and back up onto two external drives.


  8. Such a lovely post. The cards are beautiful and those mini-tins are simply gorgeous. I do wish we had an Ikea closer by.


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