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The first day of another month and I must admit I am not ready for November – it is becomming far too close to Christmas now and I feel the urge to get on with things……and quickly. I have a huge lists of must do’s, should do’s and would like to do’s – I could fill a notebook.

The weather has changed to very cold here and back to rain this morning – of course it is because I had intended to pot up my cyclamens today! I am hopeful it will turn out sunny again though and I might even get this little job done later. Our doorstep pots are certainly in need of an update – the geraniums are really passed their best.

When I look back over my intended October tasks I don’t think I actually did too badly – here is a quick recap:-

  • the pantry is well underway and today the first coat of paint goes on and that always makes a job feel as if it is progressing.
  • the plans for Sweeties 1st birthday celebration are now settled. We are just having a small family gathering at a little place we have booked in North Yorkshire near to where my daughter lives. We decided on a simple lunch of homemade soup and sandwiches followed by tea , coffee or hot chocolate and cake …of course. Afterwards, weather permitting we will go for a walk in the nearby woods.
  • the Christening plans are also well underway – we have booked a local village hall and elder daughter has just to order the food from M&S. I have to check my stock of clean white old sheets that I use as dust covers and will use as tablecloths on the day as these cannot be provided by the venue. We are having the most difficulty trying to find a couple of cheap cake stands for the afternoon tea. B&M had some but we cannot find any left.
  • we did a lot of meandering this month and when this happens any normal routine goes out the window. It has also been a month of poorly people, both daughters and DH to look after so the tasks that suffered have mainly been the crafts – so it this that I now need to focus on.

So on to what I intend to do this month.

Around the home – top of the list this month is finishing the pantry.

I have my eye on a few new glass containers – but I am waiting to see how the finished room looks and what storage space is available before I decide on anything.

A little housework – I am waiting until the pantry is completed to have a good sort out in the kitchen cupboards and there is too much dust still downstairs to bother with any in depth cleaning – that will be done when the decorating is over, so I am turning my attentions back to the office and craft room upstairs as this is still the place that is the most in need of a good clear out.

and a little baking – this is the month I make the christmas cake – usually in the afternoon after the Crisis coffee morning at church on the 23rd. As the Christening is the very next day I am a bit dubious that I will have time to fit it in so may have to reschedule this.

A lot of crafting – I keep saying it over and over but I must finish the little jumper for Sweetie. It only needs a couple of seems sewing up but even that small job seems to have been too much recently. Do you ever have jobs that just hang around forever?

The next most urgent of the crafts are the Christmas card design, the calendars and the tablemats that are half started.

Checking the finances – I have a bit of catching up to do in respect of the finances. All our recent trips here there and everywhere have certainly left a zero balance in our account and more savings have had to be transferred to cover the shortfall. I am not even sure myself of the figures or if we have been anything like frugal with any of the shopping.

I am keeping the tasks to a minimum this month as I don’t want to overload myself. We will have the two celebrations to attend to and that is going to take time nearer the event – so I don’t want to pile on the jobs.

Today I am going to enter a few receipts to catch up with the paper work, sew up the seams on Sweetie’s jumper and maybe….maybe even get to do a bit of sewing on the tablemats. Oh and I need to fit in time for a coffee and chat – my usual Friday visit to my neighbour up the road – we have a couple of weeks to catch up on today.

Have a great day and a great month – what will you be doing. x

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  1. I do enjoy reading your intentions list, Viv. Can’t wait to see what you do with the finished pantry. Hope the christening goes well. Best of luck at finding some balance and time for yourself in this busy month.


  2. Your lists always prompt me to think of things I should do, and give me ideas for things I would like to do!

    Last year, I just didn’t get ready for Christmas. This year we will be flying out on Boxing Day so I will miss my favourite Christmastide period. So peaceful and calm. So I will have to make it feel Christmassy before we go.


    1. I had a good run up to Christmas last year but I am not so hopeful this year – I already feel quite behind, no reason to be but I do always seem short of time these days – maybe I need to go back to work! Hope you have a good flight and not too many hassles at the airport.

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  3. You will be so happy when the pantry is finished and you can stock it and free up some room elsewhere. I would love to have a pantry but, in truth, I don’t really need one. My favourite space saver is a built in cabinet (really small) where I keep my spices lined up in alphabetical order!


  4. Oh my ! Busy busy time for you at the moment. I use a Bullet Journal to keep on top of things and manage appointments etc. Utube has plenty of set up ideas from plain and simple to very decorative and arty.

    Love the jumper you are working on, I imagine the cold is setting in over there so it will be appreciated and well worn. I am working on my 3rd toddler size “Flax ” jumper such a lovely easy knit (free pattern ) from Tin Can Knits.” Flax Light ” is the same pattern in a finer yarn and good for little ones too.


    1. Hi Marge – I will have to have a Google at your suggestions. I have a book on Bullet Journalling but never really done one myself I still use a Filofax. Sometimes there are just too many demands on my time from the family and not enough hours to go round!


  5. What a great idea! I love this, monthly intentions, I have a need to do list weekly in my diary which is along these lines but I do like the idea of thinking about the month as a whole first and then working out how that fits in to each week/day.

    You sound like you have a really busy month ahead, I hope you find time for rest in all that busyness!

    Yes to not sewing knitting projects up, this is the bit I always stop at so much so that I now only ever choose patterns that are knit in the round or all in one and involve minimal amounts of sewing and finishing off!


    1. What a good idea – knit in the round – I think Poppy Patchwork blogger did a child’s jumper in the round – I will take more notice next time. I should be OK with the sewing up as I am more of a seamstress than a knitter but there seems to be many ways to sew up the knitting I am not sure if I am doing it right. I must join a knitting club!


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