dear diary :: breakfast berries amongst other things

I spent a bit too long yesterday preparing and posting my plans for November but it is not a bad way to start the month by deciding on a plan of action; but by doing that I was late starting the day and I find a late start always spells disaster as you never quite catch up with yourself and feel a bit behind all day.

And behind I was….so very little actually got done especially as I remembered I had to ring my daughter about little Sweeties upcoming 1st birthday arrangements and then my brother to tell him about our plans for the day and issue an invite to join us. My brother is not on Facebook like the rest of the family so he is always out of the loop and sometimes I only remember at the last minute that I need to phone him to update him on any family plans we have made.

When I eventually had breakfast I pureed the yellow sticker raspberries I bought from Sainsbury’s at only 49p (a saving of £1.51p), which I thought really good value, to have on my yoghurt; I wish I had bought more. The left over puree we had later after tea with some ice cream and flakes of dark chocolate. It is not often we have a pudding or dessert so it was a nice, simple treat – if not a bit cold for the time of year.

The weather did not improve enough for me to do the planters outside and by the time I came back from my neighbours it was getting dark so I only managed an hour of sewing before the light went altogether.

So today I am aiming to do the things I was going to do yesterday and hopefully I will have no interuptions.

On the way up to Scotland we called at Booth’s supermarket in Penrith for my yearly Christmas book – not that I order anything from them, they are too far away, but the photographs are lovely and they include one or two very nice recipes inside.

I also relented and bought 3 Christmas magazines (yes, I did say three) I couldn’t choose between them – one has a nice selection of Christmas stamps, which will come in handy for printing cards and tags – it is a cheap way of buying them when they come free with a magazine. The other two -Make it Christmas and Mindful Christmas have some lovely creative ideas and although I don’t often copy anything exactly it does give me ideas to do my own. I should feel bad about spending so much money on them but I’m not going to; since leaving work last year and my monthly pay check I have had very few treats.

Whilst on the way home we stopped for a browse around Castle Douglas – the shops there are mainly independant and have a lovely variety of things I never see down here. I bought a wooden vegetable brush to replace an old plastic one that has seen better days and this cute tiny Christmas tin – I bought a second one to fill with something for Little L for her stocking at Christmas.

Must go now if I am going to get anything done today. I have watercress and pea soup ready prepared for lunch and a lentil shepherds pie for tea so I should get a full day at getting down my task list. Meanwhile DH will be painting in the pantry again.

Have a lovely day everyone and welcome to my new followers and new commenters. x

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  1. How lovely that the birthday party is going to be a family affair. Your breakfast table is very nice. I wouldn’t feel guilty about the magazines if they bring some joy to you, especially if you’re also getting some crafting freebies. The little tin is sweet. Amy has some tins from years ago that I bought and put things in for her. Have a lovely weekend. xx


  2. The Christmas at Booths book looks great as do all the other purchases you made. Don’t feel guilty about the magazines as I’m sure you will get great pleasure and many ideas from them. I also wanted to mention how much I enjoy your blog; the writing and photos are always so interesting and the blog is beautifully laid out. Best wishes, Lynne.


  3. Can I come for lunch and dinner? I fancy the sound of watercress and pea soup and then lentil shepherds pie later! The magazines look good especially with the stamps and die cuts. You’ll be able to make use of them over again. I hope you have a good weekend. x


    1. Lovely to hear from you Simone – I do miss your posts now they are not as often. It is times like these I wish I had a die cutting machine – I might investigate them when I go to the Range otherwise maybe someone out there might like the die cuts. x


  4. Ah yes that not quite catching up with yourself, I know that one well. I love that your whole family are getting together for you a 1st birthday, a special time in a child’s life. Penrith is my local town, but I have been in the Booths! I have seen their Christmas catalogue before it is a good one isn’t it.


    1. I just love it for the photos and presentation – it must cost them a fortune to do and then give away. We stop there for a drink when we go up to Scotland rather than go to the services. I am envious that you live near Penrith it is a lovely area.


  5. I love how you get this wonderful Christmassy feel. With little traditions like getting the annual Booths’ magazine. You’ve inspired me to do something, even if it is only going and buying some Christmas magazines.

    What a cute tin! That store would be dangerous for me. I know I’d tempted to buy too much stuff.


  6. I love Christmas mags and fall for them every year. There’s just something of an atmosphere about them, they’re so bright and colourful, and occasionally they have a different idea!


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