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I was up early yesterday – washed, dressed, breakfast eaten and dishes washed before making my way to the craft room. I was determined that I was going to finish the tablemats – well two of them – as I need to buy more interfacing for the other two. For new readers these mats are made from a tea towel pack from Sainsbury’s. The striped tea towel was cut in half and is backed by the plain grey with a heavy weight firm interfacing between the two layers.

Of course no sooner had I started than the first interruption arrived in the form of my daughter, son in law and baby Freddie. Although I am always delighted to see them I also wanted to get my sewing done while the light was good and it was not exactly a social visit – she wanted to go over the Christening arrangements with me.

Now, my daughter (who is probably just like me) never does anything by halves so we spent the best part of seven hours, with a small interlude for lunch and a cuddle or two with Freddie, going over the food to order, the food to make ourselves, the quantities we would need, the invitations, the decorations and the size of the tables and how we would cover them.

Did we forget anything?

In and amongst the discussions I finally managed to finish the tablemats and here is the photo to prove it.

I am quite pleased with how they turned out and they are a big improvement on our old ones. This is part of my drive to ‘beautify’ little areas in my house.

I had such a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment I only hope today is just as productive then I will be happy.

On today’s list is more sewing – I am going to attempt to finish the little jumper for Sweetie. I think it will be too small for her now so I will have to see if it is any use for little Freddie and if not I will donate it to one of the stalls at our Crisis coffee morning.

If there is any time left over I am also going to sew together this lovely snuggly cushion cover that my dear old mum knitted for me about two years ago and it has sat in my project basket ever since. I think it is moss stitch (you knitters out there will know better than me) and it will be a great addition to my winter cushion collection.

She has even stopped asking me if I have got it finished so she will be delighted if she sees it completed and on our sofa when she comes for her pre Christmas visit in a few weeks time, and I will be delighted to have another task crossed off the list.

I often wonder to myself why it is that so many projects in this house fail to reach completion – is it poor time management, taking on too much or maybe I need to push myself more.

Often in hindsight I would do things differently. The marathon last week going to Scotland, then to see mum and then taking out the grandchildren – one obligation after another was a bit much. It was so tiring with all the long journey’s that it has taken me the best part of this week to recover.

I have everything unpacked now and the washing done ready to repack for our visit back to North Yorkshire at the end of next week for Sweetie’s birthday celebration. It must have been so much easier years ago when families lived closer to one another.

Anyway, enough of my moaning I need to get on with the sewing and before that I have mushroom soup to make and prep the winter salad for tea which we will be having with those old favourites….baked potatoes.

Looking outside this morning it is glorious sunshine and so I might get a chance to plant the cyclamens and I still have a few mixed tulip bulbs to go in.

DH cut the holes in the pantry ceiling yesterday for the downlights (which was another reason for daughter’s visit as our SIL brought the hole cutter). He managed a mist coat on the ceiling to seal the new plaster and hopefully today will get another coat or two done.

Things are moving on here at last. x

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    1. Thank you Veronica – it is always lovely to hear from readers. The blog started as my online daily journal – I have always kept one and this is a good way to remind myself what I have done over the years. I still like my paper journal but I don’t do an entry everyday now and it is more of a feeling diary than just a record of how I fill my days.


  1. That’s so ingenious using tea towels to make placemats.I think we all rush around after our children and grandchildren,personally since I’ve retired I find have less time to myself than when I was working! Sometimes I have to say no or otherwise we don’t get time to ourselves.Hope your having a wonderful weekend and the sun is shining where you are x


  2. Your placemat are lovely, what an ingenious idea to use tea towels to make them, then you can throw them in the wash when they get dirty. That does look like moss stitch to me on your cushion cover.

    I always have a quiet week after we have been away anywhere especially if it involves a lot of travelling, like you I live a long way from my family, too far to travel there and back in a day. I also have learnt, the hard way, how important it is to look at the bigger picture when planning things. I make sure that we have quiet weekends either side of busy ones, and particularly if the week before and after it are busy. It has taken me a long time to realise that this is what we all need, for me weekends are a time for me to do the things I don’t have time to do during the week or to just rest and decompress from the busyness of life so that I have the energy to go into the next week.

    You certainly sound like you have accomplished a lot this week.


    1. You are so right about having a plan of quieter weekends interspersed with the busy ones. I remember at our worst moments when my MIL who lived 100 miles away was moving into a care home from being in hosptal for months and we were ‘doing up’ her house to sell and we had to attend to my mum, and had the cottage to renovate in Scotland and we had 13 consecutive weekends away whilst both working full time during the week. That was a tough time for us! It makes my time shortage now seem less of a problem compared to then – but it is all relative and at the moment I would like to feel that once the birthday celebration and Christening are out of the way I can relax a bit before the Christmas rush.


  3. Sometimes I think we just don’t account for (or like to acknowledge) the fact that we simply don’t have the physical stamina we did 20-30 years ago. Must build in time for recuperation of body and the mind. Of course, sometimes that is easier said than done. Best of luck with the upcoming christening and birthday events.


  4. Your place mats are lovely! Not bad to finish them even if you had visit and planning with your daughter. I don’t know how old you are, but I have realized that I don’t have the same energy as when younger. After much experiences I need to rest!


  5. Wish I could see! Can’t even do straight lines. Your placemats are lovely. I read a Danish book and setting the table nicely was one of the routines for happiness.

    I don’t think you don’t get much done. Projects are unfinished because you have so many responsibilities. I have lists a mile lone. One of the reasons I love travelling is I cannot do my jobs so I don’t have to think about them. Big things. Little things. Can’t do any of them. I know when I get home the lists will be unticked. I think that’s why bullets diaries don’t work for me. Too much to do; not enough time.


  6. Very smart table mats and ingenious use of the tea towels. We just had a christening here for my youngest granddaughter. I hope yours goes as well. We had a wonderful time.


  7. So nice to read your last few blogs , i think as we age we think we should still achieve at the pace we did in our20&30’s. I have a friend who says it now takes her twice as long to achieve half as much!
    The place mats are lovely. After the family events I’m sure you’ll just sit back and enjoy the memories and forget the hard work. Enjoy the day never mind the list!


    1. For some reason whilst on the phone to my daughter earlier I managed to volunteer myself into making the 1st birthday cake for next Sunday – another job for the list – there is no hope for me!!


  8. Just catching up on your last few posts and my, you have been busy! I know I definitely need some quiet time in between busy/manic periods these days. For some reason, I volunteered to put together a large Christmas hamper and a ‘Bake Off’ Hamper to raffle to raise funds for the Blue Cross, in the next few weeks! I love your placemats. I wish I was handy sewing wise.


  9. Sounds like we all tend to volunteer for too much. Remember the quote: “If you want something done well, ask a busy person!”


    1. That is very true – I must learn not to put myself forward – I would be no good on the Apprentice – I would be the first person to volunteer to be the project manager and be out in the first episode!


  10. The table mats are great – really stylish and smart. I love them.
    Sometimes I go through my diary and blank out days so I know they are me days. Things still get done but they are me things – it’s quite a nice feeling.


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