creating a simpler Christmas * day 3

I am feeling less muddle headed today after our problematic weekend. The car has been taken away on a low loader to a nearby Citroën specialist and we await their assessment in a day or two.

A nice man came yesterday to give us a quote for doing the pantry worktop – on the face of it he seems to be someone who produces accurate work – I like that as I have a very keen straight eye and like things done ‘proper’- but we shall see. I also persuaded DH to ask him to cut down the wall cabinet for us as he will most likely have a circular saw that will power through the melamine faced carcass of the cupboard in no time.

In the afternoon we went down to town in my little car – I had two internet orders to collect; one from Bodyshop (Vitamin E cream, 30% off) and Boots (a Liz Earle skin repair cream, 20% off). I also bobbed into the Range for some thin card for a Christmas activity (to be revealed) and whilst I was there picked up a lovely bronze coloured stamping ink and some tiny white jingle bells.

Then round to Sainsbury’s with some returns and to pick up a few groceries and fresh fruit and veg for the week. I also noticed at the checkout that some Christmas items (reduced of course) had found their way into my trolley….can’t think how that happened ……….DH is never impressed with anything Christmas, I just have to ignore him.

My total spend on such frippery was a mere £10 – although in state pension terms that is quite a lot – maybe it will have to come out of our winter fuel payment – just as well that I cosied up under a throw last night instead of putting any heat on. Keeping the house warm on a budget in these freezing temperatures is quite difficult and I can understand how some elderly people simply cannot afford to heat anything other than the one room.

The bits and pieces I bought will be making an appearance as I work through creating my simpler Christmas.

For my task today I have decorated last year’s rooted Christmas tree that is outdoors in a pot using a string of outdoor lights and these pretty little bulb shaped baubles that I bought -I am not overly convinced they look that wonderful on the tree but it was far too cold out there today to be spending a long time trying out different things so they will stay put for the moment.

Another quick and simple task off my list.

I have also been having a look on the internet for a Christmas event that we can go to with our friends. Last year we went to Dunham Massey and their light extravaganza which was quite awesome. This year we are looking at Hardwick Hall or Haddon Hall in Derbyshire.

I also want to go and see the Alan Ayckbourn play, Absurd Person Singular at the Bingley Little Theatre – it is an observation of three different couples Christmases and should be quite funny – has anyone seen it?

Back tomorrow with more creating. x

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  1. DH not impressed with Christmassy things?!? Mr S is the other way – he loves me buying and decorating. And I have to stop him buying Christmas lights.

    Your tree looks lovely in lights. Looking forward to more of your simplified approach to Christmas.


  2. Love your tree and lights. I have some unused solar powered bulbs so may use them on our outdoor potted tree. Glad things have calmed down a little and the car is being sorted. And the pantry.


  3. You are well under way. I started my overseas Christmas cards but it will be next week, I think, before they are in the mail. Other than that, nothing Christmassy has been done. Despite the snow I haven ‘t got the Christmas spirit yet!


    1. It is one of my favourite places too – we have even been for a day sketching there in the garden but the one draw back these days is that it gets too busy. The light experience though is worth going to – there is a mass of lights on a grand scale and well thought out.


  4. I think the baubles look lovely and I really like the light bulb shape. I’ve not seen the play but it sounds the sort of thing I’d enjoy. Sophie, Matthew and Sienna went to Dunham Massey last year and they loved it. I’m sure you’ll find somewhere just as nice this year. xx


  5. Glad to hear that things are a little calmer at your end, I love your little outdoor tree, its perfect. I am not sure what just happened but I managed to leave an anonymous comment on your precious post.


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