seasons :: bedding down for winter

They are certainly grey wintry days at the moment that make you want to stay indoors keeping cosy and warm; reaching for a nearby throw and snuggling down to watch a film or read a book. It is the time of year when the weather can take a turn for the worse; windy, wet and often bitterly cold – we have had all three recently and I find myself yearning for a little snow as snow seems far more pleasant and of course pretty. It is the time of year when you just want to ‘bed’ down and only surface as spring appears.

Indoors I am still ploughing my way through the dirty laundry left over from Christmas and when I have washed and put it out on the line to dry it then becomes part of the ironing pile mountain. Each day I do a little bit in the hope I will ever see the bottom of the basket again – wash, dry, iron then put away. The laundry is a very circular task like prepping, cooking, eating meals then clearing up.

It is the same with our finances – each day I am doing a little bit towards reducing the pile of receipts so that I can balance the bank statements; though I know it would be more satisfying to me if I could take one project to a conclusion, but I also know that if I focus on one thing something else will not get done at all.

I am returning at the moment to my kanban board by my desk in the office / craft room. Here I can stick post it notes to a glass notice board that is marked out in sections – ‘To Do’, ‘In Progress’ and ‘Done’.

The idea is that the tasks move across the board from ‘To do’ to ‘Done’. We each have three colums and there should never be anymore than 3 tasks waiting in the ‘In Progress’ section – only when one moves to ‘Done’ can another task be started. I often give really urgent tasks a different colour of post it note like bright pink – too many of those and I know it is panic stations.

This morning DH made tomato soup for tomorrow’s lunch before finishing off the shelving in the pantry. We decided in the end the lowest shelf didn’t really need the strip light underneath – it seems bright enough in there as it is with the two downlighters.

As I write he is doing the last little finishing touches, then it can be given a final wipe down and I can put the storage jars on the shelves.

Then sit back and admire!

I, on the other hand busied myself hanging the washing out to dry and whilst I was in the garden I reached for my camera. Our mahonia is absolutely magnificent this year and providing us with a lovely splash of colour now all the Christmas lights have been packed away.

Most of the garden has bedded down and is ‘slumbering’ nicely but the primulas have come to life and the cyclamen I planted in the autumn continue to provide me with a lot of pleasure each time I go in and out of the front door.

Even the land cress refuses to give in to the cold wet weather and packed with minerals is an added boost to the supergreen soup we make.

If I looked close enough I could see little signs of life here and there – pushing up through the cold, damp earth and decaying leaves.

For all the signs of life in the garden there has been no signs of life down our road today – not one person to nod or speak to. I think it must be hard to be on your own all day and not see a soul so with this in mind I have added ‘call aunty M and my mum for a chat’ to my list.

creating health and wellbeing

I made the physio appointment today for Friday. It isn’t with the guy I had wanted as he is booked until the end of January and I don’t feel my knee will last that long. I am worried to exercise it now and do the wrong ones – I need specific advise from an expert.

I didn’t attend yoga in the end for the same reasons really – too worried I might put too much of a strain on it even though my teacher is good and will adapt postures to suit need.

I did do a meditation session today….yeah! It was difficult at first to quieten down but soon I was drifting away in my own little heaven, like letting soft waves wash gently over you and after doing it and feeling so good I wonder why I don’t do it everyday – who wouldn’t like to feel completely relaxed and on cloud nine all the time. Of course the answer is distractions and interuptions and giving way to a hundred and one other things I feel I must be doing.

At the moment the CD I am listening to came free with this book. The narrator of the seven various meditations has a very calming, unhurried voice who keeps telling me it is OK if my mind wanders or I don’t feel anything in particular. You just feel what you feel, no right or wrong. I am actually looking forward to tomorrow’s session.

I keep munching the apples too and need to stock up with more soon.

My memory though is pathetic – I forgot the weigh in yet again this morning – I am now worried this may be a form of self sabotage, denial even. I do know the reason though – it is simply that my dressing gown is in the laundry system and I have been getting up and dressing straight away so by the time I remember I need to weigh myself I do not want to undress again.

Today for lunch we used up a dish of leftover mashed potato that was in the fridge so as not to waste it – I heated it up in my ceramic green non stick pan and sprinkled over a handful of grated cheshire cheese, cooked a few mushrooms and added a can of baked beans. There was a bit of healthy side to it somewhere I think and it was warming and delicious.

Tonight we are having the remains of the shepherd’s pie with broad beans (steamed of course). Broad beans are packed with protein and fibre as well as being a good source of both folate and B vitamins, and they contain high concentrations of dopamine – for this reason they are being researched as a possible benefit for anyone with Parkinsons disease.

Starting too many changes is not the aim of my game here but I feel that from tomorrow I will make a big effort to become better hydrated by drinking more and see if this makes a difference to my health.

I have never been a big drinker (alcoholic or otherwise) – at work I always had a small china mug, none of these super sized ‘buckets’ for me. Presently I wake up and have to drink a full glass of water to take my tiny Thyroxine tablet and propel it past my gut into my intestine for it to work properly. I then have an hour to wait before food – but I often end up waiting two – I need to know if this is good or bad thing as yet I haven’t read anything that would tell me. I do know that restricting the hours that you eat is beneficial or thought to be – but that will be for me to investigate another day.

After breakfast I have a cup of green tea and another mid morning then it is a cup of ginger tea after lunch. From then on I have ordinary black tea with milk and a mug of hot milk with an added spoonful of slippery elm at bedtime. The slippery elm is good for lining the gut.

You may notice I don’t actually drink any more water other than in my tea so this is what I will try and rectify by having at least one more glass throughout the day.

I desperately need to get down to planning some meals before we have to go shopping again. We will not need very much as our new pantry actually looks stuffed full of food – I cannot believe that so much came out of our kitchen cupboards.

So after just a few days my health and well being changes list now looks like this:-

  • an apple a day – check
  • a meditation session – check
  • green tea, one or more cups a day – check
  • ginger tea, one or more cups a day – check
  • a healthy breakfast -yoghurt and fruit followed by museli – I think it is
  • a healthy lunch – mostly
  • a healthy evening meal – most days

The question is how long can I keep this up??

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  1. Good work on the healthy actions.

    It looks blowy with the laundry flapping. I hunkered down today. Fog the whole day. Doesn’t happen in Sydney. And colder than we normally ever have it in the day.


    1. My Russian neice emigrated to Aussie form England and lives in Sydney. She recently fancied moving to California – she went for a couple of months to try it but came back as it was too cold she said!


  2. Just a query- are you scales actually visible when you get up first thing in the morning? Just as you are aiming to I weigh myself first thing every morning and I cant miss my scales so it is difficult to forget to do so. Interestingly weighing yourself every morning does teach you a lot about how you body reacts to different foods, for example every Sunday I put on around 1lb because on Saturday we have rice for dinner and cheese on toast for lunch the weight gain has disappeared by Monday.


    1. I did it – this morning before I showered or ate and have lost weight. My scales though also run one of those fat/bone/water analysis and I need pen and paper to jot down the results hence I kept forgetting. The scales are just in our shower room. I used to weigh myself everyday when I worked but my routine is different now I am at home. I hear what you are saying about the weight fluctuations and food though. Soya is the thing that seem to blow me up – I am not supposed to have it anyway as it blocks the uptake of the thyroxine medication, but it is now in many foods. Pasta and pastries don’t do much for me either, brown rice is fine and as far as I know cheese too. Taking your blood pressure before and after a food can also indicate a food that you have an intolerance to if it goes up after eating – I have never tried it but it was used on a friend who went into an allergy clinic with impressive results.

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  3. Well done on all you are doing for your wellbeing. I always weigh myself first thing on a Wednesday morning, no matter what sort of a weekend I’ve had eating wise, it’s a stable time to do it. Can’t wait to see your stocked up pantry!


    1. Finishing touches tomorrow on the pantry – need a bright day as it is a small room on the North side of the house and won’t photograph well. I am still faffing and rearranging in there at the moment!


  4. I didn’t realise that you are supposed to wait an hour after taking thyroxine, before eating, nor that soya affects it’s efficacy. We’re eating a lot more soya now as we are eating less meat. Also I always take my tablets with my breakfast. Maybe they aren’t being as effective as they should be as a consequence. Interesting.


    1. I was told by my consultant that as long as you keep on doing the same thing then the thyroxine amount you take will be OK for you. For instance if I want to eat more soya then he might advise taking slightly more thyroxine to cope with the less absorbancy. So I wouldn’t worry too much as if your dose is working then just carry on with what you usually do. My consultant is far more knowledgeable than my GP so I always go with what he advises – he is in Leeds hospital the oncology unit where they are at the cutting edge of the research going on. My GP couldn’t even remember the difference betwen T3 and T4!
      I also read on the Thyroid UK site that some people need more thyroxine in the winter months than summer – maybe because feeling the cold can be one of the side effects of hypothyroidism.
      When I became a bit ‘unbalanced’ a while ago I increased the amount of water I take my tablet with, made sure I didn’t eat for an hour or longer and also switched back to dairy milk from soya milk and I did notice the difference and had more energy on the same dosage.


  5. It sounds like your life has entered the calmer waters that you so wanted it too. I am glad to hear that. I am sure you find a way to incorporate all those things you want to into your day, as you have said it takes time.


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