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I was up, showered and raring to go today. I had a few tasks I wanted to tick off my list and nothing and no-one was going to get in the way. Everything was going quite well; I was making up the guest bed and our own with the freshly ironed linen, DH was in the garage having a much needed tidy up and for once no interuptions.

There were a lot (and I mean a lot) of dust bunnies behind our padded headboard which is covered in a heavy grey linen fabric – we sleep against the chimney breast so I think the warmth creates more dust that sticks to the fabric. I usually deal with it by using the mattress tool attachment on the hoover I hadn’t intended to pull the bed out and clean behind it but once I noticed the dust I couldn’t just leave it to fester (does dust fester? – maybe not). As I cannot move the heavy wooden bedframe by myself I have to wait until DH is around to help. Today was such a day.

By the end of the morning the bedrooms were reasonably clean again and I had two more post it notes to move into the ‘Done’ column of my kanban board leaving me feeling quite pleased with myself. The laundry and receipts are still ‘in progress’ and until these are completed I will not be starting any other project for the time being.

In the afternoon I settled down to enter some more receipts – weeks 47 and 48 and then I went through the pile of Christmas cards to make a note of who had sent one to me this year and who had not. When I do not hear from someone for more than a couple of years it is hard to know if they have moved, died or have just decided not to keep in touch – in fact this year I had heard from everyone on my list and a couple extra who were not. So with this task done I can now progress to cutting up the cards for tags, money envelopes, bookmarks or recycling.

Tomorrow we will need to go shopping and I shall have to make a meal plan. DH has only 3 tasks on his part of the kanban board – peel and chop the oranges for breakfast, put up the coat rack in the laundry room (we used to hang them in the cloakroom that is now the pantry) and return some items for a refund that we did not use in the pantry.

I, on the other hand have 6 tasks to complete – make some birthday cards, ring to book my car in for a service, plant the pack of tulip bulbs still loitering on the laundry room windowsill (a job I never got round to before Christmas and they have set off growing without any soil), cut up the Christmas cards, set up a bank transfer to pay off the credit card bill and of course the already mentioned meal planning.

Mmmmm….it looks like I might have to do some delegating.

Whilst out shopping in TK Max last week, buying the fridge storage trays, I came across these little pottery planters that are to hang on the wall. I am not sure where I will hang them but I am thinking to grow indoor herbs or even just as a vase for fresh flowers.

creating health and well being

I did my meditation session this morning as soon as I woke up and before I got out of bed. I am following week 1 of the Mindfulness for Health CD that I mentioned in my previous post; a body scan meditation where you concentrate on the breath going in and out and then feel yourself breathing into all your different parts in turn from your feet up to your head.

Extremely relaxing.

Once I was up I remembered to do the weigh in and take measurements. My scales also measure the percentage of fat, water, bone density and muscle as well as weight, but I am not altogether sure what the readings mean – I need to research this.

I was at my heaviest last July and I knew straight away when my clothes started feeling that little bit tight. In my wardrobe I have a mixture of size 10 and 12 clothes depending on style and fit – I always go for comfort rather than stick to one size. The NHS website tells me the ideal weight for my height of 5’6″ is between 8st 3lb to 11st that is quite a wide variation. I think around 9st or just under would be ideal for me – so a few pounds to go.

When I had my thyroid removed the shock to my body caused my weight to plummet to under 8 stone in a matter of days and once out of hospital I had to dash down to Sainsbury’s and find some size 8 clothes so I could go out!

Being dependant on thyroxine it is hard to keep your weight stable as my metabolism is now under the control of my medication – take too little or too much and you have weight gain.

It is not my weight that bothers me as much as muscle mass or lack of it. I feel quite flabby in places and I am an unfortunate apple shape which does not help and my waist measurement is something I would rather not talk about but need to do something about. Any weight gain seems to land on my belly which is not good…. so all the research tells me.

Tonight on’ Trust me I’m a doctor’ they tested two groups of people – one doing brisk walking for 30 minutes and the other group 10,000steps over the day. The group doing the brisk walking had slightly better physical results -so I am on to it. 30 minutes each day round the block at a pace. I might even start tomorrow; but on second thoughts maybe I should wait until I see the physio on Friday.

Today I also had more to drink.

Our meals today were homemade tomato and red pepper soup for lunch and because we were quite tired we had a very quick meal tonight of wholemeal spaggetti, cheese sauce and a very large amount of broccoli to try and introduce a little healthiness! And I didn’t forget the apple.

So all good so far – I think I am slowly getting back on track even though I can’t say that I can feel any dramatic changes as yet.

Thank you for all the encouraging comments and advice – much appreciated. x

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  1. Well done on keeping focused. I go by feel of clothes but have noticed a difference in muscle tone and strength with the personal trainer. I really recommend doing so weights. Good for bone density too.


    1. It felt like I had got somewhere for once. The house is starting to look a lot clearer – I am not sure what it is about Christmas that makes me feel a bit overloaded afterwards because we don’t receive many presents to find new homes for – it is more the whole house feels upside down and things get put in the wrong place.


  2. I’m afraid I’ve had a very unproductive day today. It was the first of a few days off and I’m always really tired and take a while to wind down from work mode. I’m hoping tomorrow will be better and I’ll get some jobs done then.


  3. Those little planters are just gorgeous. I think they may be Rae Dunn which is hugely popular in the US. People actually fight over it the shops. I went online to price up a coffee mug which had Mrs Claus written on it….£40. I was a bit shocked to say the least so that won’t be coming to live here.


    1. They were only £4.99 each – maybe they are a copy – I am delighted with them anyway – I would not have paid £40 for them though – maybe I should check my receipt just in case I misread the price!! xx


  4. Glad to hear that you are now able to settle into your rhythm it feels good when we can do that doesn’t it. I think this is a good time of year for deep cleaning and decluttering it has always felt right for me rather than in the spring – I would rather be outside more then.


  5. Wow, My impression is that 9 st for 5’6” is very thin! I am a similar height. Once I was down to about 9.5 stone and people were worried about my health! The people close to me like me best around 10.5 stone (they think I look healthier) but my ideal for fitness reasons is a little closer to 10.


    1. That is interesting because at over 9stone I feel and look heavy rather than fat and I would take a size 14 in clothes if I got much bigger but I do like comfort and don’t like tight things. I was only 8stone for most of my life and felt at my best at 8st 12lb though I think as you age you need a little bit more weight on not to look scrawny so I was settling for 9stone which is about size 12 sometimes a size 10 for me. I do have long skinny legs and even if I put weight on my legs remain skinny the weight always goes on my abdomen – which is not good. Must be down to bone weight maybe – I have a very light frame, small head, narrow feet. I must say that I was surprised that the NHS healthy range for 5’6″was between 8st and 11 stone. 3 stones is a big difference.


        1. I knew they were different as the USA sizes are too. When I was working in fashion it was well known that some stores made their clothes to be sold in Wales with 2″ more on the hips as Welsh women apparently have bigger hips!


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