dear diary :: a bit blustery

Its not hard to spot the difference between the calm photos of the beach I posted yesterday and these. Waves crashing around and the roar of the swell coming before it has to be seen and heard and can feel quite threatening stood so close – so I didn’t linger too long.

I stayed indoors and made red pepper, tomato and basil soup (click on the Recipes tab for the recipe) while the guy we found to fix the garage door came down. We called him at about 9.30am and he came about 11am – not a bad service. We didn’t even have to pay for parts as we could supply him with the cables (in fact both had gone in the end) and the spring just needed respringing rather than replacing.

So one job down. Umpteen to go.

We didn’t make it into town either we kept warm and read instead, so we are going today. I have two birthday cards to get; one for my mum (she will be 94 come Sunday) and one for little Freddie who is just one year old. Then I need to go to the wonderful Homes and Gardens store for jam pot covers and a mooch around – they have a fascinating collection of everything you could possibly want for your house from teapots to drain cleaners.

Then I need haggis and some Scottish pies to take back with me for Burns night.

Surprisingly, the weather is quite calm today and the tide is way out – it did feel like it was coming up into our garden yesterday so I hope not too much land has been lost on the banking around the bay here.

Have a good day everyone and keep warm x

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  1. Amazing waves – even in the photo they are exciting and you’re wise to keep well away! I dearly love crashing waves but at a distance.


  2. I have just had a catch-up read – wow! Nothing is ever simple, is it. It is all so very beautiful there, even with the dramatic waves, the rust and all the problems. I am glad you managed to have a quiet-ish day.

    I hope your visit to town has been enjoyable and that you managed to find all the things on your list. Elaine


    1. I love to see them but not the damage they do. The sea is so powerful and since the death of the couple last year I am mindful not to get too close and be swept away. I need a better zoom lense on my camera!


  3. Could you share your soup recipe? I know we almost have it by looking at the photo but quantities would be good for nervous cooks like me! Do you ever use tinned tomatoes?


    1. I never use tinned tomatoes as I feel they can be quite acidic but I suppose you could and many recipes use them for quickness but I don’t think you can beat the fresh ones for taste. I use about 5 or 6 large ones that are in a pack from Sainsburys – either the organic or Jubilee are good. I will put the recipe on although it is not exact as we tend to vary the amounts.


  4. Love the power of waves. And weather. A tropical storm has just finished here (at my mother’s in south Queensland). Lightening. Heavy, heavy rain. We had 100mm overnight.

    I would also like your recipe, including how you vary ingredients for what effect.

    You seem to get quick service for repairs in Scotland. Quicker than further south would you say?


    1. Have just posted the recipes in the Recipes tab above the header picture with a few notes. Yes when you find someone, and someone willing to travel the 15 miles from the nearest town, they are usually very quick and no call out charges either. We called a plumber out once for a radiator leak on a Sunday morning, came within 30 minutes fixed it and only charged us £20. It must have cost him almost that in petrol to get to us!!

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  5. Such dramatic waves but you are right they are powerful and can do so much damage, you are right to keep your distance! I am glad to hear that you have got the garage door fixed and that it was relatively simple. I hope you list reduces slowly and surely.


  6. It’s incredible how the ocean can change from calm and serene to thundering waves that crash upon the shore. You’re wise to watch from a distance! Meg:)


  7. I love the sound of crashing waves but the vastness and power of the sea scares me. Glad you managed to get the garage door fixed and it wasn’t too big a job. The soup looks delicious. I have never had haggis and never heard of Scottish pies. Do you come from Scotland or is it just a place you’ve fallen in love with over time?


    1. I am married to a Scotsman – his family are all from the Southwest corner although a few emigrated to Australia. We have the vegetarian haggis not sure about the contents of the meat one but they go down well with our English friends!


  8. I do love a mooch around those homeware/hardware stores that seem to stock everything you could want. I hope you found your jam pot covers.
    I need to get our haggis this week. Some whisky too! X


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