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What a beautiful day today – I spent the morning in the garden and it was gloriously sunny and warm and quite calm. The birds were twittering away and it felt like spring had arrived which is not usually this early high up in the Pennines as we are here. The jolly Budha was certainly smiling, yet we all know this kind of weather can be very deceiving and we might suddenly be plunged once again into cold, wet, wind and snow.

With this in mind I didn’t cut back very much of the dead foliage in the garden as it can be quite protective of any harsh weather still to come. I did manage to get the bulbs planted that had started growing indoors in the bag and I also repotted some tiny Irises I bought in Thirsk at the weekend as well as planting out a pot of snowdrops into the small border.

There are bulbs springing up all over the garden now and the Primulas are in full bloom.

Even the pansies have over wintered well this time.

The rhododendron grown by DH’s grandfather and named after him has some nice fat buds waiting to burst open when the time is right. I just hope this year they don’t open too soon and then get hit by later frosts. The one in our Scottish garden which was a cutting from this plant does much better.

I was so glad to see the Clematis I bought last year, and which is still in a pot, has some new leaf buds….an encouraging sign that I have not yet killed it.

In between a bit of gardening and tidying I was running in and out with the washing getting as much done as I could and out on the line while the going was good. DH had taken his car down to our local village garage to have the brake discs done ready for the MOT in April. It has been quite a hefty month or two financially for the cars with both car tax and insurance being paid on top of the recent maintenance costs and an annual service.

This afternoon I went up the road for a cup of tea and a natter with my neighbour. We usualy meet on a Friday but she will be out tomorrow. We spend a couple of hours putting the world to rights and catching up with our news – a lot can happen in a week.

Tonight I am making a cauliflower and broccoli bake for our supper. It is one of my favourite meals in the winter months and quite quick to do. After tea I expect we might just cosy down and watch some TV and maybe an early night. I have just finished my book ‘Confessions of a Bookseller’ by Shaun Bythell – I enjoyed it as much as the earlier one he wrote though I would be very wary of starting a converstion with him should we ever visit his shop in Wigtown, which is round the bay from our cottage, just in case the conversation was ever recorded like many in one of his books!

Tomorrow I still have a million and one jobs to do so we should be having another day at home. Have a relaxing evening…I am! xx

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  1. Your plants bursting into life makes me so jealous. But I’ll see it next year.

    I wonder if the bookseller will have lots of people not wanting to open up anymore, now they might end up in print!


  2. I can’t believe how much colour and growth you have in your garden. The past couple of days have been lovely here, blue sky, sunshine and not a breath of wind, but I have a feeling we may well be in the ‘calm before the storm’ if the forecast is to be believed.

    Putting the world to rights with a friend sounds a perfect way to spend a couple of hours. xx


    1. I found it in my dad’s garden and rescued him before mum sold the house. He is always a happy chappy no matter what the weather. I often creep up on him just to see if his expression ever changes!!


  3. I’m pleased that things have calmed down a little for you after your busy couple of weeks. It always feels good to spend time at home and catch up with jobs.


  4. Fantastic! I cannot wait when spring comes over my place. We are in minus 17degrees Celsius now at nights (Moscow region) Hopefully it won’t last for too long. Maybe a couple of days. Your colourful photos are cheering me up.
    You are that an organised a person, that I can’t think the same of myself. Nonetheless, I like to get some tasks ‘tick off the list’ too. I wish you happy gardening indeed wherever it be indoors for a while or outdoors when the spring and summer in bloom.


    1. Minus 17 is cold! It is rare for the temperatures to drop so low in this country but occasionally it does. As lovely as it was yesterday by nightfall the temperature had plummeted and this morning we awoke to a hard frost – which looks rather nice but not good for the plants.
      I wish I was organised – sometimes I think I just play at it and pretend I am!

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      1. “I just play at it and pretend I am!” >>> I like the way you think, It’s just so adorkable. :))))

        Yes, It’s too cold outside. My gasoline system is now working at its full efforts ( Sorry I don’t know how to say it in English properly) I live in a detached house (in a suburb of Moscow) but with the central heating system driven by gas since it’s cheaper than heating the house with electricity.


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