a word of warning to bloggers

There have been a few times lately when some of the blogs I visit have put up a post and then decided to delete it and I thought maybe I should warn you of the consequences of doing this just in case you did not realise. I am sure you will know this but some bloggers might not.

After a post has been written and published and you then decide to delete it or part of it please bear in mind that although you might have safely deleted it from your blog page it has already been ‘captured’ by the internet and in places where you are not able to delete it from and so can still be read by the public. Think of it like your computer where you might delete a document but it still remains in the rubbish bin and on the hard drive.

I am not talking here of normal ‘editing’ when writing a post prior to publication but when a post has been published and then part of it or the whole of it removed later – these are still visible on some sites.

My advice would be if you don’t want something to be read and visible forever then don’t publish it.

Take care x

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  1. I find my new blog posts via a subscription on Feedly. There the whole post remains visible, no matter how quickly it was deleted.
    Think twice before clicking publish?


    1. Feedly isn’t the only feed this happens on and I am not sure everyone appreciates that these feeds do not delete what bloggers have written and then deleted once they have been published – this is why I have given out this caution because a number of bloggers recently have deleted posts they didn’t want people to read anymore.
      Definitely think twice before clicking publish is my advice.


  2. I knew Feedly did this (because on occasions I’ve clicked Publish when I meant to Save!) I think eventually the post moves out of their cache but it can take some time.

    The old adage will always apply: never ever write something that you would not wish to see on the front of a daily newspaper for all and sundry to see (and that can apply to emails too, not just blog posts – you never know where a supposedly private email is going to get forwarded to).


    1. I can see posts back through last year and beyond in my main feed. I agree with your statement above – there was once an email forwarded at work that shouldn’t have been (not one of mine – I was always extra careful!).


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