dear diary :: a moment’s pause…

Just to let everyone know I am taking a little blog holiday. Nothing is wrong here, we are all good but life, now lockdown is over, is beginning to speed up again and I need to get back up to speed with it and as the saying goes….. ‘something has to give’.

Happy Birthday

Last week I celebrated two things – my 66th birthday and a haircut – two events that brought a bit of normality back into my life. Although we couldn’t get together with all my family and friends on my birthday I had a steady flow of visitors dropping off cards and gifts (and social distancing on the doorstep of course) and phone calls all day.

I hope everyone reading this is also well, enjoying the mildly better weather and the extra freedoms we have – let us hope it continues.

So I will just go on pause for a week or two to gather my thoughts, but I will be back soon.

All the best, love to all xxx

16 thoughts on “dear diary :: a moment’s pause…

  1. Belated Birthday wishes Vivien! Have a lovely break. I am sorry that I haven’t been around to comment much. Things still aren’t back to normal here and I have been no further than the local small Sainsbury’s. All the pre-planning before going out; wearing a mask, hand sanitiser and gloves to the ready and social distancing have kind of taken the shine off ‘freedom’ for me. x


  2. Happy Belated Birthday. It’s good that things are returning to some sort of normality now isn’t it, but I’m having to learn to wind myself up again to keep up 🙂 Enjoy your blogging break. I hope you manage to get to the cottage again soon. xx


  3. Hope you are enjoying your break and managing the transition to whatever normal means! Such strange times require extra thinking time.x


  4. I do hope that all is well with you and all your family.
    I’m missing your posts because they usually give me food for thought and I enjoy your beautiful photos and craft ideas.
    This is not intended to pressurise you but to let you know that you and your blog are appreciated.


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