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Thankfully today the rain stopped at about 11 o’clock and we took our chance to get out for a walk with little Freddie. We have been exploring places we haven’t been before around our village; wandering through some of the older housing estates of 60’s semis and rows of Victorian terraces to reach some of the little lanes that run along the valley bottom or take you up and over the hills, but all of them eventually come to a dead end or a narrow track as they hit the moors. We have discovered many a snicket and one today that was suitable for the pushchair, not all of them are – it is amazing what you find. The growing amount of dog dirt on the paths isn’t amazing though and I managed to wheel the pushchair through some…yuck. DH had to disinfect the wheels when we got home as the pushchair has to be carried backwards and forwards in the car.

We got back at midday and immediately organised some lunch – Freddie loves the celery soup that DH makes, it seems to be his favourite. After lunch Freddie had some quiet time with DH, he didn’t actually fall asleep but I think he recharged his batteries (DH too). Meanwhile I washed up, had a turn around the garden in the warm unexpected sunshine (yes I did say sunshine) and then wrote the menus for the week and a shopping list ready for our shopping trip to the supermarket once Freddie had been collected after tea.

Whilst we are doing the childcare I am keeping meals fairly simple and have decided that trying out new recipes will have to wait as just getting any simple meal together when the tiredness sets in is enough at the moment.

But I feel much brighter today and the sunshine certainly helped to lift my spirits – I feel much more in control after a day’s recovery in the peace and quiet yesterday and a bit of a rush around the house with the duster and the vac. DH made a lentil Shepherd’s pie which thankfully covered tonight’s tea as well.

The shopping was expensive tonight as I bought a large box of washing powder, two tubes of toothpaste on offer and a pack of toilet rolls…..and one of those large tubs of Lurpack butter that was still on offer and will join the two I bought last week in the fridge. I buy as many items as I can when they are on offer and my pantry is groaning with certain staple foods like coffee, teabags and cereal.

Thank you for all your comments on the previous post you really do have some good advice and of course I know my own circumstances during these strange times are not in the least unique and that many of you are having a tough time too, if not far worse. And Jayne – yes I know how fortunate I am and I am truly grateful that I can spend so much of my time with little Freddie – I missed him so much during last year when we had periods when we couldn’t see him and I know when the time comes soon for him to return to nursery I will not want to give him up. It has been so hard for everyone not being able to pop round to see family and friends, to celebrate birthdays or just have a cuppa and a natter at someone’s kitchen table. We never realised what a wonderful life we had before until all this happened.

So that was my day – I am going to bed for my recovery sleep now (beauty sleep has long gone in my case). I shall be glad when my consultant can read my blood tests that I had done in January – he is so behind and I feel like my current medication is a bit on the low side and I need some extra Thyroxine which would also help to alleviate some of the tiredness and lack of energy. As I have no thyroid gland I am reliant on having a balanced amount of Thyroxine and enough to supress any recurrence of the cancer cells. I am even too tired to worry about it!

Tomorrow I am hoping for more sunshine so we can get out again and explore a little more. We are having Freddie for longer and so I have requested his pyjamas so that if he falls asleep after his tea he will be all ready for bed when he gets home.

On the washer front I am dithering – I like the look of three – but how do you choose a good washer – what a shame you cannot try before you buy.

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  1. You need an asterisk with snicket. I had to Google what it is. My new word for today. We have some snickets here. Autocorrect wants to change it to snickers!!!

    Glad you’re feeling better. It is hard to be always up when you are tired.


  2. I so enjoyed hearing about your walk and seeing the lovely photos. As I was wondering what a snicket might be it occurred to me that it might be something we don’t have on this side of the pond. The dog dirt, however, is very familiar. It seems that is a universal problem. It causes constant issues in my neighborhood. Ugh!
    I hope that you are able to catch up on your rest.


  3. I am just the same of you and bulk buy things which are on offer (I spent the first lockdown feeling very guilty I had plenty of loo roll – it had been on offer in January before anyone thought there would be a “big problem” and I had purchased three large packs!)

    You sound a little more relaxed today, which is lovely, and I like your shorter posts which were one of the things you talked about changing.

    Washing machine? I had to get a new one a few months back. Always use I never fuss too much about decisions on these sort of appliances – I choose something mid-price, energy efficient, with enough decent reviews to put me into a “comfort zone”. I like Beko appliances, also Bosch (which is what our new washer is). deliver extremely promptly, we paid to have it fitted so it was carried into the house and everything sorted very quickly.


  4. I’ve just had to replace our washing machine and also bought it from A.o, we paid £20 extra for them to take our old one away. I bought a Hotpoint this time,usually have Bosch but they were so expensive! The hotpoint one has a bigger drum and 1600 spin which I liked and a more reasonable price.


  5. The big washing machine dilemma! They always have too many programmes but you’re never sure what they’ll actually do. We seem to go between Bosch and AEG. I now look for how easy – or not – they are to clean in terms of the door seal and the detergent drawer. Snicket is a new word for me too. Up here we have close, pend, and a very local one – posie. This has been such a tiring 10 days or so. Very much the dregs of winter but not quite spring and with added Covid thrown in. My mood got a huge boost yesterday with the arrival of the famous blue envelope with my 1st vaccination appointment. Being in Group 7 I thought I would be called in April, and it was such a surprise that I burst into tears!


  6. I’ve never heard of a snicket, well apart from Lemony Snickets of course., but what a lovely word. We have Weinds in the town I live in that seem to fit the same criteria.


  7. Those little snickets look charming. I agree about the dog dirt. I always pick up after my dog, but sadly not everyone does. They give the rest of us dog owners a bad name.


  8. So glad you had some sunshine and that it has helped to put a better spin on your day…even if your energy levels aren’t quite what you need them to be (though chasing a toddler all day is more than enough reason for your fatigue). Hope you are able to get a reading from the consultant sooner rather than later. Keeping those T levels where they need to be is too important to put off getting answers for long. Take care of yourself.


    1. A bit of sunshine is all it takes sometimes – though it was quite cool and very windy today so we had a much shorter walk. I have a feeling I am quite hypothyroid at the moment – I am dragging myself around.


  9. Glad to hear you are sounding better. You needed a rest after your extra-busy week. The sun helps and the nice walks. Hope you hear from your doctor soon – take care!


  10. Lovely pictures. I was wondering about your TSH and free T 4 levels. Usually, when I get mine they are done within 24 hours. It seems unusual that he is taking that long to look at them. Can you call or do you have a patient portal that you can go to and see the results yourself?


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