dear diary :: progress (maybe)

There may be progress but I am not sure – DH continued in the utility room today – for one of the smallest rooms in our house we are experiencing far too many problems. The hot water pipe was disconnected and a new piece of that white plastic stand pipe purchased ( the one at the back of the machine that you hook the rubber hose into for the water to drain away) as it needed to be a few centimetres taller for this new washer (wouldn’t you just know it). DH came out of Wickes yesterday with the wrong circumference size in error and luckily I spotted it as he was loading it into the car so he had to return it only to find the 40cm he needed was out of stock. Back to B&Q.

When he was replacing the pipe into the ‘U’ bend trap or whatever it is (see how technical I am here) it did not fit and he realised the old pipe had at sometime been modified and rammed in – but not very well. So back again to town this morning to get a new trap thingy. That is all in place now and the wallpaper steamer was rolled out to remove the old wallpaper and paint which has been flaking off with all the moisture in there. The paint came off like a dream in the kitchen and dining room right down to the bare plaster – in the utility it is not budging… inch!

The washer comes on Friday and DH has not even started on the flooring yet.

I took Master Freddie out for a walk; down to the village to post a letter and then round the back way, which is a little longer than going straight home, to give DH more time to himself. I didn’t take any photographs today but I do have some from last week’s walk when we went through the pleasure grounds and I snapped a few more snickets and ginnels, so I will show you these.

The pleasure grounds were made for the mill workers and run alongside a stream that once served the old dye mill further up the valley – we used to live over the bridge on the other side. You follow a winding path through a wooded glade along the valley bottom.

Evidence here and there of a little yarn bombing or is it pom-pom bombing?

And many fairies live here…..

As well as some pretty frightening animals.

Eventually you pass the waterfall and come to a small fenced playground at the end which is well used by the little ones. Just a swing, a slide and a rocker but they provide hours of entertainment.

As we leave the pleasure grounds we are in a very old part of the village with some lovely old cottages……

….and the old co-op – established in 1827, it was one of the first co-operative societies and was formed nearly 20 years before the more famous Rochdale Society of Equitable Pioneers. It is unusual to find Georgian buildings in and around Huddersfield, which is mainly dominated by the heavy Victorian buildings, so this little Georgian terrace is one of my favourites.

And this is what I would call a ginnel – a passage way between a row of terraced houses that leads you round to the back.

This house has an even more unusual ginnel not only leading to the back of the house but also to the downstairs.

We made our way back through the maze of snickets which link this old part of the mill village to the main town and the main road. Pushing a pram up here was quite a workout.

Master Freddie will be here tomorrow – it is playdoh day I think. I am sure he would rather help out with the paint stripping so I have to keep him distracted – playdoh will do just that! I hope.

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  1. That’s certainly a work out with a buggy and an interesting walk for your grandson, hopefully your husband will be able to sort out the floor by Friday. Take care margaret


    1. Sometimes it can feel dark and depressing with all the heavy Victorian gothic buildings and most of our cottages are more terraced housing built for the mill workers – and it is very built up in this area – but there a a few nice corners left.


  2. Some things are never easy…and always its seems when there is a deadline involved. Wishing best of luck for DH.

    You certainly don’t need to find a gym to get fit. Pushing Master Freddie in a pram up and down those hills is a tough workout. But good that you have interesting places to walk. Good luck with playdoh day…just keep it away from any carpets. It is as difficult to remove from carpet as the paint in your utility room. Ask me how I know… 🙂


  3. It’s always the smallest spaces and what appear to be the simplest of jobs that cause the most problems isn’t it 😦

    That looks like a lovely walk with Master Freddie, does the fresh air tire him out enough to give you an hours rest when you get back?


    1. The paint that won’t come off is a mystery – not had that before – I must look in my painting record notes and see what on earth it was that we used.
      Tire him out – not on your life but I am almost horizontal when we get back home.


  4. Lovely to come along on this walk with you and Freddie. Fascinating to see the ginnels and snickets. Sorry you are having so many problems in the utility room hope they are soon sorted. Sarah x


  5. My husband is good at DIY but loathes plumbing jobs. We never seem to have the right bits for the job, despite having a box full of plumbing stuff!


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