creating Christmas * day 4…the Christmas film

Everyone has their favourite one don’t they?

Years ago on Christmas Eve when the children were about 8 and nine we would attend our Church crib service at 4 o’clock and then go into town to the local cinema to watch a Christmas film – for some reason it was never very busy. Afterwards, we would have a Pizza at one of the Pizza chains and both events were a great treat for the girls and after days of rushing around a lovely way for us all to wind down together and begin Christmas.

This was eventually superceded by the purchase of our first DVD player one year just before Christmas and the first DVD we watched was the National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. It is this film that has become our family Christmas film; in fact Christmas would not be Christmas without it. We watch it at some point every year – though often we each watch it separately now our girls have their own homes and children. Over the years as you can imagine we have become word perfect but their partners like DH are still mystified as to why we still howl with laughter at the moment the Griswald lights are switched on and Aunt Bethany wraps up the cat for a present! (It must be a girl thing).

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Now we have a whole Christmas channel on the TV so we can watch as many Christmas films as we want to at any time of day in the run up to Christmas. I find they are great to watch when ironing or baking, but my favourites are always films like Little Women, in any of the versions, and more recently The Christmas Candle has been added to my list.

So when I woke up to the grayest of days with lashing rain I knew today was the day to snuggle down on the sofa, light the candles and switch on the twinkly lights and watch my Christmas film – not forgetting to make the moment a little more special with a mug of hot chocolate and indulge in one of the recently bought Ecclefechan tarts.

Have a lovely weekend x

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  1. Such a wild day weather-wise so instead of going out for our anniversary we sat down to a Christmas film, a glass of wine and a tray of nibbles. Our film of choice was Last Christmas, and we both really enjoyed it … 2nd time of viewing for Alan and 4th for me, and it was just as good.

    I haven’t watched Animal Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation for a couple of years so I’ll be giving it another watch soon. My absolute ‘must see’ every year is A Christmas Carol, in any version except the Muppets!!


    1. Happy Anniversary – a good decision to stay in. I haven’t seen Last Christmas – will look out for it. I love A Christmas Carol too – not seen any version this year but will have to remedy that soon. 🎄


  2. Not a great fan of the traditional favourites but Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas IMHO without viewing my favourite, “Love Actually”, a feel good movie if there ever was one. Everyone finds love in the last half hour!


  3. I’m not really one for watching films, so I’ve never seen that one but I love your tradition of watching it each year, especially if it involves hot chocolate. X


  4. Just catching up on some blogs after a wee break… Jules we are not big film watchers here, so don’t have that tradition. I grew up without a TV so I guess it was unlikely to become part of my Christmas. I love the idea of things that you do every year and your afternoon on the sofa on a grey, wet day sounds perfect.


  5. For us it’s The Snowman and Father Christmas, closely followed by Miracle on 34th Street and The Muppets’ Christmas Carol.
    There are so many to choose from though.


  6. I had every intention of watching lots of Christmas films in the lead up to Christmas this year, but I have managed only 3 so far (by 20th December!). I watched the most recent version of Little Women the other week and really enjoyed it. My favourite Xmas film that I’ve watched this year was Last Christmas.


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