dear diary >> just a quick hello…

Just thought I would pop by to say a quick hello. Life has been turbulent here – hence the lack of posts.

I apologise for anyone linking through for the Scraphappy Challenge and seeing nothing new – since my previous posts written from our cottage in Scotland in March I came home with lots of plans and raring to go only to be struck down with illness and I am unfortunately not well enough yet to carry on blogging. Hopefully, the results of both the CAT scan and MRI will reveal the problems and things might begin to look up.

I miss everyone so much and hope all is well with you.

Take care, xx

19 thoughts on “dear diary >> just a quick hello…

  1. Viv, you are in my thoughts. Hoping you get answers to your health issues and the best care to help in a recovery. xo


  2. dear viv, please take care dearest lady, and do not worry about us out here in blogland. we shall be here when you can return. please take one day at a time and breathe deep. positive thoughts to you and yours.


  3. Oh my, I hope you get to the bottom of this, and can then the doctors can provide treatment. Do take care, I miss hearing from you. Sending love and light. Christina


  4. So sorry to hear you are unwell, hope the medics find a solution soon. Take care and rest. Sarah Browne.


  5. Thinking of you and hoping things improve very soon. It was a lovely surprise to see that you had posted on your blog today.


  6. I am very sorry to hear you haven’t been well. I have missed your wonderful posts. I am sure the Dr’s will be able to resolve your health issues and get you back to your normal self very soon. Take good care of yourself and know that many are thinking of you and sending positive thoughts!


  7. So sorry to hear you are not well, it sounds like something quite serious too. Don’t worry about blogging until you are able to and want to, but just a quick ‘hello’ every now and then would be appreciated for all of us that care about you.

    Look after yourself. xx


  8. Been thinking of you, wondering if everything was OK? So “Hello” back at ya ☺️ but so sorry to hear that you are poorly enough that those scans have been quickly arranged.

    Crossing fingers and toes that you get some answer soon and your problems can be fixed.
    Ditto everything Sue said above. xxx


  9. I am so sorry to hear that you have been so unwell and that life has been so turbulent for you. I really hope that you get some answers soon and things are more settled for you too.


  10. So sorry to hear that you are unwell , please look after yourself , I hope the tests give you positive answers . Just have a bit of peaceful time when you can. Xx


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