dear diary >> a big thank you

Sorry it has taken me so long to type this post and say a big thank you for all your lovely well wishes – reading them has been a much needed source of comfort at the moment. I cannot tell you much more, but tomorrow I see my GP, though I suspect she may not have my results yet so I am no further forward.

The last two months have been a bit of a blur with more than a dash of frustration thrown in. The wheels of the NHS are grinding slowly in our region with many instances of my receiving conflicting letters, messages and advice which do not help the situation – at some point I fear the disorganisation will come to a head which is a shame as the staff are obviously working hard but it seems a case of the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing.

I hope everyone is well and enjoying the holiday – it is quiet on our road and down in the village with most of our neighbours taking the opportunity to go away for the week. I spend my time doing what little I am able and find myself longing for the busyness of life that I once had (and probably constantly moaned about!) The phrase be careful what you wish for springs to mind as I remember only a couple of months back yearning for the quiet time we had during lockdown! Now it is here I am not so sure I meant quite so quiet – the difference in lockdown being that I was very able and productive.

Hopefully, I will be joining in again blogging and commenting, but until then take care everyone and have a great Jubilee. xx

15 thoughts on “dear diary >> a big thank you

  1. is positive to see you here dear lady with some written words for us to read and share. thank you for that. our thoughts are with you and hopefully good news in the forecast. take care and know you are appreciated very much


  2. Lovely to hear your feeling well enough to write. Hopefully the nhs will have conclusive results soon, and you get the plan to full recovery. Don’t overdo it though. Vivian


  3. It’s good to hear from you again. It’s so frustrating when the poor old NHS creaks along – hope things are soon sorted for you. Love and prayers x


  4. I like your positive attitude! Just keep away from negative thoughts and enjoy life whatever form of it comes your way.


  5. Lovely to hear from you again. Sorry to hear that the creaking NHS has been a source of distress for you. I do hope you are able to get answers sometime soon. Thinking of you at this difficult time.


  6. Hope you get some results soon, and can start to map out a path forward. Sometimes the not knowing, the waiting, can be as bad as whatever you’re feeling?

    Thinking of you, xx


  7. It is lovely to hear from you again. I meant to comment on your previous note but there seems to be problems with blogger and commenting at the moment, so I can only do it when I’m on the desktop, which doesn’t seem to be that often. Whilst we have an awful lot to thank the NHS for I do appreciate how worrying and frustrating it can be with wheels that turn very slowly at times. I do hope you get your results soon and then at least you can perhaps start to plan what you need to do next. Take care 🙂


  8. As always, you are in my thoughts. Hope that you may have gotten some answers from your GP yesterday. The frustration of waiting for answers and action is an added burden at a time when there is enough on your plate. Wishing you better days ahead. xo


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