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Goodness don’t the years roll by. Another birthday has landed today, another year older… though probably not any wiser.

I was up and about at 6am to enjoy the cool air in our back garden. Breakfast outdoors is quite a novelty for us as normally it might be too cold, cloudy, wet or windy – today it was just right but even as I type the temperature is increasing and very soon we will be scuttling back indoors to cool off; our living room being the coolest part of the house once the sun moves round.

Some friends are coming round early to beat the heat. I have decided against making the fruit scones I had planned – it is far to risky to put the oven on – the kitchen will be like an oven soon enough. What a shame we cannot bottle this heat for the winter months to save on our bills!

I had a complete overhaul at the osteopath’s yesterday – my back problems are not doing too badly but in the course of conserving my back I have managed to do something to both my shoulder and knee whilst bending and over reaching. Added to which my neck is so tight and this has affected my jaw and I have woken up a few mornings with it a bit displaced. My lovely therapist worked on everything yesterday to try and bring some relief to the discomfort but I find any movement at the moment quite difficult. Walking, which was good for my back is now aggravating my knee, the cat / cradle exercises I did daily for my back are not possible because of my shoulder. I feel I am falling apart and learning to moderate my activity and movement to prevent further problems is a struggle.

DH, meanwhile, stripped the beds yesterday then washed and ironed the sheets and duvet covers. My contribution to the housework is limited to the dusting and writing a shopping list.

Our improvements in the home and garden and to life in general continue. If you remember Improvement is my focus word this year – some improvements are bigger than others but all of them have added quality to our life in some way. Painting the greenhouse has been on the list a while but often when we have the time the weather is against us. This week DH managed to apply 3 coats to the front and one side but has had to lay his brushes down at the moment due to this intense heat. It now matches the shed and I love the transfromation. It should also preserve the wood at the same time.

The back garden has a few pretty corners amongst the mess. I planted bush tomatoes, cougettes and potatoes this year as well as a few varieties of salad leaves and radishes.

Thank you once again for all your lovely comments – both those of well wishes for my ailments and for the hand made cards. And yes Sue we learn just how much we need our backs to be good and strong and in working order – I am slowly learning how to use mine better. It is not easy after giving it a lifetime of abuse…too much gardening, bending and sitting at computers.

My computer time is limited now so I am using the time to post rather than comment or answer comments at the moment. Normal service might well resume one day!

Have a good day x

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  1. That is so true about how much we use out backs and never realize till some thing goes wrong. Hopefully, day by day, improve. It’s certainly a slow pace though. Happy Happy Birthday!! Your garden and greenhouse look really lovely. I’ve been reading about your historic heat and wowza! It’s hot. Of course, here in Northern California it’s also hot but that’s typical this time of year although I think it’s going longer than typical.


  2. Happy Birthday 🙂

    I’ve been getting up early too and throwing open all windows and doors to let the heat of the night out and the cool of the morning in, before trapping it with drawn curtains. I’m struggling to maintain the cool today though, once again I will be watching television tonight with my feet in a bowl of cold water.


  3. You are so right – I think many of us are guilty for taking our body for granted until the over-use is too much to ignore. I know I am definitly guilty of that.

    Many Happy Returns – hope it has been a lovely day for you, despite all you are dealing with at present. xx


  4. Hope you had a wonderful birthday, I feel for you as I have osteoarthritis and I find it’s little and often for me. Woke up this morning to 10 degrees lower what a relief! The last two days have been unbearable!


  5. Belated Happy Birthday. The greenhouse and garden are looking beautiful. Hope you had a lovely birthday.


  6. Sending all good vibes. Bits are unfortunately attached to other bits and if one part of the skeleton is out of kilter, it’s surprising how many other bits start complaining. Fingers crossed that you get some relief.

    Also – the pics are awesome!


  7. belated birthday wishes. Sorry for the back issues, really not fun or nice.
    The greenhouse looks beautiful, as does your garden. x


  8. Belated birthday greetings, Viv. Sadly, it seems one can begin fixing one part of the body only to have another (or several others) start complaining because it/they has/have been taking the strain of the other injury/problem. Know that issue only too well. Hope that you get some relief from the shoulder pain soon.


  9. I’m loving your shed … we have two and both are that boring dark oak, I guess its a step up from the ‘orange’ look. It must be so frustrating for you not being able to do the things that you love. I’m glad you are at least managing to do a little crafting and blogging and have a good supportive other half. take care 🙂


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