dear diary >> a sad, sad day

I am still in shock at the news today about our dear Queen – it is an historic moment and my heart goes out to her family. I was born in 1954 two years after Elizabeth became Queen so she is all I have ever known and it is somehow like losing a granny. She is the same age as my mum who was married in the same year and my older brother was born in the same year as Prince Charles.

I really wish King Charles well – it will be a challenge to step into his mother’s shoes. I wonder what lies ahead with a new monarch and new prime minister in the same week – only time will tell – but there is a feeling life will not be quite the same without our Queen – just as she pledged all those years ago she has served us well and she will be remebered for many things including her lovely comic pieces with James Bond and Paddington.

God Bless dear lady and rest in peace, your duty is done.

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  1. So sad. She’s been a constant throughout my life too. King Charles served such a long ‘apprenticeship’ learning the ropes as well as having time to mellow on his forthright opinions, I’m sure we will be fine.

    She will be very missed by so many. 🌹


  2. We will really miss her presence in our lives and the lie of our country. A hard act to follow and I wish Charles all the very best as he steps up to fill those big, big shoes – and the rest of the family as they support him in this.


  3. It doesn’t seem real somehow does it, she’s reigned for such a long time that I don’t think anyone could imagine a time when she wasn’t here. She’s done a brilliant job and devoted her life to the country right to the very end, we couldn’t have asked any more from her. She will be missed.


  4. Being in the US, I spent all morning yesterday following the news (BBC/The Guardian) online. Cried when her death was announced. Growing up in the UK (born the same year as Princess Anne), it seemed the Queen was always part of my life. When she was driven from Windsor to Buckingham Palace, her car used to pass the road I lived on in London, so I sometimes saw her, Charles and Anne passing by. Never missed the Trooping of the Colour as a child–standing on the curb of the Mall as she went by on horseback or seeing her in Princess Margaret’s wedding day procession. Always lovely, dedicated, steady and, in more recent years, displaying her well-honed sense of humour. Her life was a master class in grace, service and humanity.

    As Paddington Bear put it yesterday in a tweet, “Thank you, ma’am. For everything.”


  5. I have always admired the Queen as a calm, stoic example when everything else was falling apart! As the Queen of Canada and other Commonwealth countries, she was loved and will be missed. I thought the monarchy might dissolve after Elizabeth, unless perhaps the crown went straight to William. Given the initial response to King Charles, I am not so sure. It seems he will be given a fair chance.

    Members of the Armed Forces and new citizens have to swear an oath to the Queen, which was controversial in recent years – I wonder about its future.


  6. Queen Elizabeth was a wonderful lady who kept the promise she made to us as a nation all those years ago. Rest in Peace.
    Thoughts and prayers now for King Charles and the rest of the royal family as they mourn their personal loss of mamma and granny.


  7. My condolences. I was 5 when she became queen, and while not MY queen, I’ve always thought of her as a true lady and English patriot.


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