dear diary >> it’s been a while…

Somehow time escapes me and although I never intend to have a blog break I often find that my life is just not geared up for being consistent….about anything. I have quite a valid reason for my sudden disappearance this time… some point, just after my last post in August, before the sad announcement about our dear Queen and at the time when my back problems were much improved I fell….backwards…… from a height…..directly onto my back and not only damaged all that was nicely on the mend but I am now suffering more pain particularly around my coccyx area and the numbness in my feet and legs came back with avengence.

When I was checked over after the accident I was found to have a significantly raised blood pressure of 221/177 which would not come down again and was ordered to see my GP immediately! Daily readings had to be taken over a week or two and slowly the figures reduced to a more reasonable level and now after a lot of walking, rest and meditation it is back to my normal level of 120/70 for most of the time but for some reason my pulse remains a little higher than usual at 70 beats a minute rather than 50 to 60 beats per minute. The GP says that 70 is still good but to me it feels like it is going at a bit of a gallop, but I can live with that.

Last week we managed a trip to Scotland but had to have an overnight hotel stay in Carlisle both ways to break the journey – an expensive exercise but one that prevented further back problems as travelling in the car does bring on the pain and stiffness quite quickly.

As you might imagine after a few months of neglect the garden resembled a tropical rainforest which we had to fight our way into. So much had grown and many of the plants were laced with goosegrass. DH had to do most of the work on his own to try and tame back the overgrowth amongst the undergrowth.

Meanwhile, I could only potter but managed this one border that runs alongside the lane and was full of weeds, dying stems of plants that have finished flowering and grass from strimming the verge (which is done by our neighbour’s gardener but he only cuts it when it has grown long and then never clears away the strimmed grass). It took me all week in short shifts as gardening is the most difficult thing for me to do at the moment. So this was the before…

…and after….

Thank goodness for the colourful hydrangeas at this time of year – they certainly brighten up any garden and I cut a few of the heads to dry and bring home.

There was an abundance of apples on the Bramley tree and the Braeburn I planted a couple of years ago had born a wonderful harvest of fruit.

Surprisingly, we had little trouble from the new neighbour……there had been changes though and the bright yellow barrier has been put in place at the top of the lane that we share but it was open all the time we were there and no sign of a padlock…however, we cannot be sure if he still intends to lock this ‘gate’ in the future against our expressed wishes that we do not want a locked gate on our right of way unless he obtains a Court Order and it is unlikely from previous cases and the legal advice we have received that the courts would rule in his favour. A locked gate would prevent any of our guests and deliveries having access without being given a key and as a previous Judge said in a recent similar case ‘one cannot be handing out keys to every Tom, Dick or Harry that might visit’. Access for disabled visitors to the cottage would be far too difficult which would not be acceptable either.

It was good to be back at the cottage (for new readers – we presently stay in a caravan on site whilst the cottage undergoes some renovations). We had plenty of sea air and a few lovely walks around the sleepy village and down to the harbour and then along Shore Street to the Low Road that runs adjacent to the shore – it is much more sheltered along this pathway when there are cold winds. We cannot access the beach from our cottage at the moment as the winter sea moved some very large rocks around and cut off our access. Hopefully the winter sea this year might roll them back again.

So we are now back at home but it will be brief as we are now preparing to go and visit my mum for a few days whilst my sister is on holiday. Before we go I have soup to make and apples to cook and freeze so I had better get a move on.

I hope everyone is quite well and keeping warm. I am following along with you all on your blogs and will get back to commenting soon, I promise. If you are reading this I hope you are feeling better Lyssa and I am looking forward to your challenge Sue (we almost stopped in Garstang on Monday but decided on Chorley in the end) and love your new title Jules and the pictures of Mull – Scotland is quite a magical place isn’t it – I feel quite refreshed after our visit. And to everyone else have a lovely week and enjoy the sunshine…. if you are lucky enough to have some.

Back soon x

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  1. Sending all hugs and I hope that you feel better soon. A fall shocks the system, independently of any damage, and I’ve heard it described as the soul being shocked out of the body and needing time to settle back.

    And all the sympathies with goosegrass. It is surprisingly prickly as well as tenacious. I believe that it is edible, though I couldn’t face trying it.

    LM x


  2. Sorry to hear of your fall and hope you will heal soon. Lovely photos as usual, I do enjoy hearing all about your Scottish sojourns!


  3. Oh no! I’m so sorry to hear about your accident and your continuing health issues. I hope you can manage to find some relief from your discomfort. I love your autumnal photographs, especially the new header.
    Thank you. Yes, I will definitely return to Mull again in the future, but I would love to travel a little farther north first. X


  4. Oh no, your fall is definitely something you could have done without, just as your back was starting to improve. I do hope you get some relief again soon. That sea air will have done you good, though the ongoing stress with your neighbour is definitely something you could do without.


  5. Sorry to hear about your fall. It sounds very nasty. I’m sure the stress and pain it caused didn’t help with regard to your blood pressure. I’m glad things are getting back to normal for you. Your garden in Scotland is beautiful. I’m glad that you managed to get up there again. Have a lovely time at your Mum’s.


  6. Oh gosh, what a bad time to fall, I do hope you are slowly recovering now. What a shame you didn’t stop in Garstang, but I believe Chorley is lovely too, and a smidge closer to the motorway. I hope the neighbour continues to behave himself.


  7. I am so sorry to hear about your fall, I do hope you are ok now. It sounds incredibly painful. I am glad to hear that you managed to make it up to your house in Scotland and you managed to sort the garden out a little bit.


  8. I am glad you are on the mend, and are mindful of your limits – that will really help. It’s good that your cottage still calls to you and you’ve maintained that commitment. Have a good Autumn (I won’t say Fall)!


  9. Oh my goodness what a nasty accident to have on top of your other back problems. I really sympathise, as I suffer with my back too. Wishing you a speedy recovery.


  10. I hope you’re feeling better. Your border looks lovely, it’s frustrating when you have to go at a slower pace, but it does get done. Hydrangeas are gorgeous.


  11. I love your photos particularly the bench with the sea view, I think I would find it hard to leave that view at the end of the day! Just stunning/


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