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One of the most pleasurable tasks on my Christmas list is making the cake. We are not a fan of the very dark rich and sticky fruit cakes but much prefer a rather more mellow cake with plenty of ‘cake’ around the fruit. The recipe that I have used for years called the ‘Virtualy Organic Christmas cake’ just fits the bill – it has equal amounts of currants, raisins and sultanas and chopped dried unsulphured apricots instead of candied peel.

And plenty of brandy.

Last year was the first year using my new oven and I felt the cake was a tad overdone but this year with a bit of fine tuning with the temperature and using the circotherm setting it turned out much better. We have unintentionally started a new tradition with the grandchildren – I put marzipan and white roll out icing on top of the cake ready for the three grandchildren to add the decorations of their choice on Christmas Eve.

This was Christmas 2020 when Little L decorated the cake for us with these lovely decorations from B&M ….

And Christmas 2021 when Sweetie and Freddie were old enough to join in and they added the Christmas tree candles.

This year I found some snowmen and penguins in the same range to add to the collection – I can’t wait to see their finished effort.

We had Freddie all day today from 8.15 this morning until 6.30 tonight to give mum and dad a bit of free time. As you can imagine we are totally exhausted and will spend the rest of the evening doing some relaxing TV viewing if we can find anything we want to watch. To say there are more channels than ever there is often little on that we want to watch and we find ourselves switching over to BBC iplayer to watch Inspector Montalbano and are currently wading through all 37 episodes. They do require concentration though to keep up with the subtitles but if I fall asleep I can wind it back.

I thought I felt a cold coming on this morning – I had bouts of sneezing and a sore throat and quickly reach for the high strength Vitamin C. There seems to be a bit of a pattern to all this at the moment – I am not well and out of action for a while….I then recover and life suddenly becomes hectic….perhaps too hectic as we try to catch up on things that got left when I was under the weather. We then become overtired and stressed trying to fit too much in and then before I know it I start to feel poorly again. Tomorrow will be a busy day I have cards to make and will need a quick trip into town then a 30th birthday party to get ready for (my friend’s daughter) with an early start of 5.30pm for a chocolate surprise and mocktails.

Sunday we will be visiting my mum who is not good at the moment – she seems to be confused (though she won’t admit it is her) and a bit more agressive towards the people helping her. She asked her hairdresser to perm her hair and cut it much shorter. Mum is now claiming the perm hasn’t taken and that the hairdresser didn’t cut her hair at all. The hairdresser is naturally upset at the accusation.

The community nurses going in to dress the ulcer on her leg are now at their wits end because she keeps removing the dressings and bandages and sticking an ordinary plaster on the wound. It is now infected. The doctor made a home visit this week to look at her leg and ran a few memory type tests while she was there. She has concern over two of the tests that mum failed but she was OK on many of them. She thinks she may have a urine infection that can cause confusion in the elderly. My sister is so stressed with it all and is going away for a few days.

Once we have seen mum we will be staying over with my daughter so we can wait in for a delivery and possibly meeting up for an hour or two with my SIL who will be up in the area visiting one of her relations. Then it will be back home for my hospital appointment, the ultra sound scan on my shoulder and a delivery of our own (the TV stand).

It will be Thursday before we will be able to draw breath! I am beginning to think that we might not be ready in time for Christmas! How are you doing?

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  1. You do sound very busy, and it won’t slow down until the end of the month. I’m sure. Hope you make it through the next three weeks!


  2. Well, I admit, I am tired just contemplating your schedule! Think I used up all my energy on a recent holiday, so it is just as well that that there is almost nothing planned until Christmas Eve at our DD’s home with some other family members. All the grandchildren’s gifts have been ordered and are starting to arrive, so only need to wrap them. One DiL is a first class baker, so no need for me to add any more calories 🙂 …though I’ll probably make mince tarts for Christmas Eve. Do take care of yourself. Wishing all of you the best of luck in dealing with Mum.


  3. I hope you are managing to find some time for yourself, in between Christmas preparations and taking care of family members. With your mum being ill it is bound to be a stressful time for you all.
    I have pared back on certain things to allow a little more time for fun and relaxation, but with a busy schedule, I am beginning to think I’ve still overstretched myself. Xx


  4. I think those unintentional traditions are often some of the nicest. Your cake sounds delicious and looks almost too pretty to eat with the lovely decorations.
    My heart goes out to you, your mum and sister. I well remember going through this with my mom many years ago. So difficult and sad for all involved. I hope you are able to find moments of rest and joy among all the busyness.


  5. So sorry to hear about your Mum, we are going through exactly the same with my Mum at the moment and it really is hard to cope with. I think some of it with my Mum is caused by tiredness or infections as she has cellulitis, and she really improves whenever she is put onto antibiotics for the regular infections. Last week she jumped out of her skin when we arrived as she said she wasn’t expecting us, I had phoned the day before to confirm our weekly visit as I always do. The same day she also accused my brother of lying to her and not telling her that he had Covid, after he phoned to say his car had broken down on his way to her house and he had to ask the RAC to take him home while his car was left at the garage. S
    We never know what the truth is, and what is just guessed at or made up, it’s very confusing, but does mean that me and my brother are communicating a lot more with each other than we ever have before.


  6. Sounds like you’ve got a lot going on at the moment. I hope it is just a urinary infection that is affecting your mum and she’s feeling a lot better soon. Looking forward to seeing what the children put on the cake this year.


  7. I am sorry to hear about the issues with mum. So heartbreaking when it happens. I hope too that cold didn’t take a hold and make you feel worse. Wishing speedy recovery and that things will work out for mum.
    Lovely Christmas cake and so nice that the youngest are involved in the decorating.


  8. Hello dear Viv,
    Happy Christmas to you and your family. I wish you all a lot of merrymaking. Although I can’t circumvent aside your mum’s suffering. You wrote this post on Dec 2. How is she now? I hope she’ll improve soon. Wishing her a speedy recovery.
    Many hugs and kisses
    Stay healthy,


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