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I thought I would drop by to wish everyone a very happy and healthy New Year 2023. We will be celebrating as usual with our closest of friends that live locally – just a very informal get together.

I find New Year’s Eve is very much a time of reflection and it has been lovely to look back on some of the photos and remind myself that although 2022 has not been the best of years for us there have been bright moments amongst the gloom and I have achieved quite a lot.

We managed a lovely family holiday in Scarborough and celebrated my elder daughter’s graduation in December when she received her MSC in Environment and Development from Leeds University, which she has been studying for part time over the last 6 years or so whilst working, being pregnant and looking after little Freddie; having to struggle on with her studies during the Covid months and having Covid herself was an added test of her resilience – so we are so proud of her ability to soldier on and gain her masters degree.

My focus word for the year was ‘Improvement’ and each month I documented little things that had improved. I began in January by making a list of some areas that I felt needed improvement to make my life and the household run better and simpler…..

‘Buy things before you need them’ – I am very organised when it comes to keeping one in hand with such things as toothpaste and shower gel, I cannot remember a time when we have ever run out but buying a present for someone’s birthday, or a new outfit for an event and I confess I can leave it to the last minute.

Tie up loose ends each day ‘- I have this maddening habit of working on something but then not quite getting to finish it and I have to put it aside – often because I am either distracted or interupted by such things as phone calls, making meals or having to move onto something more urgent….or life can sometimes just get in the way. It can be a few days or even weeks before I can get back to a task by which time I have forgotten exactly what I was doing. My plan was to get better at trying to finish what I start.

Being more prepared‘, especially when going shopping – sorting out coupons and vouchers in advance and checking the fridge and freezer and store cupboards so I don’t over buy.

The ‘one hour pottering and putting away session‘ – I do this first thing in the morning whilst I wait for an hour before I can eat after I take my thyroid medication.

I made a real effort on each one and if I stick to them my life runs more smoothly but it was difficult keeping this up when I had a bad back and then the Covid struck in November and rendered me useless. Now the busyness of Christmas is over I will be practising these habits once again in the new year.

Each month I also made small practical improvements around the house and garden and to our diet and health. With help from DH I made a point of finishing some little jobs that had been on my to do list for ages – hanging a picture, planting the seed potatoes, putting up a shelf, emptying out an old garden pot, selling some books to Ziffit, rehoming my candle collection, mending my dress, replacing the old washing line and the doorbell…well the list was endless but one task a day meant a lot of little tasks being completed over the year.

We also made time to go for a walk morning and afternoon and I exercised my back once a day.

I am writing a new master task list now of all those little jobs that need doing – it will no doubt run to pages – anything that is actually a project will be broken down into some bitesized tasks small enough to complete in a day.

So in the coming year I will continue with my tiny every day improvements but I will be changing my focus word – more on that in my next post in the new year.

I am so looking forward to the new year and a fresh start and am eager to read all your thoughts on what changes you might be making – whether they are resolutions or just ideas.

Happy New Year 2023 to everyone xx

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  1. I decided not to make resolutions this year, and instead just set myself a few simple goals, that I might achieve or might not, but no matter what I will just relax and take things as they come. There’s so much pressure in the world at the moment that putting any extra on ourselves seems ridiculous. So I am just concentrating on keeping the company successful, the animals happy and myself improving in small but perceptible ways.

    Wishing you and yours all the very best for the New Year, may 2023 be everything that you want and need it to be. xx


  2. Your focus on accomplishing some small or significant task each day makes so much sense. I tend to get overwhelmed by what needs doing! I think I will borrow from your book and pace myself better this year.


  3. Well done on making those small improvements to your life, it’s the little things which all add up isn’t it. Many congratulations to your daughter, that’s something to be proud of, especially with the other things she’s had going on in her life at the same time. Wishing you and your family a happy new year and all the very best for 2023 xx


  4. The little things are definitely the most important they add up to the big things. I love the idea of making a big list and breaking down those big jobs into little ones. I hear you on the not quite finishing things, this is the story of my life, meals and taxi-ing the children is what most often gets in the way!

    Congratulations to your daughter on her achievements. I do hope that 2023 is a little calmer for you and your family.


    1. I haven’t even started my jobs today so no risk of finishing them!! – DH is laid prone with a rather bad sore throat and needs a bit of ‘looking after’ so I have my nurses hat on at present. Was hoping to get the decorations down too.


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