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Yesterday was a long hard day. DH was unwell with a very bad sore throat and swollen glands – whether it is a strep throat or not we will have to wait and see, but it is quite bad and swallowing very painful and I don’t think he is just being a wimp. As usual he didn’t really jump on it soon enough and it has taken hold. If it had been me I would have dosed myself up with Vitamin C and zinc, hot orange and honey and been gargling away with salt water at the mere suggestion of a sore throat but DH tends to wait until it is far worse before finally jumping into action.

So I was doing all the ‘action’ yesterday whilst he laid prone. I sent him to bed for a while mainly so that I don’t have to follow him around the house continually wiping doorknobs and banister rails with dettol wipes as strep throat is highly contagious and I certainly don’t want it; I feel I have had more than my quota of illness last year.

When there was a lull in my nursemaid duties I took down all the Christmas decorations around the house and the baubles from the tree – but left the lights on the tree, mainly because it is too big and heavy for me to move and I didn’t want to look at a bare tree for a few days until DH is recovered enough to remove it. I haven’t packed the baubles away yet as I usually give them a good clean with a cloth or soft brush and do any repairs before putting them back in their boxes – so that is today’s job.

I had to pop down to our local co-op for a few necessities, plain yoghurt and milk and picked up a packet of toasted tea cakes to have with a hot cuppa on my return. Luckily, I had two offers on my co-op card – one for milk and one for the yoghurt so it reduced the bill from £5.30 to £4.60 (which is still an extortionate price for 3 items in my mind). I enjoyed the walk – we are not far from the village centre – it was pleasantly warm in the sun but there was still a bite in the air and I was glad of a hot drink and a toasted teacake when I got back home. Once I had thawed out a bit I hung the two throws I had washed outside in the sunshine – it is the first day since Christmas that I have put in any washing and hung anything outside.

We just had a tin of Heinz mushroom soup for lunch as it was easier on DH’s throat being quite creamy and for tea I put a meal together from bits and pieces we had in the pantry and fridge – some baked potatoes which we had with a little butter and grated cheese and I roasted the last two parsnips, some leftover cherry tomatoes, a few chestnut mushrooms and half a red pepper in a tin whilst the potatoes cooked. I made a nice creamy rice pudding too whilst the oven was on – I always use brown pudding rice, rather than white and a tin of evaporated milk, rather than ordinary milk for extra creaminess.

No matter how poorly DH is he never fails to eat, unlike myself as I usually can’t face food if I am ill. Eating always makes him feel better and there was a glimmer of hope that he might have improved a bit and be on the turn by bedtime last night. Maybe the rice pudding clinched it!

I have eggs to use up so I will make some plain sponges for the freezer today in preparation for the upcoming birthdays. I am not sure how to make a Paw Patrol cake for little Freddie though and will need to approach my friend Google for some ideas. If Sainsbury’s or any other supermarket do one already then my daughter might buy one instead; the sponges won’t be wasted, they will always come in for another birthday another day.

After a difficult conversation with mum last night (complaining the carer had refused to take the recycling down to the bins – however, when questioned further it turns out the refusal was merely the carer saying it didn’t really need doing – mum can always be relied upon to make a crisis out of a drama) I sorted through my collection of wool and found a pattern for a little baby jacket. Our fourth grandchild is expected in May so I am starting early and making the 6 months size in the hope I can finish it before baby grows out of it! As the sex is unknown (both my daughters have always wanted surprises – which is fine by me) I will have to make the fronts when baby arrives as the buttonholes are on different sides depending on gender.

I found a lovely knitted bag pattern going for 10p in a shop that was closing down last year and I am hoping it will use up some of the leftover DK wool I have, I also fancy making myself a bobble hat if I can find a pattern.

So on with the day today – there is a lot more clearing and cleaning to do around the house before it will look anything like tidy and if I am lucky I might get the decorations back into the loft or at least back into the boxes.

Better get on with it then….

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  1. What I do is knit button holes on both sides and then just sew the buttons over the not-needed holes when I know. You can’t tell.

    Fingers crossed DH feels loads better very quickly. xx


    1. Brilliant advice – you can tell I am not a knitter – I would never have thought of that! It will be so much better to be able to knit the whole garment before baby arrives – can’t thank you enough. x


  2. Congratulations on the news that you’re awaiting another grand child. So exciting. Can’t wait to see your makes for them. Sorry to hear DH is unwell. I hope he’s feeling better soon and you don’t succumb. Our visitors this New Year have all been struck down with flu over Xmas, but they were recovering by the time they came to us, so I don’t think we’ll catch it. Hope not anyway.


  3. Congratulations on the expectation of a new grandchild…and best of luck with the knitting. Hope that DH is on his way to recovery. I had strep throat in December 2021 and it was not fun. Good to get a quick strep test to rule it out or, if positive, get a fast start on antibiotics.


  4. It sounds like you have the same conversations with your Mum as I do with mine. If she tells me something outlandish about her carers I say I will call the care service and sort it out for her, she usually backtracks so quickly and completely changes the story. Now we just have the case of the mystery box of shortbread to sort out!!


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